Ryan Yan
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This is my fourth PBF solo game in MK3, also my first game using full MK3:SoT features.

You may find my first three games using partial features in the PBF sub-forum. Because of the seemingly lack of public interests in solo PBF, and my slow connections to BGG these days, this game was going off-line.

In Round 6 of this Life and Death, Solo game:

Turn 1: I conquered the spawning grounds;
Turn 2: I slaughtered the green heroes to score my fourth keep (Banner of Courage Fear was flipped so fame 6);
Turn 3: I hired two elite units in the friendly white city to replace two wounded units in the first two turns;

Now we are at this point:

Although his spell hasn't shown up yet, Braevalar can't wait to eliminate the root of the dark evils now...
Try it to see if you can work out the following objectives faster than me:
* To conquer Necropolis in one shoot now, and kill the Death Dragon next to it as the same time;
* To save enough mana to conquer the BBB shrine in the last turn of the game.

* There are only 4 tokens left in the DC green pile: two Skeleton Warriors and two Ghouls. That is, the Shrouded Necro's summoning attack won't be fiercer than
* I don't want to gamble on Tranquility draw because I have a definite victory in hand!cool
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