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Note: This post got actually larger and longer as planed… so if you're not willing to take some risk, not be able to play dynamic and improvise and not able to use your diplomatic skill (because you are playing a non-diplomatic game or you're not that eloquent/persuasive) don't bother to read.
If you read it; please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. This is not a step-by-step guide but rather an idea and a (perhaps) possible way to implement it.

The idea is to consolidate as much power as possible, playing Qarl the Maid (generating 3 powertokens) and playing Rodrik the Reader (forcing a clash of kings) to repositioning yourself at the influence tracks.

Doing the math;
Greyjoy (you)
With consolidate power at Pyke (+2), maybe consolidate power at Stoney Shore (+1) and Qarl the Maid (+3) you end up with 10 or 11 Powertokens for the Clash of Kings.
In theory he could have a max of 10. This is very unlikely since he is more times than not recruiting at Sunspear and The Boneway is threatened to be raided. He will have 5-7.
He could have a max of 9. At Castle Black there will be most likely a march order, at Dragonstone and Storms End a defence order and finally at Karhold possibly a consolidating power order. He will have around 7.
He got actually much else to do than consolidating power. Perhaps he will at The Twins though, but more likely he will move the two footmen. He will have 5-7.
Theoretically he could have a max of 12! But his open boarders and his relative weak troop-strengh will prevent that. He will end up with 5-7.
Tyrell will most likely recruit at Oldtown and have a march or defense (maybe a support) order at his other territories, so he will have 5.

Until now it's working… The hard part is actually fighting the two battles with the right outcome for you (and preferably not loosing units).

Because you are consolidating power at Pyke and Stoney Shore you have to fight a sea battle (and one with the two footmen at Searoad Marches). Your only option is attacking The Golden Sound.
Going for the Qarl the Maid Battle (You have to loose) against Lannister is a very bad idea because you most likely loose your ship or even worse a footman (to Ilyn Payne).

Who and Where with What should you attack;

1) M-1 at Searoad Marches; Attack with one Footman Castle Black supported by the Ship at Bay of Ice and move the other one to Starfall. Baratheon can under no circumstances loose that battle (the game would be over for him before it started).
In his eyes you have the possible strength of the footman (1), the ship (1), the march order (-1), Euron (4) and the Valyrian Steel Blade (1) = 6. (Needless to say you will actually play Qarl the Maid and will not use the VSB).
He got his army (4) and his housecard which have to be at least (3). Since he surly doesn't want to waste Stannis for that battle he has to play Jon Snow to be on the safe side and he would even benefit from his text ability (it would be wise to use your diplomatic and charismatic skills to encourage that).
Unless he doesn't play Axell Florent or Davos Seaworth you doesn't have to care and even if he plays one of the two, it's not the end of the game for you.

Before your second march order Martell is playing one of his. Because you took Starfall, a counter attack is likely possible; with support +1 and a march order +1 involving the knight at Yronwood and the footman at Salt Shore he got a strength of 5, plus Areo Hotah would give him 8. (Note that it would be possible he is coming with a larger force from Sunspear, but by that he would miss the opportunity to recruit there.)
With a support from your ships (3) and the footman (1), the VSB (1) and Victarion (3) you have 8 as well. (Because of the two sword icons of Victarion Martell has to play Areo Hotah with his two fortification icons, but Martell is benefit from that battle nevertheless because he is able to drop cards which is making Doran and Quentin more powerful).

The trick is you neither should play Victarion nor use the VSB. Your footman can retreat to Flint's Finger (which grants you the castle).
If that attack doesn't happen (or not yet) it's not that good but just play on.

2) M+0 at Ironman's Bay; Attack the Lannister ship. He will most likely had a raid order there (to raid a possible raid order at Ironman's Bay, so he can recruit at Riverrun or defend it more easily).
You will have a strength of the ship (1), the VSB (1) and Rodrik (2) = 4.
Lannister has a strength of the ship (1) and his housecard. Only Jamie will give him the victory but since he doesn't know you're playing Rodrik instead of Victaryion for example he will probably not wasting his best card for a lost battle. When Areo Hotah was already played he can prevent the lose of his ship (to Victarion) by playing Qyburn (You may encourage this…).

With that battle won and the Lannister ship retreating to the port, you can now put a clash of king westeros card at the top.
With your 10 or 11 power token it will be easy to hold on to the VSB and get some star orders (if you're really good and lucky you may get the throne as well, but that's up to you).

The negative side is perhaps when a muster comes up, but upgrading the footman at Starfall/Flint's Finger to a siege engine, with all your ship support and now be able to play star orders you may compensate that.
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Mark Turner
United Kingdom
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First play, sight unseen, of this expansion this weekend and I got greyjoy.

It took a few rounds to understand what the cards really did... I didn't understand the importance of an early rodrick play. This all makes a lot of sense!

Another use could be an early muster, somewhat negating the advantage of starred consolidate powers.
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