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Subject: Making an expansion out of this expansion rss

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chris carleton
bon accord
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What're you looking at!
My interest in the Zombie series has been rekindled lately by playing the expansions by themselves, with just my wife and I. The expansions are very quick, and down and dirty by themselves with just half of the 3.5 deck.

We tried the core game with shuffling in the heli-pad in the bottom half and that worked well too.

So we hadn't played Zombies 4 in quite a while, and never with 2, so we tried it.

First game

One of the big differences with the zombie dogs is that you can place them two to a square, and that it takes a 5 or 6 to kill them. To compensate for that, there is a lot more open space in this expansion than on the streets of the other expansions. However, as our first game unfolded, we discovered that there were 17 open woods tiles in the game.

By unspoken mutual consent, we tended to put all the woods on side on the board just to get them out of the way, so we could get to the good stuff. With two players, there just were too many of them.

There were, however, some very good cards. Penny played a spear card and made good use of it. The weapon cards in this expansion usually just require you to be on a named tile.

My wife also got the sickle card, which is also very good because you get plus one on one dog and can move the other one to an adjacent square. Nevertheless, she was killed twice. With so many dogs around in the empty woods, you could really harass your opponent.

Penny did play the "Werewolf" card on me and sent me back to the bridge, but I was back in the woods in no time, and killed 25 dogs before the cabin even came out (we had shuffled it into the bottom half of the deck, but it was the last card.

Second Game

We decided that this expansion needed to be modified to match the kind of play we were getting from the other expansions being played as stand alones.

So we took out ten of the woods tiles and shuffled the cabin in. If it was the first tile out, so be it.

This played much better. Knowing that the cabin could come up at any time, we discarded every chance we got so that we would have pages when the cabin did appear.

There are some good cards in this expansion, and we played as many as we could. "Monkeys are Funny" was very useful to get through the woods and into the buildings. We each also played "Fully Loaded" which allowed us to match our opponent's bullet and life supply. This is a good card to balance things out and keep the game flowing.

The cabin came out about 2/3 into the deck. We were tied for pages so we rolled and my wife won. Of course she placed the cabin very close to her. I was on the far side of the board. I fought my way to the cabin, hoping that Penny would do all the work killing the dogs before I got there.

I played the "Return to Sender" page card, planning to get Penny out of the cabin on my next turn. She then played "We're all Friends Here," and took that page card! ARRRRRGGGGGH!

Well, she then had five page cards and an empty cabin--she rolled a one and won.

Removing ten of the open woods tiles, and shuffling the cabin gave this expansion a great boost for a two player match. It felt tense and fast, just like playing the expansions as stand alones.

Morever, the cabin is a different kind of endgame, and that tile can come up very early and the game is still on as you have to clear the cabin and get the right roll.

We will definitely try this variant again.
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Chris Markham
United States
Saint Petersburg
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Sounds like a good variant.
We just use the cards and dogs from this set. The map tile rarely comes up to introduce it, and nobody really builds that area usually.

We added a PetsMart and Dog Pound map tile to the normal city, and a Pet Shop map tile in the mall set which call for the placement of zombie dogs. In addition, players can sub one zombie in the Police Station for two zombie dogs when placing this tile.
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