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Subject: A first attempt on a home made map and scenario rss

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Grenko Nekrovitch
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The general idea : testing the rules on a small map, in a simple mission with the solo mod.

2 factions : Marines (player) and Aliens (Horde mod)
Environmental cards use.

Map : A square of 3 tiles side, with 3 rooms at 3 ends of it : Armory (start point), the engine room at the end of a corridor (first mission token) and the bridge (end mission tile). The center of the square is filled with Aliens "Ping! Token" spawning by 4 each turn, throw air vents, in one of the 4 side tiles.

The mission : Freshly arrived on the Theseus, the Marines are lost in a ghost ship. The must run to the engine room to activate the power, and fold back to the bridge to find piece of information on what is going on. But Aliens have been awaken by there arrival and lurks inside the corridors.

The strategy was pretty simple, in order to concentrate on rules (still many have been forgotten : Dodging, re-rolls, Medics... whistle ). The Aliens were spawning each turn but pretty easily maintained as a menace (no more than 5 on the board each turn). Bigger groupes would have been deadly, if I had put all the models on the board at the start like in the missions.

Debriefing: the map took pretty long to be ended because of a very static game. Each Alien activation ended by a Engaged Tiles (running towards the Marines) but:
- you have a -10 to shoot on an engaged model, so you make a CC combat action. So all your models go on the Engaged tile.
- But, you have 1 RoA and 1 CC action per Marines, so it often it's a miss. And when it strike, the Armour test makes it a fail (and I have forgotten the Dodge skill). So many dice throw and no way to progress on the map.
- I could have disengaged the Marines, but still it is a test (you can miss) and when it's a miss, CC is unavoidable for the rest of the squad.

Clearly, while you are fighting in that way, the other aliens comes and you are still on the same spot.
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