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Subject: Another specific teamwatch question rss

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Scot Phelps
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I've been looking through lots of teamwatch rulings and nothing seems to answer my question, so here it goes.

If I have 2 Hawkeye-Clint in the field and then field another Avenger, do I get to ping twice? I've been playing it like a "while active" ability and regardless of how many Hawkeyes I have out, I only get to do the 1 damage once. But then I looked closer at Moondragon-Heather Douglas.

Her teamwatch ability directly affects her die. If I go by how I use Hawkeye, if I have more than one Moondragon in the field and the add another Avenger or Guardian, I'd have to pick one die to get the +2D. This seems wrong. I feel all Moondragons in the field should get the bonus a la Human Torch-Playing With Fire. But I can't have it both ways. Either all Moondragons get buffed AND I can ping multiple times with multiple Hawkeyes or I only get to ping once with Hawkeye regardless of how many there are in the field and I have to choose a Moondragon to get the defense boost.

So which is it? I posted this in the Wizkids rules forum and have yet to get a response.

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Robert Tomilowitz
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The Teamwatch ability applies to fielding a different character because the definition of Teamwatch states “another character” and such words have been ruled to mean a different character.

From the Age of Ultron Rule Book, Lexicon:
Teamwatch: Teamwatch abilities happen when a character with Teamwatch is active, and you field another character who has the same affiliation as them.

There is also a FAQ that generally covers this game effect as well regarding the Teamwork basic action card:

FAQ 20 (22Sep2014)
Q: How does the Teamwork effect work?
A: If you had an Iron Man, two Thor, and a Hulk in play, each of them would get +2A and +2D. Teamwork identifies that you have 3 different Avengers in play and it doesn’t matter how many copies of those dice are in play. The bonus of Teamwork occurs when played, and doesn’t change if a different number of characters are fielded after it is used.

So in your example, if Hawkeye - Clint is active, anytime you field another Avenger, other than Hawkeye, his ability is triggered.

If Moondragon - Heather Douglas is active, she gets +2D for each Avenger/Guardian, other than Moondragon, that is fielded.

If both Hawkeye and Moondragon are active, you would trigger their applicable abilities but only if the fielded die is different than the ability triggered, i.e. if you field a Hawkeye, only Moondragon would trigger and visa-versa if you field a Moondragon.

Hawkeye - Clint
Teamwatch - When you field a character from the same team, deal 1 damage to an opposing character.

Moondragon - Heather Douglas
Teamwatch - when you field a character who shares an affiliation with Moondragon, she gets +2D this turn.

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