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Gene Moore
United States
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Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters
Battle for Faerun Organized Play Month 3

Sunday, August 9th
TableTop Game & Hobby Game Room
Registration begins at 12:30 PM
Tournament begins no later than 1:30 PM
Tournament ends no later than 5:00 PM

Registration for this event is available at

This is the Month 3 tournament in the Battle for Faerun Organized Play monthly series. This tournament will use what we're calling a Half-Open Constructed format. In Constructed, each player constructs their team beforehand and brings it to the event. More information about the Constructed format can be found at

For the Half-Open Constructed format, 4 of your character cards and 1 basic action card (i.e. half of your team) must come from the Dungeons & Dragons Battle for Faerun set. You are allowed to use the cards from Month 1 and Month 2, as well as the promotional card and die for Minsc and Boo. Month 3 cards are not allowed.

The other half of your team can come from any set or combination of sets that you wish to use, including Marvel Avengers vs. X-Men, Marvel Uncanny X-Men, Marvel Age of Ultron, Yu-Gi-Oh Series 1, DC Justice League, and D&D Battle for Faerun. If you choose to use characters from Yu-Gi-Oh, you must ensure that at least one die for each character matches the serial number found on the character card.

Your team will consist of 2 basic action cards (each with 3 basic action dice), up to 8 character/action cards, and no more than 20 total character/action dice corresponding to those cards. Build your team prior to the tournament. You will play that team in every game you play during the tournament, with the same cards and same allotment of dice. Bring all basic action dice and color cards from your starter set to prevent color clashing.

The tournament will be played in Swiss format (winners paired against winners, losers paired against losers). Each round is a single match with a 30-minute time limit. Total number of rounds is dependent on the number of players and time constraint concerns, with a maximum of 5 rounds.

If Dice Masters boosters are available for purchase, you may be required to purchase 1 or 2 as a tournament entry fee.

The rules used for this tournament are those found in the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters rulebook from the Battle for Faerun starter set, and as clarified by the official FAQ and rules forum found at

TableTop Game & Hobby is located at:
6990 W 105th St.
Overland Park, KS 66212
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