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Nicholas Fetter
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Instead of multiple Posts of individual Character sets, I decided to turn this into a "Short Expansion" called Doctor Who: Silence Will Fall.

This is during the time of the Eleventh Doctor's struggle against The Silence (mostly).

7 Heroes (5 Heroes + 2 Bonus Heroes)
-Amy Pond
-Rory Willaims
-River Song
-The Doctor (Eleven)
-Jack Harkness
-The Paternoster Gang

3 Schemes:
-Silence Will Fall
-Demons Run
-The Pandorica Opens [Unfinished]

2 Masterminds:
-Madame Kovarian [Unfinished]
-The Alliance [Unfinished]

2 Villains:
-The Silence [Unfinished]
-Alliance Forces [Unfinished]

2 Henchmen (1 Henchmen + 1 Bonus Henchmen)
-Silent [Unfinished]
-Weeping Angels [Unfinished]

1 Bystander (Bonus)
-Sally Sparrow

1 Wound

Lost in Time:
- Lost in Time is a new Pile that starts empty at the beginning of the Game.

-- Players cannot interact with the Lost in Time pile unless a card specifically says to.

-- When a card says only Lost in Time or that a card "becomes Lost in Time" it means to put that card or the relevant card into the Lost in Time pile once all other effects of the card have resolved.
--- Example: Rory Williams [Erased] has the ability Lost in Time. Once you play Rory Williams, you gain his 4/// and then place him in the Lost in Time pile. This works much like New Recruits, resolve any abilities the card has and then place the card in the Lost in Time pile.

-- Some cards, like River Song [Hello, Sweetie!] allow you to gain cards for the Lost in Time Pile.

-Support is a keyword found on all TARDIS' cards. Support means: "When this card is turned face-up in the HQ, KO it and resolve its effect."
--Cards with the keyword Support cannot be in the HQ at the beginning of the game. If this happens, shuffle all cards with Support back into the Hero Deck. Repeat until there are no cards with Support in the HQ.
--Effects from Support resolve for the current Player.

[WIP - 2015.08.07] - I am looking for suggestions on the cards to balance them. I don't have a working Printer at the moment and I am not sure when I will have time to write out proxies. Any help is appreciated.

Amy Pond

Amy is meant to be a all situations type of character. I always saw Amy as being able to handle just about any situation thrown at her, thus her being able to provide both Fight and Recruit.
Back By Morning -
Mark the Silence -
I Remember You! -
The Girl Who Waited -

Rory Williams

Rory is a protector as both Husband and Nurse. While in the show he wasn't exactly the toughest character fight wise, he provided a much needed pillar and support for the rest of the crew, especially when it came to Amy.
Rory Pond - *
Erased - *
Nurse - *
The Centurion - *

River Song

Not really sure what I was doing with River as she is rather eccentric, like the Doctor, but in a more aggressive way. She is also rather mysterious and usually knows more than she is letting on... mostly because she is moving backwards in the Doctor's timeline.
Hallucinogenic Lipstick -
Melody Pond - No Power is on purpose as she is a baby at this point, but also gives hope to her parents and The Doctor (Recruit) as she is somewhere in Time and Space.
Spoilers! -
Hello, Sweetie! -


The TARDIS is sentient... but doesn't usually get involved directly, she just gets the Doctor where he needs to go. She offers support to the current player, but can't be played directly.
Bigger On The Inside - Resolve the Support effect before refilling the empty HQ space.
Its Also a Time Machine - Updated to work with the Lost in Time pile.
Heart of the TARDIS - Nothing like reversing time. Not sure how well or poorly this works yet.
Idris - *

The Doctor (Eleven)

Again, not sure what I had in mind. The Eleventh Doctor, in particular is off the wall and seems rather random... until you back him into a corner. He gathers companions... and when he needs to go to war, he calls in his favors.
Fish Fingers and Custurd -
The Lodger -
Mad Man with a Box - He is Mad... either Attack or Recruit... hopefully a +4 Recruit isn't too powerful...
A Good Man Goes to War - Could be really really powerful or really weak - possibly thinking of upping the KO effect to also include you current deck (basically swap your deck for the Lost in Time pile... call in those favors!)

Jack Harkness

Nothing has changed. Jack never met the Eleventh Doctor, but thought I would include him here as a Bonus character.

The Paternoster Gang

EDIT: An idea to toy with "Villain"-type Heroes (multiple characters in a single Hero set).
More for fun, but if it balances out, could be pretty cool.


Silence Will Fall
I really want to test this one out. Not sure if anything like this has been done... Anyway, the idea of the Scheme is to create a Fixed Point in Time that the "Doctor" cannot escape from and kill him, thus locking a Hero into the HQ... maybe?
Demons Run
There is a lot going on here. Essentially its a Capture Baby Hope... but more difficult... I think. Again, I need to test it out.
The Pandorica Opens
The Alliance has cornered the Doctor and aim to trap him forever in the Pandorica, can you outwit them and escape?

Madame Kovarian

The Alliance

The Silence
Alliance Forces

Weeping Angels

Sally Sparrow


Notes: Regenerate replaces Healing, but is merely cosmetic.
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Nicholas Fetter
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Added a few new Cards:

Scheme: The Pandorica Opens
Mastermind: Madame Kovarian
Bystander: Sally Sparrow (Bonus)

Not sure I am happy with the Heroes and they way they interact with the Lost in Time pile. I might either modify them a bit or redo them, I am not sure at this point yet.
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