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Small comparision of Halo Fleet Battles and Star Wars Armada

(english translation) of

Karawanken wrote:

The first Halo game was played yesterday. The training scenario from the campaign, so translation rules took roughly what the game: D Because right after we played in the SW Armada I tempted to, a totally subjective comparison of these games.


Draw. Both games are made carefully. Ships present themselves splendidly on the table. Of course Halo figures should be put together yourself, but it does not cause major problems.

Box Contents

The landslide victory of Halo. For a similar price we have far more plastic, we can build two fleets at 1000 points, which is a normal small fleet which is used in this system. As for the Armada, then of course we have a much better chips, fighter plastic (only Halo chips), a lot of cards and this whole wealth of components for the FFG had time to get used to us, it is that ultimately we play at 300-400 points you collect in the base set a fleet of 160 points leave without comment.

Climate For me fine victory Armada, although it can not be denied Halo climate lot and this is a very subjective assessment.


It is difficult to compare the game with a completely different mechanics. Halo is a typical wargame, where everything is performed using a single tool - inch ruler. The Armada we operate three scoop: one for movement of ships, one for movement of fighters and one measuring range. In Halo differences are cast in weapons that throw different numbers of bone metastasis are determined by force of arms (which affects the type of weapon, range, obstacles, etc.). The Armada various weapons, other types of bones. Etc. etc. does not want to dwell here on the differences in mechanics. Both mechanics work well and suited for their games.


Halo is a more strategic game, we can handle large ships cosmic formations, commands spend the entire battle group. SW Armada is a game more tactical, we act Commodore and not the admiral. We prove small tactical compound, but unlike Halo have more control over individual ship (various types of the same vessel, much greater possibilities of modification, issuing direct orders)

Currently, both games I like comparably and I'm glad that both have in the collection. Together with Teammates have come only to the conclusion that both of us are better than the X-wing: D
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Joel Carr
United States
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I would love to see some more comparisons... Really like the look of the fleet battles gameplay... but already invested in armada (which I enjoy)...
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B Wumpus wrote:
I would love to see some more comparisons.

the problem is that Karakanken well put the distinction between the two titles.

Maybe I just try to explain why I prefer Halo ?

At the moment, in both titles I played about 6 games. I know only starter Halo and Star Wars Armada starter + first wave .

The content of starter
Karawnaken put it well in Halo get 8 capital ships and 41 smaller which allows , for example, expose fleet composed of 22 elements.

Star Wars Armada gives you 3 ships fighters and little things like the cards etc.


In Halo ships move is really easy , then there is room for outmaneuvered the enemy by the tactical use of the terrain but is less important if you can unerringly calculate where the ship will be after the move , as it is in Star Wars Armada.

In both games of course the range of weapons is important, but premeasuring is allowed.

In Halo you're the admiral of the fleet who is making tactical decisions:
you set your priorities oof targets,
you decide on the method of firing
changing formations fleet (which is good way to outmanewre enemy)
you use the special abilities of commanders
you choose targets for boarding etc.

The Armada you have less Force and are trying to maneuver the ships to be where the opponent has the weakest shields, the only tactical aspect in which Armada is deeper than Halo is to use fighters and bombers.

Overall, Halo is a wargame with fleet admiral tactical decision-making, while SW Armada is on smaller scale Commodore trying to gain an maneuver advantage in a skirmish betwenn small scouts of main force.


Climate is difficult to evaluate. In general, to be able to evaluate it you need to know both the universe

In Armada most climate for me is Victory it simply looks very cinematic, but characters like Vader, Leia, Luke are only special units that are destroyed and you sanctify them without regret (the game does not punish you for the loss of them).

In Halo manner in which play UNSC gives it looks like the universe lore. The Spartans are a special unit that is hard to kill, but if you lose your opponent will gain a lot of points to win, so you must be carefull when you use them. Also killing heroes (like Cortana or Keyes) will have a negative impact on the fleet.

Adam Özkan wrote:

I've heard some people complain about the way the UNSC faction relies on or heavily uses the ability to raid and potentially control other ships (I don't know if this is true, this is going from what I have read in this group.)

That mechanic fits well within the lore of Halo. There are many instances of this happening in all of Halo's wars.

Hell, you don't even have to get deep into the lore to see what I mean, just look at the start of ODST: you drop down onto a covie carrier on what's basically a suicide mission when a slip space portal sends you off course.

Even by the function of the UNSC within the halo games, they're very hands on. The mechanic makes sense to me.


If you prefer a larger more tactical battles, ships operating in groups and supporting each other, you prefer to be an admiral, who makes strategic decisions Halo is for you.

If you like smaller battles - skirmish, maneuvering individual ships is important to you Star Wars Armada should be good.

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