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Subject: Tactical Ideas rss

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Here are a few tactical ideas that I’m hoping will improve my revolutionary performance, and I would invite anyone to provide a critique of these and add some ideas of your own.


If you’re going to place a spy, it should be the first placement, so that you can look at the Counter Revolutionary Leader card and perhaps use that information to guide placements in this step. For example if you place your spy and the Counter Revolutionary card is de la Barra, it might be wise to place armed representatives in the north out of the areas that de la Barra can attack in the southern regions, assuming that adjacency requirements will permit placements in the north.

Railroad Blocks

Gutierrez is a powerful card, especially in a five-player game where each player has only three armed representatives to place, because without Gutierrez, 1/3 of your placements would be taken by one block. Region Baja California can be isolated by one block, so once a representative is in place there, it can be protected against Diaz and Huerta with a single block. The same thing applies to Region Peninsular in the south.

Also, four northern regions can be isolated by two blocks, one between Region Poniente and Region Nor Poniente and one between Region Centro and Region Centro Norte. Similarly, three southern regions can be isolated by two blocks, one between the Capital Region and Region Sur Oriente and one between the Capital Region and Region Oriente. Maintaining these blocks will be difficult though because most of the Counter Revolutionary Leaders can attack one or the other of these block sets, and depending on the one-two punch of turning the Counter Revolutionary Leaders, a carefully constructed block set can be wiped out leaving open paths to attack the regions beyond.

Revolutionary Leaders and Event Cards Swaps

One of the great things about the multi-player game is the dynamic tension among the player factions in trying to match the Revolutionary Leaders with the Event cards through the Agreements part of the game in Step 2I. Here is the chance to experience the tension among leaders as they work toward a successful Revolution, but try to keep themselves at the top of the pole! Say the Red player has an armed representative in Baja California and holds the Levantamiento en Sinaloa card while the Green player has an armed representative in Nor Poniente and holds the Levantamiento en Baja California, as it stands there are no VPs for either player, and none toward the 150 VPs needed for a successful Revolution. A quick negotiation in the Agreements phase could arrange a trade of these two Event cards between Red and Green, with 1 VP each, and 2 VPs toward the 150, but on the other hand, say that Red also holds the Brothers Flores Magon Revolutionary Leader card and it is Turn III, the same card swap would then give the Red player 1 VP for Levantamiento en Baja California as before, but also 2 VP for the Brothers Flores Magon card along with the Levantamiento en Baja California, and 4 VP to the Revolution, now not such an easy decision for Green, make 4 VPs for the Revolution, but 3 for Red and only 1 for Green, always on the horns of a dilemma! What a great dynamic for the multi-player game!

Early in the game, amassing VPs toward 150 is a key goal, so cards can be swapped freely all around the board, but then as the game progresses and the Revolution looks like it will succeed, the dynamics shift and the cards need to be played a lot closer to the vest!
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