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Subject: Alexander of Epirus 324 B.C. rss

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Wesley Vermaelen
I choose not to choose
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Hi there,
Last year of the Alexander of Epirus scenario.

The Upgrade Phase
Nothing to upgrade.

Strategic Decision Phase
No legions are disbanded.
Rullianus is prorogued.
Visit form Pluto, Rullianus rolls a 2 +1(prorogued) = 3, he survives the winter. I also need to roll for Cursor 6 +1 = 7 (so the assassination attempt by Rullianus did not succeed).


Consul for Rome: Cursor (via Triumph). Cursor aka Cursor Samnicus is appointed as Consul for Rome, so he gets Consular Army III with Imperium Roman Italy.

Field Consul: Libo (elected). He gets consular army II. His Imperium is also going to have the Imperium of Roman Italy.

Proconsul: Rullianus (prorogued). Gets the final consular army (I) located in Sabinus but is ordered by the senate to move to Samnium to protect that land (Imperium Samnium).

Praetor Urbanus: Camilus. Urban legion, in Rome. He did such a great job last year, he is re-elected...

Alexander of Epirus stays king.

Samnites elect two leaders, G. Egnatius, overall commander (again) and the only army on the board army I. S. Minatius joins army I as subordinate leader (no effect).

Manpower Phase

Epicures: get 10SP which will become 8 infantry and 2 cavalry, they join Alexander at Capua.

Samnites: roll a 13 so 10 infantry and 3 cavalry are all enlisted into the new Army II, the command is given to Minatius.

Romans: A new legion (legion VII) is raised in Rome, Praetor Scaeva is elected to lead that legion.

Campaign of 324 B.C.

1st LAM: Praetor Scaeva
I had different plans for him but as he is first (and only once) to go, I am going to position him where he can keep an eye on Alexander and maybe even move behind him to threaten his supply line from Lucania to Capua. Moves to Cumae (Campania). Normally Alexander would intercept him but he has Capua under siege so he can't intercept (Is this right?). (Ap 2; 15aSP; 0 loss, Continuation: 8, No matter).

2nd LAM: S. Minatius (Samnites)
Egnatius orders Minatius to start the siege at Bovianum, maybe they can get their honour back by reclaiming their province at least.
Moving across the river and keeping east of the Samnite mountains, Cursor in theory could try to intercept him (if he rolls low enough) but this would get him dangerously close to Egnatius and a possible double envelopment, let alone get him in hot water with the Senate back home, again (he isn't allowed to leave Roman Italy) and get him in front of the Censure board, possibly losing his Imperium. So he declines.
Minatius arrives safely in front of their former capital (AP 6; 16aSP; 0 loss, Continuation: 6). But the new recruits are to tired to start a lengthy siege...

3rd LAM: Alexander of Epirus
Seeing the hopeless situation in Capua, Alexander decides to move his army across Samnium towards Apulia, hopefully conquering his way down toward Tarentum (if he has time). Maybe something he should have done in the first place. So he lifts the siege of Capua and moves east, triggering two interception attempts by the Romans who are desperately trying to keep Alexander in Roman Italy while they are gathering their forces.
Interception attempt by Praetor Scaeva in Cumae, drm +2, roll 0 +2 = 2, so they make it.
Interception attempt by Consul Cursor in casinum, drm +3, roll 6 +3 = 9, no! Failed interception attempt!! (maybe I should have done this first with the consular army and then with the legion? Or do I have to announce them both simultaneously?)
While waiting for Consul Cursor, Scaeva is suddenly in a very bad position.
(Romans AP 1; 15aSP; 0 loss, Epirotes Ap 2; 50aSP; 0 loss)
Scaeva battle letter D roll 4 which is a 2,
Alexander battle letter C roll 3, so a 4
result: -2
Combat ratio: 13 vs 42, 1 to 3, result: -3
Cavalry superiority: 8 - 2 = 6 flat/Non-Roman an additional -2
Total: -7!! (-20% defence loss).
Roll: 4 -7 = -3 : 20/5 becomes 20/0.
Roman loss: 2 infantry
Epirote loss: 1 infantry
Leader Casualty:
Scaeva 8 +1 = 9, second roll: 1, leader wounded.
Alexander 5, no effect (narrowly).
Pursuit and butchery:
Pursuit factor 2, roll for percentage: 2 : 2*2% = 4% too low to register.
Legion VII, disorganized limps back toward Capua, the wounded Scaeva cursing the name of Cursor all the way.
At least the Romans can get an Emergency out of it.
The army of Alexander becomes disrupted and try to continue their trek, Continuation: 0.
Alexander could head north now to engage the Consul of Rome, because his failure to intercept (would get a +2 on battle). But he doesn't see what good that'll do (he is disrupted so he would get a -3 in that battle). Instead he moves to Taenum, North Apulia (AP 6; 49aSP; 2 inf loss, Continuation: 4, ok). Asks for their surrender (involuntary surrender: 3, yep) and tries to continue (Continuation: 5 +2: no glorious exit).

