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Marius van der Merwe
United States
St. George
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I just got my copy of Wir sind das Volk, have played one solo game to see how it all works, and I am excited to get it to the table with a real opponent.

As I was thinking about the game and how it compares to Twilight Struggle, it occurred to me that it could be interesting to play each turn of Twilight Struggle with the WsdV mechanic of a row of open communal cards (and a small hand of personal cards). As in WsdV, only events of one's own faction can be played as events (or the card can be played as ops) and cards of the opposing faction is always played as ops points (but without triggering the event). Do you think this can work for TS? Will it break the game?

Anyways, just an interesting thought experiment for which I would be curious to hear some thoughts.
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Emil Wachsmuth
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It would totally break Defcon. Defcon victories are no longer possible (other than some obscure edge cases). Also, since many Twilight Struggle events are rather weak and typically activated by the opponent playing them, we would see a lot of events never or very rarely played (among others The Iron Lady, NATO, Special Relationship, COMECON, Romanian Abdication, Arab-Israeli War, "An Evil Empire", Flower Power, Willy Brandt, Independent Reds, US/Japan Mutual Defense Pact, "We Will Bury You", U2 Incident, Shuttle Diplomacy, Reagan Bombs Libya). It makes hand management a lot easier, since you no longer have to worry about playing cards like Cambridge Five and Vietnam Revolts near the end of the turn, or Cultural Revolution when USSR has the China Card.

It also kills the Space Race and the associated cards (Captured Nazi Scientist, "One Small Step...", Star Wars), but that can be fixed by just removing them.

Defcon-related cards such as Nuclear Test Ban and Duck and Cover also become mostly pointless. UN Intervention also becomes a blank card.

The strategy of burning the other player's events when they are not important is gone then. Also, the deck becomes really bloated later on since almost no events get removed from the game.

But I guess if you remove all the dull events, you may have something.
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