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Subject: Mini Course 1 - Winning with Three Kings against One rss

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When in International Checkers the situation arises where 3 kings have to catch a single king, the game will be a draw after 16 turns, unless you are succesful with applying some dirty tricks. However in some checkers-variants this is not automatically true. In those games a 3-kings-against-1 situation could be a victory, if the owner of the 3 kings posseses the big diagonal line. The way how to do this is not easy. Therefore I have designed this mini course, so that one day you could apply it too.

Applies to:
* Brazilian Checkers
* Pool Checkers
* Russian Checkers
* Spanish Checkers

Main Line: The diagonal line that runs from the lower left to the upper right from field 29 to 4.

Tric-Trac Lines: The two diagonal lines that run from the upper left to the lower right from fields 5 and 1 to 32 and 28 respectively.

Note: Keep the Main Line occupied with at least one king or your opponent will take it and thereby making the game ends in a draw.

Remember that this motiff existed in Torquemadas checkersbook from 1547 and is probably more than half a milennium old.

I created a random setup, with which I will demonstrate how to finish the game in your favor. Remember that you have got only 16 turns or the game will end in a draw anyway according to the rules. So take your checkersboard and -pieces and practice the method a couple of times, so that you can apply the matter in your games without error.

Step 1 - Remove the Black King from the Tric-Trac Lines
A white king on field 5 and one on field 28 should do. Or ofcourse fields 1 and 32.

1. 2-9 19-24
2. 17-14 24-19
3. 14-32 19-10

A black 19-1 is wrong due to 32-28; 1-5; 28-32.

4. 32-28 10-17

Step 2 - Remove the Black King from Both Lines next to the Main Line
The black king must be removed from the line that runs from field 21 to 3 and the line that runs from field 30 to 12. Meanwhile the black king must be denied access to the Main Line and both the Tric-Trac Lines.
In order to do that fields 14 and 19 must be occupied or alternatively fields 10 and 23. The black king can be removed from the line from field 21 to 3 by setting up a trap.

5. 9-23 17-7
6. 28-19 7-17
7. 1-11

Now the black king is forced to leave the line from field 21 to 3, because a 17-21 will lead to 11-25; 21x29; 19-12 and a 17-3 will lead to 11-8; 3x12; 23-30.

7. ... 17-13

Step 3 - Form Petrovs Triangle
Build Petrovs Triangle and make sure that it points towards the black king. Note that there are only 4 playable fields for the black king now. These are fields 2, 13, 20 and 31.
I don't know who Petrov was, but I assume he is Russian and no longer among us.

8. 23-14

There are 4 possible Petrov Triangles pointing in all 4 directions to the forementioned 4 playable fields by the black king.

Step 4 - Capture the Black King
The black king has only 2 fields to play to. I'll show both methods of capturing.

8. ... 13-2
9. 14-7 2-9
10. 19-6 9x2
11. 11-20

11. ... 2x11
12. 20x7

... or alternatively ...

8. ... 13-31
9. 11-20 31-22
10. 19-26 22x31
11. 14-27

11. ... 31x24
12. 20x27

Thanks to David Buckley for showing me the way how to do it. I was wondering for a long time.

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