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Subject: Eylau 20 solo replay: the first day of battle (an illustrated AAR) rss

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David McKenna
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Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

Unlike the previous game (Jena 20) presented in Prussia 20, Eylau 20 is unique to that package – following the ‘old’ style of presentation from Victory Point Games, this would have been sold as a game in its own right rather than paired with a reworking of a previously released game.

Fought in freezing conditions (as referenced in the subtitle: ‘Battle in a Blizzard’), Eylau say the Russian army under General Bennigsen face the French army under the Emperor Napoleon in East Prussia during the winter of 1807, with the battle itself fought in snowstorms and blizzards.

Situation at start of game

Turn 1: 07/02, Mid-day (French morale 7, Russian morale 5)

(no random event)
Ney moves up through Eichen to Orschen,with Detachment cavalry and Davout both moving through Perguschen towards Rothenen as Soult moves to engage Ostermannwith Reserve cav, Augereau and Garde both moving up in support.

Soult attacks Ostermann (who have Artillery support), suffering a costly exchange (morale +/- cancel out). Detachment cav attacks Kamenskiy, remaining engaged.

(random event = ‘Unplanned Advance’. Ney moved closer to L’Estocq)
L’Estocq moves towards Kl. Dexen as Res Art moves to engage Detachment cav, as does Sacken. Gallitzin cav moves towards Sardienen, with Essen moving through Eylau towards Tenknitten, Tuchtokow NE of Essen, Pahlen cross-country towards the road to Roditten, Markov into Eylau and Dokhturov onto the road between Eylau and Kl. Sausgarten.

Detachment cav dis-engages, moving back along the road, with Sacken maintaining contact.

Sacken attacks Detachment cav, remaining engaged.

Situation at end of Turn 1

Turn 2: 07/02, Afternoon (French morale 7, Russian morale 5)

(random event = ‘Exhaustion and freezing temperatures’. May not force march or declare lulls. French player also decides to spend 1 morale point (-1 French morale) to allow units to enter EZOCs)
Ney moves through Sudhenen towards Schlamitten as Res cav and Augereau both move to engage Essen (outside Waschkeiten), with Garde moving up in support and Davout cutting cross-country towards Glamsack.

Detachemtn cav (is forced to ) attack Sacken, again remaining engaged. Res cav and Augereau attack Essen, again falling prey to a costly exchange of Res cav with Essen (morale +/- cancel out), with Augereau then advancing after combat.

(random event = ‘Bennigsen’s caution’. May not spend morale point to force march or commit reserves to any battle involving Russian units, nor may they voluntarily advance after combat)
Gallitzin cav continues SE, with Kamenskiy moving to attack Detachment cav, Pahlen moving to the road outside Roditten, L’Estocq moving to Pilzen through Kl. Dexen and Dokhturov moving through Kl. Sausgarten towards Bekarten.

Detachment cav again disengages along road, with Sacken again maintaining contact.

Sacken attacks Detachment cav, yet again remaining engaged. Res Art and Tuchtokow combine to attack Augereau, routing Augereau 3 hexes (-1 French morale) but unable to advance after combat.

Situation at end of turn 2

Turn 3: 07/02, Evening (French morale 5, Russian morale 5)

(random event = ‘Murat: Le Beau Sabreur’. No effect)
Ney moves to engage L’Estocq, with Davout to engage Kamenskiy as Garde move cross-country towards Waschkeiten.

Ney attacks L’Estocq, but are themselves routed 5 hexes (-1 French morale) back towards Orschen. Detachment cav is (again forced to) attack Sacken, and are forced to withdraw to Perguschen, with Sacken advancing after combat. Finally, Davout attacks Kamenskiy, forcing Kamenskiy to withdraw to Rothenen and advancing after combat.

(random event = ‘Intelligence Gathering’. Next card will be ‘Vive l’Empereur!’)
Markov and Dokhturov both move to engage Davout, with Res Art and Tuchtokow both to engage Garde as Pahlen cav moves to Eylau, L’Estocq towards Roditten and Gallitzin cav attempting but failing (-1 Russian morale) to push through the deep snow to the road leading to Perguschen.

Detachment cav counter-charge Sacken, but are forced to withdraw with Sacken then capturing Perguschen.

Sacken attacks Detachment cav, routing them 3 hexes off the map (-1 French morale, +1 Russian morale) and declining to advance after combat. Res Art and Tuchtokow attack Garde, breaking the Grade outright (another -1 French, +1 Russian morlae), again with no advances after combat. Finally, Kamenskiy, Markov and Dokhturov all attack (surrounded) Davout, routing Davout 3 hexes (yet another -1 French morale), with the first of these a hazardous retreat which Davout fails and so breaks instead (+1 Russian morale), with Dokhturov then advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 3

Turn 4: 07/02, Night (French morale 1, Russian morale 7)

(random event = ‘Vive l’Emperuer!’. Detachment cav is eliminated for good, Davout rallies in the LOC outside Perguschen, Soult remains broken as does Garde and Res cav is also eliminated).
Davout moves towards Perguschen, with Ney moving towards Schlamitten and Augereau moving back towards Tenknitten.

Overnight, Soult rallies in Gallehnen as Garde is eliminated for good before the French forces then regain a single morale point from rest (+1 French morale)

(random event = ‘Blizzard!’. Really no effect at night)
Amrkov moves to Bekarten as Dokhturov moves onto the road between Rothenen and Perguschen as L’Estocq moves into Roditten and Tuchtokow moves into Tenknitten.

That night, Essen is eliminated for good as is Ostermann before the Russian forces then regain 1 morale point from rest (+1 Russian morale) and a second for holding Eylau (another +1 Russian morale)

Situation at end of turn 4

Click here to advance to second day of battle
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