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Subject: Major slugfest to the end rss

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The Gwynhyfarr had a weak start, failing to build a base at Epsilon Indi as quickly as possible and as a result started falling behind and started a series of wars to improve their position. They started a brief war against the Terrans, destroying one base, and later started another war against the Pereen, leading to the Pereen launching multiple probes, readying for an attack against the Gwynhyfarr by Turn 11.

Events overtook this since on Turn 10, the Pereen and Gwynhyfarr realised that the Terrans had taken the lead. The Pereen launched new probes to attack Keid, Alpha Centauri, Sol and Epsilon Eridani on Turn 13.

However, the Terrans acted sooner. While those probes were underway, the Terrans launched an attack on both other races, bashing up the Gwynhyfarr and destroying several of their bases, and also temporally taking some Pereen worlds, but then they withdrew as losses were mounting.

On Turn 13, the Pereen probes arrived to launch the planned war. The Gwynhyfarr, along as a rather listless ally, had the conquest of Sol as their main task, and failed. The Pereen attacks on Keid, Alpha Centauri, and Epsilon Eridani were however initially successful. With Sol safe, the Terrans launched a strong counteroffensive at Epsilon Eridani, leading to the Pereen deploying two units out of the strategic reserve. However, as losses mount, the situation looks dire. The Pereen offer to cede Epsilon Eridani back to the Terrans, which leads to peace offers by the Terran government on only the second turn of war; against the wish of their generals they accept the losses of Keid and Alpha Centauri.

The Terrans realised that the economic losses resulting from the Pereen conquests would keep them from Victory Level 4, and launched another war on Turn 14. They let the allied Pereen and Gwynhyfarr move first, before their attack targets are clear. The main Terran attack then is directed against Epsilon Indi. The Gwynhyfarr quickly withdraw their fleets and transports to Alpha Centauri which is defended by all the Pereen SDBs. The Gwynhyfarr infantry and armor are transported to Epsilon Eridani in an attempt to start a counteroffensive.

The Pereen offer to cede 70 Ophiuchi to the Terrans, and the Terran government again overrules their generals and accept a negotiated peace (DR of 10).

At the end, the Pereen and Terrans both had Victory Level 3, with the Gwynhyfarr still at Level 0.

Playing time: slightly more than 6 hours.
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