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Patrick Barringer
United States
New York
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Components - The figures used for this game are amazing. The board is quality, and the command cards are beautiful. For the most part the Lore cards are nice too. Some people are complaining because all of the figures are the same plain grey plastic, but I think that is actually a pro rather than a con. It provides for a larger degree of variability with banners denoting whose troops are whose. Overall the game is produced to Days of Wonders amazing levels and is visually stunning. The only caveat I should mention is the dice. Some people have apparently had trouble with the decals coming off the custom dice easily. DoW has noted the problem, however, and will ship you new better quality dice at no expense if you have registered your copy of the game with them. ----- 10/10

Gameplay - This game definitely bears a striking resemblance to Memoir '44 and other games in the Commands and Colors series by Borg. It does have enough differences to warrant its purchase even if you own the others though. The basic mechanics are card driven orders, dice driven combat, and victory point goals. I love the changes that have been made for this game as they seem to add more tactics and although luck remains a factor, better strategic planning really determines the winner in most cases. ----- 10/10

Learning Curve - It's hard for me to gauge the learning curve on this one for someone who hasn't played Memoir before. I came into this game already familiar with the system on which it was based. That said, I don't think it's that hard to teach, mostly because of the excellent player reference guides provided by our friends at DoW. These guides lay out all of the important information in a systematic way which is easy to understand with minimal practice. If someone was to try to learn this game from scratch with the rule book it might be another story, but as I have no experience with that situation I couldn't say. ----- 10/10

Replayability - This is actually the best aspect of the game in my opinion. It is almost infinitely expandable and variable. There are different races, you can customize a war counsel, you can fiddle with special creatures, what more could I ask for? Even without all of this hoopla I find it remarkably replayable. I've played about ten games of it in the past week and a half all in the first 3 scenarios. These don't even get into the magic and yet retain a level of replayability I've rarely encountered in other games. This is a game I will most likely not turn down for a long, long time. ----- 10/10

Appeal - Who is this game for? Me. I think it appeals to many different types of gamers, including but not necessarily limited to light to medium wargamers, miniatures gamers, and eurogamers. I fall in a couple of those categories and love the game. I think it's unbelievable climb to 10th on BGG within 2 weeks of its release is indicative of the wide range of gamers this appeals to.

Rating ----- 10/10

Buy it, play it, love it...
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