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Scenario The Demon's Redoubt – Party Arueshalae and Ekkie

From the chronicles of Jonah the Scribe:

Arueshalae and the other's where back at the place where she once was imprisoned by other Demon's. They stood on a small mound, some distance from their target area.

Irabeth Tirabade, the half-orc, stepped forward: "So Januunicka and her helpers think you're still trapped inside the tower?"

Arueshalaue answered: "When Alain, Seelah and Enora set me free they imprisoned another demon in the tower. A succubus, like me, but without a soul, of course. It will try to get out, claim not to be me, but her guards will take that as a ploy to get out, keeping her in the dark, like they kept me. I can see the guards. They must still be thinking they are guarding the Tower to prevent my escape, the fools."

Onsiel Vargas, the new recruit, said: "Don't question what Shala says. She tells only the truth. Isn't that right, my love."

Irabeth replied: "Your new lover makes me sick. He thinks you love him, like you could ever love someone, succubus. And look at Sosiel Vaenic, who used to be a man. Now he's another one of your lapdogs."

"I met Onsiel, he was with a woman not right for him. I set him free from her clutches." Arueshalae's eyes narrowed.

You can never tell where a demon looks with their strange colored eyed, but the tightening on her grip on her bow told the others that she was angered. Not big news, since demon's were always quick to anger.

Irabeth said: "He had a girlfriend, that pretty half-elf."

"She was skinny, not right for him."

"So you bit her."

"She attacked me."

"You used your powers on him, swayed him like a dog. She told you not to. You wrapped your tail around her neck to strangle her. You pricked her with the pointy end on your wings. You bit her face. You would have killed her if Ekkie hadn't stopped you. You are nothing but an animal!"

"He is mine."

"You think all men are your's to play with!"

By now Irabeth had her hand on the hilt of her sword. Onsiel and Sosiel had placed themselves between Arueshalae and Irabeth.

The little goblin stepped in between them.

"Be calm, be like Ekkie.
Be friends, like Ekkie.
We must stand united against our foes.
Work together, not split apart.
To war, we goes.
Now let us start."

A big smile erupted on her little face. There was a long pause.

In the end Irabeth said. "Fine, let's get the job done. But I go with Ekkie. Aru can go somewhere else, with her …" the last word wasn't said, she just waved her hand in the direction of the two men standing with Arueshalae. " And put on some clothes, why are you always so naked." She mumbled something more, what was not clear.

The party prepared for battle. Onsiel was to be the lookout. Ekkie decided that Chuffy Lickwound would go with Arueshalae, who got help from Sosiel to put on her full plate armor. She and him was giggling as he was touching her while doing that. Irabeth tried to look in another direction, but didn't quite succeed.

They had agreed that Arueshalae and her team would go to the Guardpost. As usual she had given her gift of strength to Ekkie before she went.

They approached the location. Arueshalae spotted the guard, a Corrupted Soldier. She had met the kind before, and after muttering a quit prayer to Shax she attack him head on jabbing the pointy end of her right wing straight through his neck. The soldier fell dead to the ground without a sound.

With hand signals she got Chuffy and Sosiel to keep back, and she stepped quietly through the door to the guardpost.

Suddenly a large wormlike creature attacked her, a foul Grimslake. First it made a grab for her, but she managed to step aside while muttering a prayer to Baphomet. She quickly swung her weapon, a Javelin of Lightning, against the creature, while shielding her eyes from the expected lightning from her weapon with her Scale of Sacred Weaponry.
Shocked she saw the lightning miss the creature, and the Grimslake hit her incredibly hard so that her armor was split all along the right side of her body.

The creature fled back into the guardpost. It probably didn't know that her weapon was of the one-time only kind.

Arueshalae stumbled outside. Angrily she tossed the used weapon to the ground. Sosiel helped her remove the now useless armor.

She said to Sosiel: "Now I am furious. Naked as the day I was hatched I will attack them and tear the life from their bodies. Are you with med Sosiel."

Sosiel said: "Naked is good. Shall I undress as well, my love?"

"Oh no. Keep you're clothes on, for now."

She put the scale in her backpack. She pulled 2 Shortbows from it. Hung one across her left shoulder, and readied an arrow for the bow in her hand. She put a Corrosive Dagger +1 in a pocket on the strap of her backpack.

Meanwhile Ekkie was crawling toward the Cell. Her team was herself, Irabeth, a Demon Hunter and a relatively tame Frilled Lizard. She held her weapon, a Cold Iron Mace +1 ready.

She was prepared to meet another Grimslake, since she had recognized the roar from the one battling her friend.

