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Mark Christopher
United States
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In the wonderful game, Bonaparte at Marengo, this is how to get nasty Frenchies out of a village.
Hadley (France), Ryan (Prussia and the Pragmatic Army), and I (Austria) played Maria last night. It was an intense game with lots of maneuver and relatively few battles, though those battles were all meaningful.

Prussia pushed hard into Silesia, with the intent on conquering it and offering peace in return for my allowing its annexation. We met in battle while I still had a pair of fortresses in Silesia. We both had lots of hearts, and so thought we could easily force the other to retreat; he wanted to push me out so that he could occupy the place, I wanted him to retreat by just one space, which would have allowed me the chance to trap two of his armies.

Thus, we both played a lot of cards, he was forced to retreat two spaces (and escape the trap), and France was leaving Austria after reducing her victory conditions and marching forcefully into the Low Countries.
I was in a position to destroy the Prussian supply train, so Ryan offered Austria a1-turn subsidy from the Prags to not do so.

As I had the momentum in that front, and as Hadley was now thinking that she might have to slow me down so that she could win first, I took the deal.

Over on that side of the map, Hadley was pushing her French forces up through Belgium and into the Netherlands, while Pragmatic troops (and one Austrian army) were taking western French cities.

Thus, late in the second year of the war, France, the Pragmatic Army, and Austria were each close to winning.

When France didn't win on turn, I forced 2 battles, with Prussia and France, to conquer the three cities I needed to win. I barely beat the Prussians and so only took one of the two cities I needed from him.
However, I was able to decisively defeat a French army, conquering a city from them as well as scoring a point for the battle victory, taking the win.

Had it not ended that turn, we'd have had a Winter turn and then any of the three nations could have won it in Spring of the next year.
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