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Subject: 2nd Battle for Frostmarch rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Frostmarch Campaign- 2nd Battle

Daqan Northern Army- General Augusten Primar (Brilliant Rating)

Troops = Core *
Army Type= Mounted Assault + Command Tent + 1 Citadel Guard + 1 Lore
Scenario= Iron Valley
Other Special Terrain=No

* 1 Citadel Guard & 1 Yeoman Bowman Unit represent the Norgard Brigade &
have Immovable1 Ability due to the previous Norgard Campaign)

Uthuk Y'llan War Horde-War Chief Kerf Voskov (Veteran Rating)

Army Type= Warband of Scorn + Command Tent + 1 Blood Harvester +1 Lore
Scenario= The Cursed Glade
Other Special terrain=No

Campaign=2nd of 2 Battles against Frostmarch

Time =Early Spring 90 FC

Afternoon- Early Spring-90FC

War Chief Kerf Voskov smiled the Daqan Army had taken the bait & were entering
the narrow valley. The rebuff his forces had received on the Frostgate road would
now be avenged the War Chief dismissed from his mind the consequences if it was not.

The Chaos Lords did not tolerate failure & another defeat would see him torn apart by
his own troops his blood left to drain into the dirt not even worthy of sacrifice .
Already his Chaos Lord Patron K'er had returned to Ynfernal & the Priests summons to
other Demons had not been answered except for a bestial Doombringer.

However with the Northern March now firmly in control of the Uthuk Y'llan Voskov
had a steady supply of troops to reinforce his Horde. Thus he had filled his depleted
ranks with some of the Tribes more potent forces.

The War Chief had withdrew his forces after failing to force open the road to Frostgate &
turned North until he found exactly the place to regroup & set his trap. A narrow valley
dominated by Groves & rivers which would be obstacles to an Army approaching from the
South. The last battle had been lost when his troops were exhausted by being unable to dislodge
the Southerners from key Terrain . This time he would turn the tables on his foes , the valley
was the backdoor to Frostgate & to control the valley meant controlling the Groves this time
it would be the Uthuk Y'llan who would force the enemy to waste themselves assaulting
the occupied Terrain.

Voskov had had his scouts explore & map the Groves so that his forces would not be
handicapped by fighting in these woods. When he was satisfied with his preparations
he had some of his troops make a sham raid on the small village which was on of the
few settlement in the area. As expected the terrified villagers fled south assuring that
the Daqan Army would soon march against his Horde.

Early Morning

Voskov had woke before day break, roused the Ynfernal Priests & had the Battle Blood
Ritual preformed now returning to his Command Tent he saw the Blood Sister was still
asleep. Flashes of last night passed before him & he briefly considered a hour delay but
then his Battle Rage took over & he shook her awake & sent her back to prepare her Coven
for Battle.

Voskov plan was simple he had his battle line mostly hidden just beyond the Groves ,
the Blood Sister Coven covering his Command tent plus a Tribe of Blood Harvesters
& Berserkers on the Right. the Center with 2 more Blood Harvesters along with another
Coven of Blood Sisters backed up by a Berserker Tribe. The Left was handled by 2
Grotesque Units & a Berserker Tribe supported by the huge Doombringer. The
Left Flank was strong but it was mainly meant to draw off the Daqan forces from
the Right & Center which contained most of the dominating Terrain.

When the Daqan drew close enough the Uthuk forces would sweep forward taking
the Groves & forcing the Southerners to assault them , Voskov only worry was the
Uthuk Y'llan Tribes lack of control which turn even the best plan to degenerate into
a fog of battle.

Knight Commander Murthag listened to the final signal horn that told him the armies
battle line was complete. He was somewhat troubled by the battleground he would be
fighting over. General Primar's orders were clear enough engage & defeat the Barbarians
but this valley with it's wooded Groves made a coherent advance impossible & so far
the enemy was not showing himself except for a strong force on the Daqan Right Flank.

Still his misgivings could be that he had not been assigned to that Right Flank which contained
half of the Armies Regiments 2 Riverwatch Riders Troops & 4 Yeoman Bowman Regiments
including his Norgard Bowman which had been detached from his command. His Center
command consisted of his Norgard Guards & 3 other Citadel Guards Regiments. The Right was
lightly held by a Riverwatch Rider Troop & a Yeoman Bowman Regiment.

Brushing aside any doubts with the notes of the signal horn still ringing he set Primar's
Onslaught orders in motion sending his Norgard Guards forward to occupy the nearest
Grove. The old man had been firm that upon the signal the nearest Groves should be
occupied in the Center & on the Right ; Murthag's Regiments had been assigned
those mission. The Bowman Regiment on the Left Flank was to occupy a meadow
that controlled passage to the South.

Voskov rage erupted & his terrified guards stepped back to avoid their Chief's slashing
blade. The damn Daqan General had stolen the march & had sent troops to occupy the
Terrain he had expected to bleed them dry over. To make matters worst the Doombringer
had been wounded. With difficulty the War Chief mastered himself & ordered his Right
to Attack the Blood Harvesters & Berserkers carried out orders & occupied their assigned
Groves . The Blood Sisters Coven which he had intended to guard his Command Tent
was also released to occupy a Grove. The Sisters cast an attack against the Bowman
holding the Meadow but nothing came of it.

