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Subject: A Stupidly Honest Review: #1 - Sushi Go! rss

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Chris Lein
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Go, Sushi, Go!

Sushi Go! has one of the most deceiving boxes. It looks like a game only fit for preschoolers learning their numbers. And while it can be played by practically anyone, it's strategy is surprisingly deep. Sushi Go! has a simple structure that is simultaneously accessible and loads of fun. How does it stack up against other games I've played? Well, what would be the point of a review if I didn't tell you. But patience is a virtue...

Players are given a hand of cards with numerous types of sushi. Players take one card from their hand, then pass it to another player, and repeat. "No money?" you say, "No tokens?" Yes, that's it. And that's what's so great about it.

Give everyone a certain number of cards, depending on how many players there are. Congratulations, you're done setting up.

Players try to get the most points by pairing different types of sushi. There are direct point cards, 2 for 5 points cards, 3 for 10 points cards, x3 cards, among others. The trick here is getting the cards you want while also making sure others don't get good cards. When players run out of cards, players count up and the round is over. After 3 rounds (you guessed it), the game is over.

Don't be distracted with the cutesy, but beautiful artwork. This game is ruthless. In little games like these, often times there is either too much direct competition or no player interaction at all. This game gets it just right. While you don't actually feel like you're making a sushi plate, you do feel like you are accomplishing something. And you can mess up other player's plans just as easy. While this isn't in my top 10 or anything, it overperforms for what it is. It has no right to be this fun, especially for the price (a steal at $10-$15). Plus, it has an addictive quality I haven't found in a game yet. Maybe it's because games are finished in under 15 minutes, or maybe it's just that darn fun. Either way, I want to play again after I finish each game.

Here's how my rating system works:
Bronze: 3rd rate - from bad to okay.
Silver: 2nd rate - from fair to good.
Gold: 1st rate - from great to excellent.
Diamond: A Top 10 game - one of my favorites.

Sushi Go!: Gold

What keeps it from being a Diamond?
My only minor complaint about this game is precisely this reason I like it (Does gaming make any sense?). Although I want to play it again, it's not deep enough for play after play. It will eventually...and I do mean EVENTUALLY...get old. But until that happens, I will love this game to its core.

Conclusion: Pick this game up if you're into a fun and surprisingly strategic, even if not deep, experience.
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Jason Webster
United States
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It is a solid game night go to for our group.
My 4 year old can even play and feel like she is keeps my up with the grown ups. ( plus her semi random strategy can really mess with you!)

It has right amount of depth for its size. I also feel like I can "see" other players strategies easier than I can in 7 wonders.

Also, we bought 2 decks so we can play with our 8 player group. Still works great but you can get a high ratio of certain cards in a particular round.
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Chris Lein
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Sushi Go!
Combining two decks does seem like a great idea. Because this game is tailor made for big groups (no down time or burning choices). And yes, I have been beaten by people with a seemingly random strategy, too. It's one of those games that I enjoy whether or not I win, though. So, I'm usually not too upset.
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