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Subject: Unofficial Cauldron Bios rss

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Fede Miguez
Capital Federal
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Halberd Arc

Halberd Experimental Research Center

"Inventing tomorrow" was the slogan of the research center, being the investigation branch of Halberd Inc, the lead company in the world in several different industries like technology, medicine and energy. And not only was the biggest one, but it was also the one with the best public image thanks to their foundation releasing patents and vaccines for no charge for diseases, making top notch products at affordable prices and for overall making the world a better place. The trick Halberd was pulling with it's ever expanding influence was not ruling the world, but having the people want them to do it. That was until the day a diminished Revo Corp joined forces with Baron Blade and F.I.L.T.E.R. and executed TERMINATE: a massive sabotage program to all Halberd's secret facilities around the world exposing all types of illegal and unethical practices: human experimentation, alien abduction, psychic manipulation, cyber intelligence... Exposed, damaged and in chaos, the name Halberd now is a synonym of anarchy, monsters and destruction, shambles of what it aspired to be. A magnet for any Villain who in the confusion sees an opportunity to get advantage of the falling giant.

Aliases: Janet Walker
Age: 30
Power Source: Science
Occupation: Electrical Engineer, Traveller

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you" was Janet's catchphrase as head of Portals and Dimensions Research Department. Halberd's twisted internal politics had taught her to always have an ace in the hole. VANISH, a fully functional personal teleporter prototype she never reported, was exactly what she needed to not perish when all their installations, in ground and in orbit, were blown up by Halberd's own clean slate protocol. Jumping from one place to the other, she saved as much tech and as many people as she could. Still believing that technology, culture, ethics and progress were the key for humanity's future she took the matter into her own hands she funded Sigma Strike Force, a team with the mission of protecting the world from it's own creations.

Aliases: Halberd-19, Amelia Espada
Age: 31
Power Source: Science, Mutation
Occupation: Test Subject

Life from before emerging from the test tube was a series of disconnected blurs. Life after emerging from the tube was a continued clarity. Of death and destruction, since everything was trying to kill her: soldiers, people from other tubes, things from other tubes. She did not remember she could coat her body with liquid metal, shape it, even shoot it, but she sure was skilled in doing all of those things. And that was all she needed to overcome any obstacle they tried to put in her way. Leaving the place where she woke up in flames, she searched for information on who she was and why all of this had happened. As chance may had it, she met and joined forced with Sigma Strike Force, taking the mantle Quicksilver, bent on stopping the people that did this to her.

Tango One
Aliases: Julia Takahashi
Age: 29
Power Source: Psionics, Weaponry, Training
Occupation: Mercenary

Julia's martial career was that of a rising star. Excelled mentally and physically since her childhood, throughout the military and into the special forces. Looking for bigger challenges she joined H.A.C.K.: a private elite strike force team, where she developed her latent psychic abilities and adopted the code name Tango One. Life was good, great pay, exciting missions capturing aliens, infiltrating Villain bases and sabotaging corporations. That was until her hardest day in her life, when the team was the target of a psychic attack, which she managed to resist, but everybody else was either killed by it or trying to kill any who was not. A veil was lifted from her mind that day, like seeing through the other side of the mirror. Wounded and on the run from her former allies she had little hope of surviving until a tall blonde woman appeared out of nowhere and in the blink of an eye got her into a safety. Offered the chance to mend her ways she joined Sigma Strike Force. Saving the world one pay check at a time.

Aliases: Kate Shreeve
Age: 18
Power Source: Science
Occupation: College Student, Journalist

As a bold and fearless freelance journalist, Kate stumbled upon some strange equipment while investigating an abandoned warehouse, warehouse which she suspected belonged to the once mighty Halberd before it's meltdown. Turning the equipment on and wearing it, she found that she could "see" the world as much with her eyes as with her ears, feeling and understanding the underlying frequencies all around her, in the air, in the walls, in her body. Seeing it's potential, she took the opportunity to combine her knowledge and new found powers to help her city where the law was too slow or just powerless. Dubbed as CRICKET by her own articles, she soon attracted the attention of the real owner of the equipment: a sleek woman with even more impressive technology. Appreciating her noble efforts, she let Kate keep it with the solemn judgement to use it for good even occasionally allying herself with the Sigma Strike Force!.

