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Subject: A Solo Variant, Ported from Boss Monster 1 rss

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Nick Stoppiello
United States
Port Jefferson Station
New York
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This variant was originally made by willdesigns. The original thread can be found here. This is simply an adaption of it for Boss Monster 2.


Setup your game for 2 players while removing the Fool from the game. Separate the spell deck into 2 decks. Remove any spell cards not mentioned here:

Monster Spells

Note, some cards are considered 'events' and must be used upon drawing them. They are not always helpful. Events drawn during setup/initial draw must be discarded and a replacement must be drawn.

- Undead Minion
- Lightning Bolt
- Oh, Yeah! (Event)
- Wild Monster
- Pause (Event)
- Hiring Spree* (Event)
- It's On!
- Super Effective!

*In the case of Hiring Spree, simply draw three room cards and discard one as you have no opponent to give them to.

Hero Spells

Hero spells are, naturally, used by the heroes they are attached to. They will largely function as printed and in sequence if there are multiple spells attached to a hero. Any exceptions will be noted.

- Shortcut!
- Meddling Kids! - Used on the first room unaffected by this spell that the hero passes through.
- Fairy Fountain - Same as Meddling Kids!
- Pity - If this spell is attached to any hero in town or at the entrance of your dungeon and another hero currently adventuring through your dungeon will die in the next room, discard this spell and remove the hero in your dungeon from the game. If a hero enters your dungeon with this spell equipped, discard it.
- Party Up - This spell stacks with itself if both copies are in play.

Discard the first ten cards from the Room Deck before drawing your hand. Read below on Dark Heroes as to why. I highly recommend playing with the Classic Rules (that is, draw 5 rooms and 2 spells, then discard two cards.) I find the solo variant is far too easy otherwise, but you are free to play the way you want!

When selecting your boss, you can opt to do it randomly as per the rules or select one manually, but I prefer to do a draft-styled selection by dealing three bosses out and choosing one of those.


Play as normal. Ignore all references in the rooms to another player. Conditions that require comparisons (example: if you have less rooms than your opponent do something) do not apply.

Hybrid heroes will only enter your dungeon if you have both of their treasure icons in it.

When a dark hero enters a dungeon, remove one card from the room discard pile at random that matches its treasure icon and apply the +3 health buff as normal. This room card is removed from the game. If there are no matching rooms in the discard pile, the dark hero is not buffed.

When an epic hero is drawn and placed in town, draw an ability card and put it behind the hero card. This ability will activate as soon as the hero is assigned to the dungeon. Reshuffle the decks from their discard piles as necessary when depleted.

Once the last hero is drawn, if there are still heroes in town then draw and give each of them one ability - even if they are not epic heroes. If at the end of the round any epic hero gets a third ability the game is lost.

You will lose the game if a) your boss is defeated or b) any epic hero receives their third ability -OR- there are no abilities left due to being removed from the game somehow or equipped on heroes.


Lock-On Technology

- Combine Boss Monster 1 and 2 together! Read willdesigns' rules linked above to separate the spell cards of Boss Monster 1 appropriately. Set up both versions of Boss Monster for a two-player game and then shuffle the decks together accordingly.
- If drafting your boss, draw six to choose from instead of three.
- You now require 20 souls to win. You still will lose if you take 5 wounds or any epic hero gains 3 spells.
- Good luck separating the cards when you're done.

Hard Mode DLC

- Combine your game with Tools of Hero-Kind. Items are attached to heroes as per the expansion's rules and do not count toward that hero's spell limit nor is it counted toward the three spells game loss condition.

Rookie Mode

- Add the Fool back into the hero deck.
- Remove the Dark Heroes from the hero deck.

Dark Disciple Mode

- Dark Heroes always have their buff. You still must remove a room card with matching treasure icon in the discard pile from the game (if applicable) when they enter your dungeon.
- Hybrid Heroes can also gain the Dark Hero buff as per the normal Dark Hero rules. They can only get the buff once, but will receive it by removing a room that matches either of their treasure icons.

Heroic Mode

- If at the end of the turn there are heroes in town, give them an ability whether they are epic or not. Normal heroes do not enter town with an ability like epic heroes do; they are only given one at the end of the turn. Normal heroes can only have one ability.


- If a hero survives a room that has an effect that can be used against an opponent, that effect happens to you instead. As an example:

Rust Monster Pen has the effect: 'Once per turn, you may discard a Monster Room to give one Trap Room -1 Damage until end of turn.' If a hero survives this room, you instead discard a Monster Room at random and give the next Trap Room the hero would end -1 Damage. If there are no Trap Rooms in front of the hero, start from the beginning of your dungeon. If you have no Monster Rooms to discard or Trap Rooms in your dungeon, ignore the text entirely.

Note that this can be make the early game VERY difficult so be careful!


- You now require 15 souls (or the depletion of the hero deck) to win.
- If you are playing with both Boss Monster and Boss Monster 2 combined, this is increased to 30 souls.

Hopefully someone gets some enjoyment out of this! Any feedback is, naturally, welcome! Thanks again to willdesigns for this variant.
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Nick Stoppiello
United States
Port Jefferson Station
New York
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I've added and altered a few sub-variants and altered the setup rules a little to make it harder. My first play-tests with the basic rules were far too easy. I'm considering making you choose between including Lightning Bolt or It's On! for the spell deck as having both in it really seems to make things a bit too easy.

Another possibility is removing the 4-life heroes as part of the basic rules. The problem lies in the Dark Heroes - there are enough of them that a player can win before even getting to the Epic Heroes if they aren't buffed. I'm hoping that the new rule of discarding the first 10 cards from the Room Deck will offset this and make the game a bit more difficult.
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