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Subject: Noldor beat Hunters to true Signs of Gollum rss

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Daniel Merrill
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Continuing my journey following the Lords of the Second Age, I made few changes to the deck before setting out on the Hunt For Gollum. I swapped out a copy of Power of Orthanc and a couple copies of White Council for 3x Elf-Stone so that I could better cheat out Gildor or Beorn if they make it into my hand.

Elrond, Galadriel, and Glorfindel started out innocuously under the Eaves of Mirkwood, but matters quickly escalated when they were immediately Pursued by Shadow. Thankfully, only Galadriel was not out questing so the shadow of Mordor had little effect. It would seem that luck was with our heroes when they stumbled upon two Signs of Gollum, but unfortunately the looming threat of Hunters From Mordor threatened to overwhelm them.

With the hunters coming ever closer, it looked like the end, when suddenly a Northern Tracker appeared. This intrepid Dunedain was able to explore some of the locations round about, leaving our Noldor lords to prepare for the approaching hunters. When one of the signs turned out to be a False Lead, this gave Elrond enough breathing room to call upon the power of Vilya to summon Glorfindel's trusty steed, Asfaloth, which made short work of exploring Gladden Fields, several times. It is always good to triple check, just in case you missed something the first two times.

Having only the one clue to focus on, these lords of the Second Age turned the tables on the pursuing hunters. Elrond, with the help of his daughter Arwen, was able to fend off the hunters' attacks while Glorfindel slowly reduced their numbers. Having confronted the threat of the hunters, our party was able to use the power of the Elf-Stone to call Gildor Inglorion to aid them, while Gandalf appeared in answer to Vilya's power. Our heroes made short work of the hunters with the help of these powerful allies, and handily dealt with the remaining threats of Mirkwood as they followed hot on the trail of Gollum.

Final Threat: 15
Final Score: 89 (8 rounds)

MVP: Galadriel. Her threat freeze slowed the approach of the Hunters From Mordor and gave me time to figure out how to deal with them. The addition of Elf-Stone was also a big help.

Current Decklist:
Heroes (27 threat)
1x Glorfindel
1x Galadriel
1x Elrond

Allies (25)
1x Arwen Undómiel
2x Imladris Stargazer
2x Northern Tracker
3x Galadriel's Handmaiden

2x Wandering Ent
2x Master of the Forge
1x Gildor Inglorion
3x Warden of Healing
1x Henamarth Riversong

1x Beorn
3x Envoy of Pelargir
3x Gandalf
1x Treebeard

Attachments (14)
1x Unexpected Courage
1x Silver Lamp

3x Light of Valinor
3x Elf-stone
3x A Burning Brand
1x Asfaloth

1x Vilya
1x Nenya

Events (9)
3x Elrond's Counsel
2x The Galadhrim's Greeting
2x A Test of Will
1x Power of Orthanc

1x The White Council

Side Quests (2)
1x Scout Ahead
1x Gather Information

Deck Score:
Passage Through Mirkwood: 1/2
Journey Down the Anduin: 2/2
Escape From Dol Guldur: Skipped
Hunt for Gollum: 1/1

Next up: Conflict at the Carrock
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