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Bruce H
United States
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Actual game played 8/17/2003.

Welcome Fans to another devastation of the sport we call BATTLEBALL!

Todays match up is between Josh's Blackharts and Bruce's Ironwolves.

1ST HALF-The Blackharts line up in a rectangle formation on their 20-10 yard line. The heavy tackle "Colossor the Dim" takes center stage as the regular tackle "Brutus" falls in the backfield with the linebackers to protect the goal. The runningback/receivers line up on the side of the rec shape with the safeties in the middle to be ready at any moments notice to retrieve the ball.
The Ironwolves line up along their 20 yard line with the heavy tackle "Stalwart the Forge" in the middle with the regular tackle by his side. The linemen with "Steel Ultimus" and the "Iron Judge" flank each side of the tackles.One receiver stays with the tackles as the remainder of the running backs and safeties line up on the fields edge ready to run the gambit of the course. The ball is placed in the middle of the 50 yard line and the game begins!
At the whistle the Ironwolves make the first move by sending their lone runningback up the middle to retrieve the ball. The Blackharts come out strong by moving the heavy tackle first, but he malfunctions on the first try and is stuck where he stood! The Ironwolves retieve the ball and fall back to their 40 to bring up support. The Blackharts try the heavy tackle a second time and this time he comes out strong!(a 6 on a d6)The Ironwolves sees this and sends out thier heavy tackle to their 35. The Blackharts move the heavy tackle up again to the 50 yard line. The lone running back for the Wolves needs to make a move and fast, and retreats back to his 30. The Harts bring up linemen to support the heavy tackle. The Wolves bring up a linebacker and receives the handoff from the running back. The Harts forwards one of their linebackers to the center of the field. A lineman fron the Wolves moves forward beside the heavy tackle. The stage is set for carnage as the Harts send forward their lineman to engage the linebacker with the ball. But wait! the linebacker fights him off and replys with a game ending blow!(roll of #1). The linebacker sees the opening to his left and dashs for the far side of the field as the wreckage is carted off the field. The heavy tackle for the Harts wants payback and tackles the weak running back sending him on a gurney back to the lockroom. (At least he will be available for the second half). This sends up the Wolves heavy tackle "Stalwart" to engage the "Colossor". The clash is instantanious as both forces collide and !WOAH NELLY! both are eliminated on rolls of double ones! Havoc is everywhere as 4 spaces are quarantined from the field! The Harts turn their attention to the linebacker with the ball and send the running back "Dark Isis" to intercept. The linebacker moves forward and down the left side of the field but Isis is quick to move in and engage. The linebacker takes her out and sends her back to the locker room. The Harts then sends over their only lineman. The linebacker tries to make a move down the sideline but the lineman is quick to counter and sends the linebacker to his maker, that collision caused a fumble but the lineman was quick to retrieve the ball on his next move. The Wolves send another linebacker and lineman up the left while the Harts lineman dashes to the right side of the field handing off to his linebacker. In a desperate attempt to run the field the Harts send their safeties forward with the ball carrier behind them, but the Wolves are quick to react. The Harts try to stop a confrontation by sending up their regular tackle (the 2nd strongest on the field) but he is taken out by a safety for the Wolves! In a twist of fate the regular tackle for the Wolves takes out both the Harts safeties, on separate turns, sending the ball carrier retreating. The Hart's lineman takes out the Wolves regular tackle and tries to clear a path for thr ballcarrier but is stopped short by the Wolves lineman on the Wolves 40 yard line. The Wolves makes an attempt for the ball and sends a safety and receiver to capture the Harts linebacker. He takes out the receiver, but is sideswiped by the safety who retrieves the ball. See that this could be his last effort the Blackharts send in a lone receiver down the field with the Wolves close behind he takes out the ball carrying safety and heads for the endzone. His next turn ends him on the one yard line! The Wolves made a last attempt to tackle him but he fights them off and breaks the plane of the goalline. A cheer goes up as the whistle blows ending the half. The remaining players in the lockerroom can rejoin the next half's game. Ah the beer is cold.
The game ends in sudden overtime as the Ironwolves come back in the second half to tie the score and gain another in overtime to beat the Blackharts 3-1.
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