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Originally posted this in the Designer Edition variants forum, but probably belongs here.

It's a shame the cool relic minis (in Designer Edition) will mostly sit idle in the box unless you can scrounge up a 6-player team game. Especially since reviews I have seen are chilly at best on the whole team aspect. Some of the special abilities seem to be out-of-whack as well.

One simple possibility would be to label the backs of certain Lost Tribes tokens with icons representing each relic. Then when attacking a Lost Tribe you reveal the back to see if you found something special. Perhaps you reveal a beneficial relic that gives you some temporary advantage, or perhaps it is harmful instead (to you and/or other players). Perhaps one just gives 2VP. Perhaps one spawns more Lost Tribes to that location, a counterattack against the invader! I'd think all of them would be temporary in nature. They come, they have an effect, and they go away. This would limit the balance issues while making the Lost Tribes more interesting.

Another idea would be to tie them to some existing special power tiles, though this could be problematic with balance. Or design new powers for them. Of course, you'd have to make your own tiles then, which would especially suck for the DE owners since those are already specialty items.

Anyway, would like to hear some other ideas.
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