Black Magic Arc

Aliases: Roland White
Age: 38
Power Source: Transdimensional Shard
Occupation: Ministry of Strategic Science Operative

Growing up in Ohio, Roland White knew the farmer's life was not for him. Joining the military as soon as he was old enough, he was just as soon discharged for lack of discipline. Trying his luck in the big city, his career in the police force was also a short one due to problems with authority and misbehaviour. Not proud of his next step, but not going back to the farm life, he joined the Enforcers: a task group working for The Organization. It had it's weird moments though. He got familiar with fighting enemy mobs, you know, people with guns. But he never quite got the hang of psionic meta humans or rampaging giant rat men, though those were the most exciting jobs. The weirdest one was when fighting an unwieldy gang, first he defeated gang and, just after that, started fighting the Zombie version of them. He did not flee in panic as his now ex co-workers. Which was not wise since it turned out he got caught in the middle of a fight between a big freaking Zombie-God and a bunch of Heroes. In the confusion he fell into a big glowing hole in the ground. The horror of what happened inside there was incomprehensible for his mind. What he did understand was that the white haired lady got him out of it. And when she did his body was changed. It did not burn. It turned into lava itself. He had not escaped Hell, he had brought it up with himself. Pissed as he had never been in his life, he lashed out at the biggest mofo available. As he would soon found out, beating the crap out of a Demon God was a great way of leaving his life of crime behind. That day he would become the Hero TITAN with the duty of protecting humanity of the evils that threatened the world, by busting the bejesus out of them.

Aliases: Earl Deckard
Age: 134
Power Source: Divine, Return from the Afterlife
Occupation: Gambler, Thief

When asked about how Earl Deckard transformed into what he is know, known as Baccarat, he has never given a clear answer. He made a pact with the Devil, but the Devil did not read the fine print. Heaven nor Hell had no place for someone like him. He challenged Death to a game and won: sometimes it's Poker, sometimes Blackjack, Baccarat, Yahtzee, Stratego, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Guess Who Is Making Stupid Questions, etc. Sometimes he said Death had an appointment to attend and couldn't finish the game and haven't been able to reschedule it. Whatever the origin of this enigmatic character, what his allies in the PARANORMAL SQUAD do know if that he can always be accounted for when fighting the forces of evil, no matter the odds.

Fantastic Tales Arc

Aliases: Alec Shaheen
Age: 37
Power Source: Magic, Summoned Djinn
Occupation: Cartographer, Anthropologist

Alec knew his mythology and genealogy well, dedicating his professional career to the origins of eastern civilizations. His 6 older brother and sisters were descendants of a family of Sultans and Emirs, wealthy and prestigious, with it's origin in the Malichae: a mystic man with the power to call Djinn's to his aid from a different dimension and protect the realm from the evils that lurked beyond the night. There were records throughout his family of having the gift and donning the mantle, but those were long ago were fact and myth were indistinguishable. When old enough his mother presented him the shards, immediately recognizing them and knowing what they were. What he did not expect though is that inside the shard he could see a magnificent creature, a creature looking back at him. Looking back at the new MALICHAE.

