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Christopher Richter
United States
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People that play & discuss games with me know that I love to play long thinking games like Le Havre or 4X style games like Eclipse & Twilight Imperium III. Through in a game from Stefan Feld & I am a happy camper. But every now & then I love to sneak in a quick filler game.

A good filler can cleanse the gaming pallet between the two or even three hour games that I enjoy playing. I usually keep a box filled with filler games at Beyond the Board where I work. This is just in case someone pops in & wants to play a quick game or wants to start off with something quick to start the engine on playing something longer.

Last year I came across a game designer by the name of David Miller. David has come up with some great ideas for some games. So far his games can all fit into a mint tin. That is right, full games inside of a mint tin. And the worlds he has created are ingenious.

These mint tin games are Mint Tin Aliens, Mint Tin Pirates, & soon to be Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse. These mint tin games pack a good punch for two players, can be put in a pocket, & played just about anywhere. Great for taking to a restaurant.

Well, I've been given a chance to delve into his newest game of Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse which will be hitting Kickstarter on August 11th for twenty days. Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse will feature a speed dice rolling mechanic which makes this game fast. But there is more to this game than meets the eye.

Lets take a look inside the world of Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse:

It started out as a cool Monday morning as I arrived at the Mayor's office in downtown Meepleton. The day started out as quite normal as usual. I did say a happy good morning to my secretary Glenda as I walked passed her desk. Glenda had been listening to a small radio placed on the countertop next to the coffee maker.

I turned & shut my office door. I removed my suit jacket & gentle placed it on the antique iron hook my great-grandfather screwed into the wall many, many years ago.

Oh, I'm Michael Meepleton, the Mayor of Meepleton. This small, quiet, picturesque, country town was founded by my great, great grandfather James Meepleton. I am the fourth Meepleton to serve as Mayor of this great little town. For the most part nothing ever happens in Meepleton...well until the apocalypse occurred.

A few minutes into reading an editorial in the Meepleton Gazette my secretary comes busting into my office. "Mayor, Mayor!" Glenda cried out. Glenda's skin color had become pale like she was about to be ill. "Something bad has happened on the outskirts of town."

"Glenda, what in the world has gotten into you?" I asked.

"An announcement on the radio stated that a radioactive monster had escaped from a nearby military medical facility," she explained. "It's headed this way, sir."

I rose from my desk & placed my right hand on her left shoulder. "Glenda, I'm sure everything will be fine. They were probably doing a promotion for a new radio show or a commercial for a new product & you just missed the rest of the segment."

That is when I could hear an explosion from far off in the background. I rushed off to the window where I parted the blinds. I could see smoke a few blocks across town somewhere near Larry's hardware store. I turned & looked at Glenda.

"This is just pure coincidence," I started to get shaky myself. "I'm sure that this has nothing to do with the radio announcement."

Then the towns warning sirens started to sound off from the top of the firehouse. My heart started to sink. I stood there frozen. I just couldn't think what to do. Here I am the Mayor of Meepleton & I'm frozen in place. My mind had gone blank. Then I could hear another explosion.

Turning back to the window I raised my right hand, which I had balled into a fist, slamming it onto the wall I exclaimed, "I must get as many people to the fallout shelter!"

"Glenda, as quickly as possible I want you to get who you can out of this building & get to the shelter. I'm going to head out & help the people. My people!"

To be continued here daily:

I need your assistance in saving the people of Meepleton. With your help we can get as many people as possible to the fallout shelter away from the monster that is moving slowly into town.

In order to save those that have followed you must continually roll the number "7" on the two dice provided. On the roll of a 7 you will be able to pick up a fallen citizen, escort one to the fallout shelter, join two citizens together to form a recon team to grab a crate of resources, bring back the crate, knock down one of your enemies, remove an enemy from the shelter, & once you have your people in you can seal the entrance into the shelter.

However you must watch out for enemies removing your people from the shelter or even knocking them down. Only seven can fit into the shelter. Also be careful of the monster attacking the town. Depending on what his number is, on a double roll of that number the monster could activate & start terrorizing.If he fully activates he can & will jump into the fallout shelter & eat who is in there.

Like all of David Miller's Mint Tin games it will be super affordable, easy to learn & play, & of course very portable as it will fit right into your pocket. I recommend backing Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse.

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @boardgaming_FTW
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