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Subject: 3-Player Variant: Where’s the "I" in "Team"?... rss

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Nick Shaw
United Kingdom
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Two-player apocalypse isn't enough for you? Get a friend to join in the monster mayhem (although you may not call them a friend after what they're about to do to your poor little meeps)!

The meep players are both trying to get their own meeps into the EWS before the monster can eat too many of them. The monster is ravenously hungry though, so they'll have to work together to save as many meeps as possible!

- As per 2-player rules, except the 3rd player plays the monster, and takes the green die;
- Place the monster meep approximately 5 mini-meep's distance from the EWS (you'll see why below).

Changes to normal rules
All 3 players roll their respective dice simultaneously.

Players 1 & 2 generally play as per normal rules, except:
- They can choose to pool their dice results to help one or both players get a 7 (if they can only make one 7, they decide between each other who gets to perform an action);
- Rolling doubles (on same-coloured dice) allows them to knock the monster over temporarily (by throwing things at it – old shoes, candy bars, whatever); it must stand back up before continuing its attack;
- They can't throw an unwilling victim at the monster to slow him down, BUT they can throw out a supply cube; this will distract the monster for a while;
- Either player can close the EWS lid once at least one supply cube and at least one meep (of either colour) is in the EWS, triggering game end. Any meeps left outside will be eaten by the monster (so even though the monster loses, he may score more points than for a win!);

Player 3 is the monster. It plays as such:
- The monster player rolls the green die. Whenever this player rolls a 6 on the die, the monster ‘eats' one of the blue or yellow meeps who are not yet in the EWS, except for members of a recon team fetching a supply cube (they hide behind the supply cube so the monster can't see them – tricksy Hobbitmeepses!). The monster will eat one meep of whichever colour has most meeps left outside; if there's a choice, the monster eats the opposite colour from the last meep it ate (he likes a balanced diet); if there's a choice in the first meep it eats, the monster player chooses which to eat. It will always eat standing meeps before those lying down;
- When the monster first eats a meep, he lays the remains of the body in front of him (he likes to ruminate and reflect on his meals), between him and the EWS.
- Each new victim is placed in front of the last, causing a chain of dead bodies getting closer and closer to the EWS.
- If the monster manages to line up 5 bodies of slain victims, or there are no meeps left outside to chow down on (except recon team meeps) whilst the EWS lid is still open, on his next roll of a 6, the monster walks across the slain bodies, jumps into the EWS and eats everyone in there (plus the supply box – he really is very hungry today). If there are recon meeps still out, the monster suddenly notices them, jumps back out, and gobbles them up too;
- If the meeps roll doubles and knock the monster over, the monster player must roll a 6 to stand back up before continuing its onslaught;
- If the meep players choose to throw out a supply box, the monster is knocked over by it. The monster player must roll a 6 to stand back up; after standing up, if the supply cube is still next to the monster (i.e. player 1 or 2 haven't picked it back up yet), the monster eats the contents of it – roll another 6 to discard the cube and then continue attacking meeps. If the players have picked the cube back up by then, go straight back to attack mode!

End Game
- If the monster makes it to the EWS before the players can close the lid, the monster wins!
- If player 1 or 2 manages to close the lid of the EWS before the monster gets there, the monster has lost (but gets to eat any meeps left outside).
- If both supply cubes get eaten by the monster due to player 1 or 2 (or both) being incompetent, having thrown both cubes at the monster and the monster having eaten them, the monster devours all other meeps and wins.

- If the monster wins (by getting to the EWS before the lid is shut), he gets 10 points.
- If the monster loses, he still gets points, equal to the number of meeps he's eaten plus any meeps left outside (which he eats later on), but because he lost, they give him a stomach ache.
- If the meep players win, they get points equal to the number of their coloured meeps they managed to get into the EWS. If the meep players manage to get both supply cubes into the EWS, they get double points (so max possible score is 10).

Strategy Tips for Meeps Players
- Face facts: Some of your meeps are going to get eaten, and there's not much you can do about it. Let that go, and just focus on what you need to do;
- Because the monster still gets points even if he loses, it's in the meeps players' interest to get as many meeps inside the EWS as possible before closing the lid – but not to leave it too long, or the monster might reach it before they can close it!;
- Choosing to go back out to get the second supply cube is risky, but because the monster won't eat recon meeps, it's often worth the risk for the double scoring bonus!
- Throwing a supply cube out to distract the monster should be a last resort – you're going to have to go back out to get the other supply cube if you don't already have it, or if you do have both, you're giving up half your points! So only do it when absolutely necessary;
- Closing the EWS lid when one player has more meeps inside than the other may give one meep-player more points than the other, but consider whether it will also give the monster-player more points by leaving an opponents' meep(s) outside to be devoured...

Strategy Tips for the Monster Player
- Monsters don't have a strategy; they only think with their stomach.
- Ok, if you really want some tips: You only have one die to roll vs the meeps players rolling two each. They have to add up their dice pips, which is quick, but not as quick as you just looking at your result. They may also have to spend time working out if pooling their dice results will help them get a 7, and if so who will take the action; during the time they're working that out and arguing over who's meep is more valuable to save, you could roll your die another two or three times at least – utilise that time!
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