4th LAM: Tribe of Apulia
Faced with another invasion from the north, they quickly ask the good people of Gnathia to rejoin their tribe, involuntary surrender: 2, good, so Samnites lose their last conquest in Apulia.
Continuation: 1 +2, ok. The tribal army moves up to Canusium to protect the south (behind a river, able to intercept easily, not that they would want to). (AP 1, in the city; 14aSP; 0 loss, Continuation: 7, not necessary).

5th LAM: Proconsul
Rullianus needs to take the most direct route to Samnium, through the Sabine Capital, across the mountains towards Aesernia (AP 18!; 18aSP; 1 veteran infantry loss: veteran legion II is veteran only in name, Continuation: 3, ok).
Minatius could have tried to ambush the legions while they cross the rough terrain but they decline to do so (in fear of failure to intercept).
Rullianus now heads toward Bovianum hex and will try to attack Minatius, before Egnatius can join him. (AP 1.5=2; 17aSP; 0 loss, and attempts to attack Minatius, Contiuation: 4 ok, no avoidance attempt).
Rullianus, C, roll 2 becomes a 4,
Minatius, D, roll 9!! which is a 6,
result: -2.
Combat ratio, Rome 14 vs Samnite 13, 1-1 no modifier.
No Cavalry, Roman discipline +1 (only legion II has more than 5 inf).
Total -1.
Roll 8 -1: 7, unpredictable result X+1, reroll: 7 +1: 8!!!
Poor poor Samnites, they really do not have any luck.
Result 5/30,
Rome loss: 1 infantry from legion II,
Samnite loss: 4 inf, 1 cav.
No Major victory.
Leader loss:
Minatius, 3 +1: 4, no effect. Rullianus: 8!!, no effect.
Retreat towards Saepinum (on the mountain).
!!!This is a mistake, Samnites no longer control Saepinum, so they should not be allowed entrance into the town!!!
Minatius' army is disorganized, Consular Army I becomes disrupted.
Continuation: 3, ok. Rullianus follows the disorganized army of Minatius toward Saepinum (AP 7.5=8; 16aSP; 1 loss from legion II, Continuation: 8, he is finished).

Because during the last Roman activation, the Romans had a defeat (of any kind), an emergency now exists in the Roman Republic.
The Senate convenes to elect a Dictator:
Dictator: Philo. He will take the field (a very good general) and claims consular army II (lead by Libo).
Magister Equitum: Lentulus. Philo asks Lentulus to stay in Rome to handle other matters of state (no effect in this scenario).

6th LAM: Roman Consul
For now, I'll activate the Field Consul (Libo), because he is lower in rank than the Dictator, he isn't allowed to do anything (not much at least).

7th LAM: Magister Equitum
As I stated during his election, in this scenario his actions are very limited, no actions to be exact (I think).

8th LAM: Siege Attrition
No sieges, for once...

9th LAM: Roman Consul
Again Libo does nothing (maybe gets the Dictators slippers in the evening) and now is finished for the rest of the year.
!!!Here I did something wrong again, Libo only has one initiative rating, so now the Consul of Roman should have activated!!!

10th LAM: Roman Consul
The consul for Rome reluctantly moves south toward Salernum to the west of the Campanian mountains, that Dictator is stealing the show now.
I wanted to activate the Dictator first so he could join the two consular armies to make a supper army, in order to defeat Alexander or Egnatius.
No interception by Egnatius, because he still believes he can liberate Bovanium.
(AP 1; 25aSP; 0 loss, Continuation: 5, yes).
Involuntary surrender: 3, yes! Continuation: 6 +2: 8, Finished!

11th LAM Dictator
Philo takes control of the second consular army, and does not have to ask permission of the Senate to go anywhere. He is feeling confident so directly heads toward Beneventum.
Having nothing else to lose and afraid of a siege, Egnatius tries to ambush the Roman Dictatorial army just north of Beneventum (outside the city hex). But the drm would be +1 (river), +1 (hex), +3 (ambush), which would mean it is impossible for him to get that (4 is his campaign rating), so he will just intercept the Roman army (with a +2).
Roll: 2+2, ok intercepted.
Roman AP 4.5=5; 23aSP; 0 loss, Samnite AP 4; 32aSP; 0 loss.
Egnatius, C, roll 6 for 6,
Philo, C, roll 3 for 4,
result: +2.
Combat ratio, 26 vs 19, 1-1, result 0.
Roman discipline -2.
For a total of 0.
Roll: 2, unpredictable result X-1, are you kidding me....
Roll: 6 -1 = 5, result 10/15 DRAW
Samnites lose: 2 inf, 1 cav.
Romans lose: 3 inf (2 legion III, 1 legion IV), 1 cavalry legion IV loss.
Leader loss:
Philo 6, Libo 5, no effect.
Egnatius rolls 1, no effect.
Both armies disrupted, no one chooses to retreat, Egnatius has brought the Roman war-engine to a stop, mission successful.
Draw result in battle so automatic finish.

12th LAM: Alexander of Epirus
He continues with his conquest of Apulia, but fears he has not enough time, so late in the year, but tries it anyway.
Moves to Luceria (AP 2; 47aSP; 0 loss, Continuation: 1, involuntary surrender: 4, ok).
He claims Luceria, 3 more small cities to go...
Continuation: 5 +2 = 7...
Here ends the story of the great king (at least he didn't die...)

