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Subject: Thoughts on the world of Argaia rss

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Shaun Fuller
United States
Phenix City
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Overall story and world design is something I find much interest in, especially a game like Ashes which can have the potential for building a vast universe of characters and locations. It's one of the things I know that keeps me coming back to Star Wars games and keeps many of the Magic players I know invested in that world.

With Ashes, however, we get to start with the first glimpses of this new world and really dive into what it might be. It also is something I've liked from the aesthetics of the game so far - each new place seems to be very distinctive, which is logical considering large areas of this world were cut off from others until the Phoenixborn came about (I won't ruin the whole story for those who haven't read it yet).

So lets look at what we know and talk about the world of Argaia based on what we can see from the cards and story bits so far, region by region. This is my take so other interpretations are very welcome!

*I refer to the 'cities' as 'regions' because in my mind I see them as very large city-states.

Silverwood: seems to be steeped in Ancient cultures from Greek to Egyptian. Seems to be the place where mythological type of characters would exist. Maybe even hints of Asgard or Olympus. Everyone has a feeling of royalty with a touch of arrogance because of who they are and where they are from.

Rustwatch: I get a very heavy pirate and steampunk theme from this region. I mean, would you look at that Rhino! These people are working class and tough as the nails they use. They appear to be in a war with Rayward.

Lighthouse Bay: It reminds me of the Colonial period especially in the South, an area I know a lot about. It also seems to tie into that areas mysticism and charm; a place where you smooth talk your way into getting what you want but you'll fight to the death if you need to.

Viros: I see a place with touches of both Middle Ages European during the Dark ages but full of Eastern/Asian magic and influence. Anyone else get a feel of Okami from those wolves? And Noah wears a very distinct mask and can have a "ninja" like fighting style. This region seems to be very much set up on a Feudal class system. This also seems to be a very cold and hard land with a strong military foothold in the world.

The Bloodwoods: I get the impression this will be our jungle themed region. The people of this land seem very tribal and ritualistic in there culture and are steadfast in their beliefs. This area practices dark voodoo and gullah magic. It's a place the outsiders only go when the really, really need to because the stories of human sacrifice and strange blood rituals may be more than just stories.

Evermist Valley: An area rich in magic and will be full of fantasy. This is a world of fairies and woodland creatures, but I'll bet there are some big, nasty monsters somewhere in those forests. The people of this land don't seem to be fighters per se, but will defend themselves. They do so mostly through the magic they have put into practice over the year isolated in their valley.

Rayward: Another very "knights and castles" region(maybe near Viros?). A very strong military presence and quite possibly could be the strongest army we've seen in this world. They also seem to be more Utopian than Viros, with the people being possibly ruled a bit more regally. They are also hellbent on taking over the rest of the world. Their first stop? Rustwatch.

What else we know or can speculate:
-Felix Galeforce (?) is another Phoenixborn. He can summon a colossus.
-A theory is that the Phoenixborn we meet in the game were part of the Great Cleansing. It more than likely has been 40 years after that event. Perhaps the power they possess causes the Phoenixborn to age more slowly/differently?
-There are areas that worshiped the Chimera and some Phoenixborn may have risen to power once they defeated them. Some also use their power for darker purposes. Some see themselves as more than human. They may also be able to talk to the dead.
-The Chimera are monstrous but could potentially all look different. We only know of the one from the Bloodwoods was a "spider thing with three human faces." Gross.
-Olympus could be the name of another city/region, along with Mariendretta.

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