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Subject: Scenario 10 - The Orchard US Win rss

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Mike Hoyt

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Another interesting scenario. US sets up on the dike road that runs South to North, with Germans in the village to the east, and in the orchard to the west. US also has troops even further out in the orchard, more westerly than the Germans. So central German and US groups are surrounded at start.

Victory requires that there be no Germans in the orchard west of the dike road by the end of turn 8, which in effect means killing all the Germans who start in the orchard and not allowing any of the Germans in the village to make it across the open ground, then cross the dike road and get into the orchard.

The US units along the dike road have a pretty easy time of it keeping the Germans in the village at bay, with a MG and plenty of Op Fire markers, the more important decision is the extent to which some squads can be spared to head west and help squeeze the Germans in the orchard against the other troops heading east.

In this playing the German MG in the orchard let a charmed life, it was very hard to close with. At one point it was reduced and fully suppressed with two US squads jumping in for melee. But a German squad also made it into the melee, and when the MG failed the rout check by 1, it was able to safely retreat out and fight on for another two turns.

The US had similar luck along the dike road. One of the flank squads was fully suppressed, but managed to use Final Op Fire to stop one German Squad, then when meleeing a second, rolled a 1 for morale and then two hits to eliminate it.

US won by turn 7 when the Germans were down to 1 MG and 1 squad in the village with no hope of crossing the open ground to get into the orchard.

A fun double surround situation. Not quite Caesar at Alesia, but for a tactical game, darn close.
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Jim Krohn
United States
New York
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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
badge misspent youth...
Thanks for the love on the SE scenarios!
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