13th LAM: Proconsul
Not having sufficient forces to do anything vital, maybe he could head down to where the Dictator is and help him destroy Egnatius, but he sees the Romans have got this, so he simply places Saepinum under siege.
Automatic finish.

14th LAM: G. Egnatius (Samnites)
Egnatius is still hopeful of placing Bovianum under siege, and with still two siege attritions to come he is very likely to take that.
But as the morning arrives for his departure towards the capital, news arrives that the Roman Dictator has more up his sleeve and is trying to send the consular army to intercept him.
Roman roll for interception 0, +0 (same hex), +2 (disrupted) = 2, ok interception!!
Roman AP 1.5=2; 18aSP; 0 loss, Samnites AP 3; 28aSP; 0 loss.
Cursor C, roll 5 is 5,
Egnatius C, roll 2, only a 4,
result: +1.
Combat ratio: Rome 15 vs Samnites 23, 1 vs 1.5, result: -1.
After Battle Status:
Romans (Disrupted) -3,
Samnites (Disrupted) +1,
result -2.
Roman discipline: +2 (two veteran legions).
Total result: 0.
Roll 2, Are you kidding me... Unpredictable result!! X-1.
Reroll 1 - 1 = 0 result: 30/* !!! Finally a lucky break for the Samnites (a little too late...).
Rome: 4 infantry (from both legions 2), 1 cavalry from legion II.
Samnites lose 1 infantry.
Philo, roll 1 +1 = 2, no effect,
Libo, roll 9 +1 = 10, second roll 5, he is wounded and carried of the field.
Egnatius, roll 9, second roll 2, also wounded.
Roman army is disorganized and limps back toward Capua (over river, one more hex) and lose 2 more infantry (they get lost in the disorganized retreat toward Capua, others simply go home).
Samnite army stays disrupted, but is now leaderless and has no where to go.
Wounded/dead Leader is (you guest it) an automatic finish.

15th LAM: Siege Attrition
Saepinum vs Rullianus
Inside: 1; 11aSP; 1 loss (militia gets it).
Outside: 1 -3; 15aSP; 0 loss.

16th LAM: Magister Equitum
Is attending all the parties in Rome and is overseeing the construction of a new aqueduct, nothing important.

17th LAM: Dictator
Having felt he has done his job (he is the only one who thinks so, you only have to ask Libo), by neutralising the threat to the security of Samnium. Philo declares a holiday for his legionnaires, and while they are basking in the late autumn sun, Philo is reorganising the legions in Capua. He creates consular army IV which will consist of the disorganised legion VII of the wounded Scaeva (how convenient), and takes control of it (Dictators are allowed to have two consular armies).
After the few days holiday, it is back to work, Philo upgrades both his consular armies to disrupted (from disorganised).
That will take up his entire action.

18th LAM: Siege Attrition
Saepinum vs Rullianus
Inside: 9; 10aSP; 5 casualties, 2 cavalry for 1 and 4 infantry, leaving 2 infantry in Saepinum.
Outside: 5 -3; 15aSP; No loss.

Thus ends the great Samnite war featuring Alexander of Epirus.

I will forgo the end of turn sequences (devastation, army recovery, inertia and such) and go straight to the victory points.

Victory points.
Rome: 11 (2 Latium, 2 Campania, 4 Sabinus, 3 Samnium).
Alexander: 6 (3 Bruttium, 3 Lucania).
Samnites: 0.

A glorious victory for Rome!
The Samnites surely had their bad luck and maybe should have concentrated more on the Romans, maybe get Sabinus themselves, and after the conquest of Bruttium, Alexander didn't know where to go exactly maybe he should use a different strategy next time (head for Tarentum).

Now I did make a few mistakes in the end, normally the consul of Rome was allowed one more go, but that would have resulted in the siege of Paestum, and maybe they would have won that (after attrition). They still would have needed another town to militarily control Lucania (no more time). Which would have resulted in an even bigger win for the Romans.

I hope you enjoyed it.
See you guys...
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On the other side!
On the other side!
Truly excellent session reports, also motivated me to get the game. Looking forward to trying it out myself.
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Wesley Vermaelen
I choose not to choose
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aka Tankboy wrote:
Yup, I for one enjoyed your write-ups. So much so, I pulled out the binder that contains the Series rules and both rule-sets for The Rise of the Roman Republic & Carthage: The First Punic War that I printed out last year.

This will be the next system on my gaming table once I'm done with the current system.

Sending you some more bag so you can buy an Avatar. Your efforts are most deserving of one

Thank you very much.

I'm maybe thinking about recording the eagle has landed scenario as well. It is so much more enjoyable to make a story around the game than just roll a die, add some numbers and look at a chart.
Especially when it is a solo game.

I admit I was a bit biased towards the Romans here (the ones I am going to play) and my friends are strategically/tactically more competent than me...

But we'll see.

Thanks again for the support!
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David Dockter
United States
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Great job on the session reports.
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