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Subject: Game Gumshoes Presents: Animal Upon Animal rss

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Chris Game Gumshoes
United States
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Animal Upon Animal
#of Players: 2 - 4
Age Range: 4 - 99

Overall Construction: As this game is from HABA, I don’t feel I need to tell you that this game is constructed very well, but I will anyway.

The box is solid, not much slippage when transporting it and there’s not a lot of excess space in it. The space that is there can be removed in case you happen to get extra animals like I did.

The animals are solid wood characters. There are 7 animals for each player. Some are obvious, others are not. Case in point, the bearded lizard is a bit confusing. Even the die in this game is a wooden die.

The rulebook is the traditional multi-language book. This one comes in 5 different languages.

Gameplay: Since this game is made for ages 4 and up, the game play is fairly simple. Each of the players gets a set of animals. There is an alligator that acts as the base of the stack.

Each player rolls the die on their turn. The die has pips for one animal or two animals to be added to the stack. If you roll the alligator, then you get to extend the base of the stack by adding an animal to either end of the alligator or whatever is at the end. There is a symbol that looks like a hand. If you get it you can give one of your pieces to another player. Lastly, if you get what looks like a caption bubble with a question mark in it, the person to your left has to tell you what animal to put on the stack.

As you stack the animals it should get to be more difficult. Animals WILL fall. If they do you will have to take up to 2 animals from the animals that have fallen and the rest go back into the box. Please feel free to make up your own house rules to determine if someone knocked an animal from the stack. I say this because we had instances where someone would bump the table and the stack would fall or on one occasion someone laughed and pieces fell off the stack. Another thing to remember is, that all animals must be facing the same direction.
Play continues until one person has gotten rid of all of their animals.

Yes/No Recommend: This game is loads of fun. Even though my daughter is 16 she really likes it when I bring this game out with us when we go eat at restaurants. It’s also a fun time watching everyone who is at whatever venue we may be playing in, either watching us or coming up to play the game with us. Because of the high quality of the pieces and that their wood, you can play this game almost anywhere.
If you like games like Jenga and Topple then you should definitely like this game.

Where To Get It: HABA has just recently started getting widespread distribution in the US. You may find it in Specialty learning shops, but your local Comic book shop or Game Store can order it through their distribution chains. As far as I know, Big Box Stores should not have this yet. For more information on this and other HABA games visit their website at
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