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Subject: U.26 Patrol Four rss

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James Moore
United States
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Note: This patrol conducted using Nigel Hodge’s Early U-Boats rules and Type IA U-Boat mat.


03.05.40. 0700 uhr - Departed Wilhelmshaven on our 4th patrol. Transiting Grid Square AN84. No contacts.

06.05.40. 1100 uhr - Continuing transit, now in Grid Square BF19. No contact.

09.05.40. 0800 uhr - Patrolling Grid Square AM72. No contact.

12.05.40. 0900 uhr - Now patrolling Grid Square AM43. Still nothing. Where are the Tommies?

15.05.40. 1030 uhr - Arrived in Grid Square AM 53. Kontakt! Bridge lookouts report smoke to the northwest. Setting an intercept course.

15.05.40. 1300 uhr - Convoy detected, going to periscope depth. Observed one small freighter, two large freighters and a tanker, escorted by an anti-submarine trawler. ID book indicates vessels are the 9500 BRT tanker “Kongsgaard”, 5900 BRT freighter “Caledonian Monarch”, 10,300 BRT freighter “Calchas”, and the 3000 BRT freighter “Thorstrand”.
Have decided to shadow the convoy and wait for nightfall.

15.05.40. 2200 uhr - On surface, moving to medium range for a night surface attack. Fired two G7A at the 9500 ton tanker, two G7A at the 10,300 ton freighter, and both stern tube G7As at the 5900 tonner.
First eel misses the tanker, second hits but does not explode. Another accursed dud! Both eels miss the 10,300 tonner. Verdammt! First stern tube eel misses the 5900 tonner, second one hits. There is a large explosion; the freighter has broken in two. The bow and stern sink quickly.
The escort has not seen us! Following the convoy for another attack.

16.05.40. 0600 uhr - Observed two small freighters and two large freighters with destroyer escort. Large freighters identified as the 9500 BRT “Calabria”, and 5500 BRT “River Afton”. As before, will shadow the convoy until nightfall.

16.05.40. 2015 uhr - Moving to medium range for night surface attack. Firing two bow tube G7As at 9500 tonner, two bow G7A at 5500 tonner, and one each stern tube G7A at the two freighters.
First eel misses the 9500 tonner, second one hits. Freighter is only damaged. Third eel hits; freighter sinks stern first. First eel fired at 5500 tonner misses, second is a dud, and third hits. Freighter begins to sink by the bow.
Again we are not detected. Evidently these escorts are not equipped with radar; more good luck for us. Have decided to continue following the convoy. Advised BdU two freighters sunk for 15,000 BRT. Total patrol to date: 20,900 BRT. Grand total to date 90,200 BRT.
Tubes reloaded with our last two torpedoes.

17.05.40. 0600 uhr - At periscope depth. Observed two large freighters and two small freighters. Shadowing convoy until nightfall.

17.05.40. 0900 uhr - Sonar reports lost contact with the convoy; must have increased speed and changed course away from us. Have decided to begin transit back to base.

20.05.40. 1300 uhr - Transiting through Grid Square BF17. No contacts.

23.05.40. 0800 uhr - Transiting Grid Square AN87. FLIEGER! Sunderland attacking out of the sun! Flak gunner firing but to no effect. Sunderland is strafing us and dropping full pattern of wabos! Explosions close aboard! Flooding in torpedo room, forward berthing and control room.
Fuel tanks hit, periscope and hydrophones damaged.
All bridge crew except myself KIA. By some chance one of the men’s bodies shielded me from the bullets of the Sunderland’s forward gunner. Diving the boat, no time to bring the men below.

23.05.40. 1200 uhr - The enemy plane must have expended all its ordnance during the attack, and no other planes or escorts have shown up. Back on surface. LI reports flooding stopped and all damage repaired. He has certainly earned his pay this patrol!
A brief service is held for our dead shipmates, and their souls are commended to the deep.
Now comes the unpleasant task of writing to their families.

26.05.40. 0700 uhr. We have returned to port, and survived another patrol. We are happy to be home, but at the same time sad for those who will never see it again.

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