General Primar received his couriers reports & was satisfied his decision to rapidly deploy
had succeeded . He had not liked the territory he was forced to fight over but as the valley
led into Frostgate it needed to be secured otherwise the Barbarians would be at the cities
gates. He now addressed the enemies strong Left Flank by ordering Echelon Right a
Regiment of Bowmen was sent forward to occupy a small settlement & support the Norgard
Bowmen occupying the Grove & sending a Troop of Riverwatch Riders up & around to
seize another Grove. In the Center A Regiment of Citadel Guardsmen moved up to take
over another Grove. The damn woods were a problem besides being unfamiliar they made
a coordinated battle line impossible but he realized if the Barbarians could control enough
of these Groves they could control the valley & the way to Frostgate.

The Uthuk Y'llan seeing the Southerners challenge to their Left Flank responded with an
order to Attack Left . The massive Doombringer moved back to the Grove to avenge it's
wound given by the Norgard Bowmen. It took out 2/3 of the Bowmen but the Stubborn
Marchers refused to retreat & countered by forcing the demon spawn back & giving it
another wound. The Bowmen's triumph was short lived as a Berserker Tribe had moved
in on them & its attack destroyed what was left of the valiant Marchers. A Grotesque
Tribe had also moved unopposed into the deserted but strategic settlement that kept the
bridge to the rest of the horde open.

The Daqan Army responded to the check on its Right by putting pressure on the Left
Flank & renewing its efforts on the Right Flank ,a Regiment of the Citadel Guards was
detached from the Center to destroy a Blood Sister Coven that the Riverwatch Riders
had driven out of a Grove. The Uthuk ignoring their Flanks hit hard in the Center
with another Blood Sister Coven ,Berserkers & Blood Harvesters. that wiped out
a Troop of Riverwatch Riders & left the Norgard Guards seriously weakened but
still holding a Grove.


The Daqan Commander was troubled by his couriers reports the battle was forcing
him to make difficult decisions. His forward strategy had denied the Barbarians
the terrain they needed to control the valley but it had depleted the Regiments
holding the Terrain. He would either have to hold the ground he had or continue
to attack the enemy who were secure in the Groves they occupied.

Primar realized he had no choice the Uthuk controlled enough of the Valley to
make holding on to the Groves his Regiments occupied meaningless he must
attack. He quickly ordered Battle March sending his forces to attack the
enemy in their Grove strongholds.

The Uthuk Y'llan Tribes shrugged off the attacks but in a fierce Counter Attack
a Blood Harvester Tribe took out the weakened Norgard Guard Regiment with
Overwhelming Power. A Riverwatch Regiment held off the Doombringer
with a Wall of Steel & forced it to retreat. The balance of the hour saw the
Daqan Troops continue their assault with a Wedge but the Barbarians
Surrounded them & 2 Cavalry Troops & a Citadel Guard Unit were lost.

General Primar knowing the battle was lost made a Desperate Ploy to
throw the Barbarians back to allow his Army to disengage & then
had the Army Echelon Right to keep the enemy off balance. Voskov
however was not distracted & kept Attacking Center forcing the
remains of the Daqan Regiments to retreat.


The Uthuk Y'llan Camp glowed in the scarlet light of the sacrifical fires
& the sound of the victory drums which did not quite drown out the screams
of the Daqan Captives. Voskov savored the savagery of the scene the Ynfernal
would be pleased but he signaled the Priests to finish the bloodletting he needed
his Horde ready for tomorrow when he would fall upon Frostmarch,

Primar sat in his Command Tent dispatching orders to regroup his Army.
He had already had a testy meeting with representatives from Frostmarch
Council informing them the Army had failed to stop the Uthuk Horde
& he would not allow his forces to be bottled up in a siege. The cities fate
was now with its Militia if they could hold out the Northern Army once
regrouped would attempt to break the siege.

Out on the Camp perimeter nervous sentries challenged a rag tag group
of men only to have curses thrown at them in the rough dialect of the
March , Knight Commander Murthag & what was left of his command were rejoining
the Army.


The Frostmarch Campaign is over it consisted of 2 Battles & each side won a Major
Victory a tie-but our Campaign Rules are in case of a tie the winner of the last Battle
wins the Campaign. Thus the Uthuk Y'llan Horde has now placed Frostmarch under
siege & the Daqan Northern Army is regrouping at Shika's Tree.

The 2 Battles did show the need for some modifications to the Campaign Rules,
the use of General Rations to determine the # of Command Cards an Army
could choose from really hindered the Uthuk side as it could only choose from
2 Cards while the Daqan chose from 4) This also resulted in lopsided VP
which created a situation that losing side of s blow out Battle could never
recover enough to win the Campaign.

So the General Rating System was changed to only give the higher ranking
General a small advantage & revising the Campaign Victory criteria more
in line with Giulio's BGG Norgard Campaign.

So far I'm pleased with the Road to Legend Map Board as it really
gives you that feeling of the struggle for Terrnioth .

I've also added a Hero Option - I had held off as I figured FFG would
introduce an official one but having 26 Hero figs from other
Runebound themed games just was too much temptation.

I'm still working on some things for when the Undead hit The
Applewood Forest.

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Read the rulebook, plan for all contingencies, and…read the rulebook again.
United States
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Using the Road to Legends map as the campaign and the Runebound figures as heroes sounds like a great idea. I'm very interested to see what you work up for the use of heroes in the game.
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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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BradyLS wrote:
Using the Road to Legends map as the campaign and the Runebound figures as heroes sounds like a great idea. I'm very interested to see what you work up for the use of heroes in the game.

Beings you asked (well kind of whistle ) I PM you
the Hero Rules .

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