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This is a part in a series of session reports that cover the third war between Steve and Gisli. Steve won the first and Gisli the second. Steve threw the Greek gauntlet and challenged Gisli to a third war and stipulated that we would each play one side to completion (all 24 scenarios of the Ancients expansion) and then switch. The previous sessions can be found in the same folder.

Game 5 [Ingoing Score: Steve 16 vs 16 Gisli]

Session: Mantinea (6 Banners)
Players: Steve as Thebans with 5CC moves first vs Gisli as Spartans with 5CC.

Hmmm. Not bad at all. But what am I supposed to do here? I guess if I manage to clump my leader led Heavies together they could become a formidable strike force and an effective deterrent. I’m guessing Steve will come down on my right and so the first order of business is to secure those hills. Secondary plan will be to clump a strike force together and attack Steve wherever his leaders are not. That is likely to be on my left.

My five cards are all Order cards. Ok, but I have at least one order for each section.

The Battle
Here come the cavalry down my right. They plan to get easy banners by crushing my Light and taking ground and attacking my unsupported Medium Cavalry. Not a bad move.

That Light unit is a lot tougher than it looks. Not only did it survive but it hit the cavalry on both battle backs.

I bet Steve is cursing already. I have an Order Two Units card for my right and I make good use of it. One cavalry killed and the other one has to retreat 6 hexes. 0 - 1

Ok. This changes the plan somewhat. I may have a chance to gain cavalry superiority in this game and that can easily change the outcome. So a new priority is to finish off Steve’s horses.

And what do you know. He’s making it easy for me. He reorganizes his right (my left) and moves everyone into the center. For some reason he decides to do a Costner run with his cavalry. Is he going after my unsupported Medium? What is he doing?

Now if I can get my cavalry in place I should end up with a double prong threat. Both of his cavalries are threatened and most likely Steve can only move one.

Oh no. He Order Medium Troops He does retreat the horse on his left and tucks it behind his line. He then proceeds to create a impressive line with his Mediums and he does NOT move his cavalry in the center? Is it possible he didn’t see the threat?

Never mind. I move two in the center and CHARGE. My horses charge out from behind the Mediums and slam into the unsuspecting Costner and plink, nothing.

The battle back sends my horses scurrying into the woods, nursing a flesh wound.

Well, that didn’t go as planned. At least the door is open for me to use my newly acquired Mounted Charge.

He does retreat his cavalry now, back up my left. And more reorganization of his line.
Now, to place my cavalry for the second assault I move two in the center.

Steve reorganizes his line yet again with a Move-Fire-Move and now it is becoming quite impressive. Maybe I should be worried about what he’s doing but I really want to get his cavalry. What the hell. CHARGE.

This time I play Mounted Charge and move both cavalry to make use of the extra punch. In a flight of fancy I charge my right cavalry straight at Steve’s leftmost Heavies. They are unsupported so a banner could kill them. My repositioned center cavalry go after Steve’s elusive horsemen.

Steve has a deja’vu and says something unprintable.

On the right my charge bounces of the heavily armored unit and they set upon the horses killing them all. What was I thinking attacking a leader supported Heavy unit? I should fare better in the center. Yes, a hit and a flag. And that’s it. It is with a sinking feeling that I realize that maybe this wasn’t such a smart plan after all. 1 - 1

Steve decides he has had enough of my cavalry and plays a Mounted Charge
card. Oh boy here it comes. My dream of cavalry superiority ground into the dust.

One hit? One Hit! And nothing on the battleback.
Oh man. It sickens me to do this as it is my only good card at this point but I play Counter Attack. I’m wasting a good card here but at least it will get me a banner and deny him a cavalry.

I don’t hit him, but I do roll two flags. Finally! 1 - 2

Now what’s with that nice, scary looking, line-up?

Ooh That line got even scarier. Now what was the plan again? Oh yes. congregate in the center and march on his right. Which appropriately is looking like a weak spot.

Hope that line stays where it is. Now, to soften up a Medium on his right and mark a strike point. Bullseye! Nice chucking there men.

Now move a strike team into place.
Where is he going? Pincher move?

Assemble a blob. Uh oh. I think the line may be about to descend. Those Lights could get in the way of an effective strike. Dammit. My horse for a Double Time!

Ok push those peskies out of the way and the goal is in sight. This is almost too easy. All his leaders are out of strike distance. A walk in the park.

Why did it get so dark all of a sudden? Oh no! Keep formation men, shields up. Darken the Skies

Retreat! Leave your wounded and retreat!

Ok. It’s over. Could have been a lot worse. Back into the fray men.

Now what is he doing? Look at that awesome line move. So organized and so meticulous. I’m truly humbled. I feel like an ant next to an elephant. But now he’s attacking with his Achilles heel? I’ll be damned.

I still got moves in the center. Take that Mr. Heel. Bet that stung.

Uh oh. Another Line Command and the whole damned thing pivots to a man. Nice footwork there Mr. Elephant.

Gisli will have to respond somehow now that Epiminondas is bearing down on him. Good thing I drew that I am Spartacus awhile back.

This might change things for the better.

6 dice on Epiminondas. Two hits. Uhoh. Only one hit on the battle back. Small blessings. The Light evades harmlessly from Agesilous but now he’s placed to hit the Heel. My Cavalry hits once and is killed. 2 – 2

This might change things for the worse.

Leadership move on the left. Oh man. Epiminondas and another Heavy come charging across the bloodied ground. The Heavy hits Gisli’s unit and pays dearly for the impertinence. Epiminondas sighs and does the slaughter himself. Gisli runs. Epiminondas takes ground and makes short work of the Medium next to him. 4 - 2

I’ve just run out of center cards so this is looking really bad. I have a Counter Attack so I could play that and move Gisli or I could play a left card and attack with Agisilaus and hope for a banner or two before Steve finishes this. I decide to move Gisli since I will still have that left card next turn and Gisli will probably never get another chance.

Only need 2 hits.

I get 1 and suffer two on the battle back.

Gisli tucks his tail between his legs and runs for the trees. This is bad. Game-over bad.

Yeah. Here comes Eschatorama himself to blunt the point of my last spear. Hell, Agisilaus may survive this and I still have a move left card. You never know I might get one more banner before it’s over.

Eschatorama swings. 1 hit. Oh nice! Now for the battle back.

Oh my God! Did that just happen? I’m speechless. 4 - 4

And I still have that order 3 left.

Boom. Game over. 4 – 6

One moment I was sure that I'd be lucky to walk away from this fight with 3 banners. The next... wow. What just happened there?

High Points and Regrets

High points:
- Being struck speechless.
- I don’t know. Four banners in a single round was kind of nice.
- Attacking Costner.
- I really enjoyed the whole scenario and it was educational to see Steve demonstrate how to form a solid line and use it.
- I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do as the Spartans. So I went on the offensive. Considering the odds it probably isn’t the smartest thing to do but there is no defensive terrain to take advantage of and if I had waited for Steve to make his move, we might still be playing.
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Adam Deverell
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Re: Mantinea - What just Happened!?
How did you insert the map images? I use Cyberboard and have saved and edited the board image, but can't figure out how to insert the image into a session report.

Using the IMG feature, it seems that I need to save my files to an online directory or website - I can't just insert a saved file or copy and paste, correct?
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Gisli Sigtryggsson
Nova Scotia
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Re: Mantinea - What just Happened!?
That's correct.

I use photobucket. It's free and they give you enough space and bandwidth with your free account that I'll probably be able to host all the images necessary to finish the war there.
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