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Subject: 4-Player Variant: Multi-Monster Mayhem! rss

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Nick Shaw
United Kingdom
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Note: Requires 2 copies of the game

A team vs team variant (2 on 2), with two monsters to outwit, and two EWSs to choose to get into & close! But first, you must get the monsters OUT of the EWSs, where they've decided to have a little snooze before their forthcoming feasting and rampaging. And they're in there with all the supplies!
Get the supplies out to lure the monsters out, then get back in with some supplies and as many fellow meeps as you can, and shut the lid (before you're devoured or more apocalyptic monsters arrive)!

- Empty the components of both games onto the table;
- Set both tins next to each other, lids open;
- Put 1 monster (lying down) and 2 supply cubes into each tin, and 1 green die next to each tin. The monsters like their chosen tin, and will only ever go back into that specific one;
- Group the meeps together by colour. Stand one of each colour up, and lie all others down;
- Split into two teams of 2 people each, and decide what colour meeps each team will play;
- Give each player two dice in their colour;
- Decide which tin each team will be aiming to get into. Meeps of any colour can be put into either EWS, but you'll get more points for getting your colour meeps into your own EWS.

Ok, all set? Deep breath… And you're ready to start. Or run away screaming; your choice.

Like the regular 2-player game, you are trying to get as many of your colour meeps into an EWS as you can, and close the lid with at least 1 supply cube in with you. UNLIKE the regular game, you have two EWSs to choose to go into, plus the monsters START inside the EWSs along with the supply cubes, and you will have to lure them out by first sneaking in and taking the supply cubes out. Sounds dangerous? You eat danger for breakfast, I'm sure...

The two teams can work together at times, if there is a greater need (e.g. getting a supply cube into an EWS as soon as possible), but generally they'll be working against each other.

Players' Actions
- All players roll their respective dice simultaneously and continuously, trying to get a 7;
- Team members may pool their dice results to get a 7 (or two 7s if they can!);
- On a 7, you can do one of the following actions:
--- Stand a meep up;
--- Lay a meep down (to avoid monster attack!), if outside the EWS (you don't want to lie down in the EWS after you see what the monster has done in there!);
--- Move a standing meep into or out of an EWS (a meep can go into either EWS, but see scoring for why you really want to get into your own);
--- Knock over an opponent's standing meep with one of your standing meeps, if outside (when inside, you become all friendly-like);
--- Pick up a supply cube with 2 standing meeps (of the same or either colour – if different colours, both teams must agree to do this!) and move the supply cube out of the EWS (if it's inside) or into the EWS (if it's outside). You don't need a ‘recon' team to do this, unlike the regular game, but the meeps must be in the same place as the cube obviously – either inside the EWS or outside it;
--- If you have a meep of your colour in an EWS, throw a meep of the other team's colour out of it (whether it's your EWS or not!). They end up standing outside.
- After you have resolved your dice (and the monster's die if applicable), you can choose to close one of the EWS's lids, if there is at least one of your team's meeps and one supply cube in it, and your team hasn't already closed an EWS (i.e. your team cannot close both EWSs lids) unless the other team has no meeps left alive, or they are all already in the EWSs. Once either team member rolls the dice again, you must resolve the dice before you can perform this action (but you don't need to have rolled a 7 to do this action).

Awaken the monster!
- At the start of the game, the monster is asleep in the EWS;
- When there are two meeps (of any colour) together in an EWS, they can pick up a single supply cube between them and move it out of the EWS on the next 7 roll;
- HOWEVER, having 2 meeps dragging a heavy box around in the cramped EWS wakes up the monster! As soon as the meeps leave with the supply cube, stand the monster up. From now on, one of that team's players must roll the green die for that monster along with their dice. Note: The team cannot choose for one team member to stop rolling their dice just to stop the monster rolling & activating – whenever either team member rolls their dice, the monster die should be rolled too.

The monster heads out
- Once the second supply cube has been taken out of the EWS, if there are no meeps inside with it anymore, the monster immediately leaves the EWS in search of food (it doesn't need to roll a 6 to leave, it leaves automatically, due to instinct). If there are meeps inside still, it will stay in there until they all leave, or are eaten, at which point it immediately jumps out;
- When a monster jumps out, it lands very heavily, which knocks over one standing meep of each colour (you could shout “HULK SMASH!” if you really want to);
- Once the players have gotten the monster out of an EWS, they can start getting all their (remaining) meeps IN there. BUT, you have to get a supply cube in too. Putting a supply cube in too soon is dangerous, as the monster will come back into the EWS if there are no standing meeps or supply cubes outside left for it to feast on!

