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Subject: U.26 Patrol Three rss

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James Moore
United States
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Note: This patrol conducted using Nigel Hodge’s Early U-Boats rules and Type IA U-boat mat.


05.03.40. 0700 uhr - Departed Wilhelmshaven on our 3rd patrol. Patrol area will again be the British Isles.

08.03.40. 0600 uhr - Transiting through Grid Square AN81, no contacts.

11.03.40. 1000 uhr - Transiting Grid Square BF27. No contact.

14.03.40. 1500 uhr - In patrol area, Grid Square AM75. No contact.

17.03.40. 0800 uhr - Patrolling Grid Square AM01. Kontakt! Bridge lookouts report smoke on horizon, bearing 090 degrees. Changing course to due South to intercept.

17.03.40. 1200 uhr - Observed unescorted large freighter, estimated 8000 BRT. Closing to short range for a surface gun and torpedo attack. Gun crew to stations!

17.03.40. 1230 uhr - Gun crew fires shot across freighter’s bow, advised by flashing light to heave to. Freighter does not comply; Funkmaat reports enemy vessel transmitting an SOS. “SSS SSS Caprella Under Attack”. Book identifies Caprella as being 8200 BRT; a fat target!
Gun crew shells radio room and bridge.
Freighter crew abandons ship. I order the gun crew to concentrate their fire at the port side waterline. After approx. 50 rounds, she is damaged but does not sink. Firing two G7A eels.
First one misses, second one hits but does not explode. Another accursed dud!

17.03.40. 1300 uhr - Re-engaged the freighter in a second round of combat. Ordered the 10.5cm crew to resume firing. After an additional 25 rounds, she finally goes under. BdU advised 8200 BRT freighter sunk. Continuing patrol.

20.03.40. 2100 uhr - On patrol in Grid Square AM68. Kontakt! Sonar operator reports multiple screw noises SSE of our position. Moving to intercept.

20.03.40. 2200 uhr - Observed convoy, two small freighters and two large freighters. Moving in to medium range for a night surface attack.

20.03.40. 2230 uhr - Fired two G7A at estimated 6000 ton large freighter. First eel misses, second hits. Freighter begins to sink stern first. Fired two G7A at second large freighter, also estimated 6000 BRT. Both eels hit. An ammunition ship! Freighter disappears in a gigantic explosion. Fired both stern tube G7As at estimated 5000 ton small freighter. First eel misses, second one hits, but is yet another dud. Damn these torpedoes! The destroyer escort is firing starshells on the far side of the convoy; no doubt a green crew. We are undetected. I have decided to follow the convoy.

21.03.40. 0500 uhr - Now at periscope depth, observed two small freighters and two tankers. The tankers are estimated at 8000 tons and 12000 tons. Very juicy targets! Firing two G7A at the 8000 tonner, and two G7A at the 12000 tonner. Both eels hit the 8000 tonner; she bursts into flames and begins to sink, bow first. The two eels fired at the 12000 tonner both hit, but do not explode. Damn these shit torpedoes! BdU needs to do something about this!
Sonar reports distant explosions from wabos; this escort appears to be as green as the first.

21.03.40. 0515 uhr - Funkmaat reports receiving distress and under attack messages. Apparently the sinking tanker is the 8200 BRT “Capulet”, and the bigger one is the 12,200 ton “Victor Ross”. If only those eels had worked!
BdU advised 19,300 BRT sunk, and 27,500 BRT total for the patrol. Total tonnage sunk to date 69,300 BRT. All eels expended; time to go home. Beginning transit.

24.03.40. 1200 uhr - Transiting through Grid Square BF42, no contacts.

27.03.40. 0700 uhr - Continuing transit, now in Grid Square AN82. Still no contacts.

31.03.40. 0600 uhr - Returned to port. Our luck was much better this patrol; no damage at all!
After 3 patrols, the crew are now seasoned veterans. Our boat still leaves much to be desired, but we have all grown fond of the floundering old sea cow!

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