Felix Alonso
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As soon as we find those 2 persons we will start a quickstarter

The game is a highly competitive PVP, based on building synergy with 2 robots on the arena to crush the enemy ones.

As robots is the theme, you will have to program them before they can act.
one of the biggest features of the game is guessing what will your enemy do, once you unleash your programed sequence of orders you wont be able to change it before the next sequence starts.

(In order to start we need AT LEAST 4 robot designs, 15 card designs and a cover) That would be the starter set. We allready have 12 robots with all the rules for future expansions and we are constantly testing new ones.

As you can see english is not my mothertongue, but Im sure you
got the idea !

Have a nice day !

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