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Sara Grace
United States
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1. Trinkets say "Flip 2 of your face-up Trinkets face-down." Just want to confirm that to activate this power you must have at least two face up Trinkets in front of you. (i.e. One Trinket alone cannot be activated.)

2. Playing Item Cards: Can you only play each item once per turn (Example turn: Potion for 0 actions + Trinket for 1 action + drawing a card for 1 action) or can you only play one item total per turn (One the Potion is played for 0 actions only 2 standard actions are allowed after)? No need to explain that you can only play each item type once per turn (so no using 3 potion card in one turn) we got that.

-- This isn't a rules question so much as an end strategy question. Our game eneded in the middle of the second week because my opponent was able to drain the deck of Item cards. I had 1 potion/2 trinkets/1 scepter & she had everything else. Now part of this certainly has to do with some lucky draws from her deck but it was a pretty disappointing way for the game to end. I feel like the point of the game is to jockey for control of the board but we had just barely started doing that (only had two influence checks before the game ended).

Has anyone else had this happen? Why is running out the Items deck a end game trigger? You can always just flip used cards over when the decks run out. Honestly, the way it is the game really didn't work. The game already has a lot of end conditions so I am strongly considering house ruling this one to avoid this ever happening again.

[Moved this over to the Midnight Edition section for this game.]
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