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Subject: Dimona Odinstar - Custom Deck rss

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Carl Frodge
United States
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Before I get into it, I'd like to say that I did not look at the suggested Dimona Odinstar starter deck on Plaid Hat's website before building this deck.

PB: Dimona Odinstar
Dice: 6 Illusion + 4 Charm
10 Mist Spirit

Ally: 9
3 Rayward Knight
3 Iron Worker
3 Rose Fire Dancer

All high-attack or decent-attack allies. The idea is to deal high damage to the opposing phoenixborn or their units. Keeping these guys alive can be important. Buffing up their attack with Charm dice can also be important.

Ready Spell: 5
2 Shifting Mist
2 Hypnotize
1 Summon Mist Spirit

Shifting Mist because I don't want to have to Meditate with this deck (any ally I discard won't come back). Hypnotize because I want my attacks to go through unblocked. And Summon Mist Spirit, because I need some form of reusable ally. I chose Mist Spirit because I can bring out 2 in one go to either block my PB or attack opposing problem units (if they block with their PB, they take damage, which is the ultimate goal. I feel like only 1 is necessary because I can put it in my F5 if I feel like I need it early. If not, I'll draw into it eventually, and if I don't, my other allies should be able to hold their ground until it shows up.

Action Spell: 11
3 Hidden Power
3 Steady Gaze
3 Open Memories
2 Strange Copy

Hidden Power because some things can be expensive and this essentially gives me an extra die each turn, and lets me change 2 die faces without having to meditate. Steady Gaze to take care of problem cards early in the game (like Blue Jaguar) and keep them at bay long enough for me to kill them or get my field ready enough to deal with them. Open Memories to search out exactly what I need. I was debating between Steady Gaze and Reflections in the Water. They both have distinct advantages, but I ended with Steady Gaze because for only 1 extra die it essentially does the same thing, only it stops the unit from attacking as well. The advantage of Reflections is that it can be resparked and Steady Gaze can't. And Strange Copy to act as a quick ally to deal damage and take care of problem units, so I don't have to attack with my main units until I really need them.

Reaction Spell: 3
3 Sympathy Pain

It was Sympathy Pain or Shadow Counter. I feel like Sympathy Pain is better because I can deal the damage to my opponents PB and if I deal the damage to their unit, 3 damage should kill it if it doesn't have an Alteration Spell attached to it.

Alteration Spell: 2
2 Undying Heart

To keep my allies alive longer.

First Five:
Rayward Knight to have a strong ally to start with. Summon Mist Spirit to have some backup for Rayward. Hidden Power to reuse and mitigate dice, Steady Gaze to take care of potential problems. Open Memories to search out exactly what is needed.

I haven't tested the deck yet. I dunno if it'll be good or not, but I'll see. Any suggestions are appreciated.[/i]
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