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Subject: My ¡Three Amigos! Retheme rss

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Chris Lein
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¡Three Amigos!: Escape from El Guapo's Compound
I had heard only good things about Nuns on the Run back in 2014. I was short on cash at the time and was just fresh off of making my first retheme (a Godfather retheme of Ca$h 'N Gun$). So, I was thinking about retheming the game to something, but I didn't know what. I thought and thought about movies where people have to escape from somewhere. And somehow my brain went to ¡Three Amigos! Don't ask me how (It's one of my favorite comedies), but I began work on it. And, boy, was it much more work than I thought. First of all I had to make this sucker:

So, that obviously took me a while, especially because of the nature of this game, where line of sight matters. Because I loved the movie so much, I wanted to make sure it was not only a faithful retheme of the game, but also faithful to the movie itself (a tough task to do for a beginner in retrospect).

But I ran into some luck along the way (especially for a photoshop beginner like me), and I think it turned out pretty well. I changed the nun characters into heroes from the movie (For people who have seen the movie, I chose Ned, Lucky, Dusty, Carmen, The Singing Bush, and The Invisible Swordsman). And I changed the Mother Superior characters into villains from the movie (El Guapo & Jefe). Here are some of the movement cards:

And here are some of the Caught/On the Run cards:

And if you don't get the joke on this card, look at the name again:

But like I said, I wanted to make sure the whole game was a good tribute to one of my favorite comedies, so I carefully rethemed the items as well. Just a word of warning, only people who have seen the movie will get most of this stuff:

And here are some other miscellaneous items I made for the game:

And these are some cards I made for the expansion that involves a deaf monk in the original (I replaced the monk with the German from ¡Three Amigos!):

Almost all of these cards/tokens have some sort of inside joke involving ¡Three Amigos! on it. To me, running away from a character that I know is pretty cool. And on the flip side, playing as characters I know and love is pretty cool, too. I just wanted to see what people thought of this. Thanks!
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Jesse Worsham
United States
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I love this! My family are huge fans of the Three Amigos! Any chance you still have the files and are able to share them? Or any suggestions on how to go about making one of my own? Thanks!
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