The monster attacks!
- Once a monster has woken up, any roll of 6 on its die will cause it to attack any standing meep, of any colour, in its vicinity. Its preference is for one of the team's colour who's EWS it is, if there's a choice. So:
--- If the monster is inside the EWS, it will eat any meep inside with it;
--- If the monster is outside the EWS, it will eat a standing meep.

The monster scavenges for food
- If there are no standing meeps nearby when it rolls a 6, the monster does not attack (its hunting is movement based, so can't ‘see' meeps lying still on the ground). But it is still hungry, so it starts scavenging for other food. The monster will always go where there is an easy supply of food first; only if there's no food will it search out a warm snuggly bed for it to rest in after a meal. So, on a roll of 6 when there are no standing meeps to eat nearby:
--- If it is inside the EWS and there is at least 1 supply cube in there with it, it will stay in there;
--- If both supply cubes are outside, and it is inside on its own, it will leave the EWS (it should have done this automatically anyway – no die roll required for it to leave an empty EWS), and knocks over a meep of each colour;
--- If it is outside the EWS and there are supply cubes outside, it will stay outside, scavenging. As there are no standing meeps to eat, it chows down on a supply cube (discard a cube from the game), if there is one (if not, it stands there with a confused expression on its hideous face, thinking: “Where's all the food gone?”).
--- If it is outside and there are no more supply cubes left outside, and there is at least one meep inside its EWS (and no standing meeps outside), and the EWS lid is not closed, it will move back into the EWS. The EWS lid immediately shuts and the monster devours EVERYONE INSIDE. Yuck. If this is the last EWS to close, the game is over – score up! If not, just hope you had more meeps left outside to get into the other EWS…
--- Otherwise (e.g. no food outside but its EWS lid is shut), it does nothing but ruminate on how wonderfully destructive it has already been during the game.

Order of Monsters vs Teams actions
- Because of simultaneous rolls happening with the monster dice too, whenever a monster rolls a 6 and the player(s) roll a 7 (or, if lucky, two 7s), the monster always takes its action first (it really is that despicable);
- To make things easier for both teams to track, if a monster die rolls a 6, someone on that team should shout out “CHOW TIME!” or some similarly thematic phrase, so both teams can resolve the monster's action before taking their turns.

Order of Team vs Team actions
- When the order of actions between teams is important (e.g. one team want to do an attacking action on the other team, i.e. knock them over or throw them out of an EWS) then someone on that team should shout out the attack action before the other team do their action (if they want to do it first). E.g., blue team wants to knock over yellow's only standing meep, so blue team should shout “ATTAAAAAAACK!” before yellow can pick up their meep and pop him in an EWS.

Game End
Play continues until one of the following conditions is met:
- Both EWSs are closed (either by players or by monsters re-entering their EWS);
- All meeps outside the EWSs have been eaten. If you haven't shut the EWS lids by now, it's probably a good time to do so!;
- All supply cubes outside of EWSs have been eaten by the monsters, and the open EWS(s) have no supply cubes in them (you can't close the lid now, as you have no supplies… Well, you could close the lid, but starving to death is really no better than being eaten by a monster).

Now score up!

- Each team gets the following points for meeps in closed EWSs (without monsters in them devouring everyone inside, obviously):
--- 2 points for each of your meeps in your own EWS;
--- 1 point for each of your meeps in the other team's EWS;
- +5 points if you have 2 supply cubes instead of 1 in your EWS, as long as you have at least one of your own meeps in there too!;
- Now deduct 1 point for each of your meeps the other team's monster ate (you don't lose any points for meeps your monster ate; that would just be unfair).

Max score is 25 (all 10 of your team's meeps in your team's EWS along with 2 supply cubes)!

Highest scoring team wins!

You may ask, why not just shut the EWSs with the monsters inside to start with? Well, firstly, that would be an extremely short, and not to mention very pointless, game. Secondly, you'd all score zero. Thirdly, someone would need to be inside to shut the lid - certain suicide for that meep! And finally, yet more monsters are on their way to find you from other parts of the town, so you have to get inside! Now go do it!
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