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Subject: Like -> dislike -> Enjoy - A cycle of Jaipur. rss

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My wife played this one the first time and thought we should get it. Games my wife enjoys are valuable (being my most common gaming partner), so I found a copy relatively quickly.

The brief

Jaipur is a relatively simple market game. With a hand of good (cards) and a fleet of Camels, you vie for the biggest shipments of diamonds, gold, silver, spice, cloth and leather to appease the ruler, or whatever.

Each round a good can be taken from the market of 5 cards and replaced from the deck, or several goods can be taken and replacements by your camels (or cards from your hands). Taking all the camels available is also an option, and the deck fills these spots.


Each turn you take goods, camels, or sell goods. Goods sold earlier are generally more valuable, as are goods sold in larger lots. You need to find ways to balance size of shipment, knowledge of your opponents hand, and hand size (limit 7) to outscore your opponent. Having the majority of camels also nets a 5 point swing.

Camels are by far the crux on which the game pivots. Having a large herd (fleet?) of camels gives you a strong stance when grabbing up multiple goods (ideally of the same type, for quick sales). This can allow you to do nasty things like grab the 2 7 point diamonds AND make a 3 or 4 (maybe 5) sale combo bonus.


So my first impression was sort of 'this is alright'. I played a dime of games with the wife to keep things moving when she wanted. From there I went through a period where I was very bored of it, and didn't really want to touch it at all. I played a few grudging games here and there but it really fell onto the back burner.

Then we entered the final stage. This doesn't hit the table as much anymore but we have still netted more than 10 plays since the grudge phase and I am more accepting of what it is. A simple market game played quickly to fill about half an hour. Prefaced as such, this light game can be a fine game to play to chill, nothing too thinky but with the potential for the odd bit of screwing with your opponent (we are very cutthroat players).

So if you don't have time or brain for Agricola, Twilight Struggle, or whatever your general game 2 player poison might be. Sit back and enjoy a nice relaxing game of Jaipur. There isn't much to argue about with respect to this one otherwise.
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