Aliases: Dr. Andromeda McLear
Age: 35
Power Source: Nightlore Technology
Occupation: Astrophysicist, Astronomer

This was the most awkward conversation Andy had had in her life.
"So, Nightlore Council... like... intergalactic Greenpeace for the stars?" asked the man across the table looking down at his coffee. She took a sip of her latte before answering.
"Well... yeah, you can think of it that way. More like the UN". He looked out of the window, still not meeting her gaze.
"So, you had a regular life as an Astronomer. And one they called on you, gave you this powers..."
"Technology, actually" she corrected.
"...this technology, taught you how to use and gave you a purpose for it?" he asked, confused and troubled.
"Yes, studying, protecting and wielding the stars" Her words pained the man. He finally looked her in the eye.
"Can I apply?" his face displaying a sad desperation.
"No, your powers are of Cosmic nature. Chaos bound Creation and Destruction. The Nightlore is Order bound Life and Energy." She was trying to sympathize, to say "I'm sorry Captain", but was having trouble given the situation.
"So wait, when we met, you know? Low orbit, busting those satellites weapons. You mentioned opposing factions. Creatures things." He was figuring it out.
"Yes, all of Cosmic origin." she added.
"Chaos, bent on destruction. With Creation." He looked down again. "Like my brother." He leaned to the side, resting his head on his left hand. "Like me." Hugh looked up again. "But, I'm not insane, I didn't change like that. I'm still the same person I was before encountering that crystal... So, what am I?"
"According the the Council records, an anomaly." They stared at each other for a couple of seconds. She failed to inform him how anomalies were to be resolved, wondering how things would have been had she been on the other side of the table. Sympathy finally came to her. "But, you don't want to transform the world. You want to preserve it. You want it to let it live it's course..." It finally came the day.
"...You ARE a family man..." The day, since she wore the Nightlore armour, wondered if it would ever come.
"...And if you would have me..." A day to dread.
" ally." The day she disobeyed a Nightlore order.

Aliases: Sir George of Mormoth
Age: 52
Power Source: Weapons and Armor
Occupation: Knight

"No, we are playing superheroes"
"But I want to play D&D!"
"We'll do that next time"
"Eh... so, who are you picking?"
"I'm playing Nightcrawler... or maybe Hellboy"
"Oh, we are playing Custom Characters? Gimme one minute. Here's mine!"
"Let me see... Oh you dense... you didn't"
"Yup! I did."
"Superheroes are modern times..."
"Sir George was last seen fighting the evil 3 headed dragon until they both fell in the mystic timeless vortex. He found it's way out of it when Nighmist was researching one of her spells"
"You got to be kidding"
"It's just like Captain America!"
"Oh God"


"We are not slaying a dragon"
"So when Necro used his new found knowledge thanks to Nightmist studies..."
"It's still a dragon"
"....not only did he opened a portal to the realm of the Undead..."
"Seriously, what kind of loot does it drop?"
"... but a door beyond the Realm of Discord, into the timeless mysterious vortex!"
"Wasn't it mystic vortex?"
"...And thus, Tiamat, the 3 headed Hydra..."
"...started a new era of terror in Rook City!"
"Oh, it has 3 Character cards. Cool! Let's play it."
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Fede Miguez
Capital Federal
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Some stuff I came up with I'm pretty sure it's not what is intended by their creators. I know some of the write ups are better than others but man, it's hard to know when you are finished.
Got a bit creative on how to do the bios of some characters (like Starlight). SotM has a structure for all their Bios but felt sometimes it worked and other times it felt stale.
Wrote all the ones I found cool or interesting. Stranger already has one in the Cauldron site. Necro is also a cool one to imagine but couldn't come up with something cool. For some reason it was more compelling and easier to write it for the Heroes than the Villains.
If anyone has a better name for a super hero team for Vanish, Quicksilver and Tango One than Sigma Strike Force I'm all ears. I really feel I couldn't find a good one and settled for that.

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Matthew Bishop
United States
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Awesome! Always cool to see how other people are interpreting stuff. I won't interfere other than to suggest there's (fairly vague) hints regarding what country Titan is from, and Tango One does indeed join a group at one point, whose name can also be found.
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Fede Miguez
Capital Federal
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I guess then Tango One joins the Paranormal Squad? Since she has a quote from one of those with some other, I think the Stranger. In my head the Paranormal Squad were Baccarat, Necro, Stranger, Titan. Didn't add it to Titan's because his bio was already too large.
I saw no indication of Titan's nationality but my guess would be German? Just for the Hellboy reference, dunno.
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