She stormed into the cell. Tiny as she was the Grimslake grab attack missed. Irabeth used her power to assist Ekkie by recharging the Radiance sword. A quick jab and Ekkie cut through the creature thick skin which caused it to fall to the side, and Ekkie finshed it off by sticking her weapon to the hilt into the creatures head. The creature started to shrink as its inside leaked out in waves of green stinking ooze.

The Demon Hunter was sent off to search. He found something he thought was a Ring of Climbing, but it tore apart as he plucked it loose. Ekkie sent him outside to serve as their rear guard.

The Frilled Lizard set off, only to run into a band of Crazed Cultists that formed a barrier against further movement. They were shot down by Arueshalae's arrows and the last one fell for Ekkie's mace.

After these actions Ekkie's Vulture joined them. It had been out on a hunt but had returned, just in time.

Knowing there would be more battles Ekkie put on her armor, an Eagle Knight Dress Uniform, that was, surprisingly, just her size and shape.

Back at the guardpost Arueshalae was making progress. Carefully moving from corner to corner. A Magic Padded Armor was found and after checking that it was in order she put it in her backpack.

She found a door, opened it without making a sound, and there her enemy was. Januunicka turned slowly. "Who's in the tower?" was all she said.

"Also me." Arueshalae answered.

During that small moment of hesitation on the villains behalf, Arueshalae muttered a prayer to Deskari, fired an arrow from her shortbow, and threw her Corrosive Dagger +1. Both the dagger and the arrow hit her target.

Januunicka fell to the floor, but then she rolled sideways, opened a hidden door, and escaped.

Arueshalae screamed in anger in her native language that is only intelligible to other demons. Glass shattered, wood cracked, several small fires started when candles toppled aside.

Through the anger that clouded her mind like a veil, she heard Sosiel shouting: "They are fleeing. Shall I pursue them?"

That calmed her somewhat. She gathered her team. She told Sosiel to search for useful stuff. She saw in his eyes a haze, the one she knows comes to all the humans she put under her spell sooner or later, that told her that he had come to the end of being of much use to her.

After that she paused to remember as many prayers as possible. She settled on another prayer to Baphomet and a more general one of Ascension. None to Lamashtu, the foul deity that was the enemy of her own deity, Desna the Wanderer.

The Guardpost was closed and empty. Time to hunt for Januunicka, and not stop until she held her severed head in her hands.

(To be continued)

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Jeff Jones
United States
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Wow! Talk about letting the cards make the story.
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Tor Fromhell
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nario The Demon's Redoubt – Party Arueshalae and Ekkie

Part 2.

From the chronicles of Jonah the Scribe:

Still at the Cell, Ekkie tried to learn a new blessing prayer. Thanks to her Mythic charges that went without problems.

At the same time Arueshalae and her team was moving towards a new location, the Citadel. This large building might hold both priest and crusaders as well as the foul beast she was seeking, and it's helpers.

She walked toward the entrance only to be met by a Fortune Teller. Swaying her to help might be useful, but in spite of Arueshalae's diplomatic skills and abilities of persuasion, the woman just walked away.

Ekkie was attacked by a Giant Fly at the Cell, but a mighty swing with her mace wounded the monster, and it escaped death by flying toward the Citadel.

Her tamed vulture was sent off on a search and returned with an Imperial Army Greathelm that it dropped close by Ekkie before flying off again. The helm was in working condition and was added to her backpack.

At the Citadel, while wandering it near endless corridors and stairs, Arueshalae surprised a Grimslake. Wiser because of her last failure against a similar beast, this time she quickly said a prayer before she attacked it, and the grab attack by the beast missed completely. Firing her shortbow several times while shouting a prayer to Baphomet, her arrows hit vital spots on the beast, and it was killed. After dragging it close to a wall, and covering it with fabric she found, she continued her search for the villain.

She collected her team again, including Chuffy. She pulled a frog from her backpack. It was trained to find, and possibly assist in destroying, traps. She let it loose to do its work. With a croak it leaped away.

At the Cell Ekkie ran into Chief Sully, who demanded an item as the prize for cooperation. Irabeth offered Chief Sully a Potion of Striding, and after some haggling, decided to tell them what she knew. She had seen a henchman lurking around, but no villain. But while she had seen most of the Cell, there might still be some hiding places she had missed.

Meanwhile, at the Citadel, the search continued. Arueshalae found an Elven Chain Shirt, and a little later the Frog led her away to another place. It had found a Spiny Shield. Arueshalae didn't want any of the armors so they were left where they were found.

By now much equipment was used and broken, and Arueshalae prepared a Cure spell to be cast at a later time.

By now Ekkie had decided that it was wiser to move to the Citadel. Greater chance of finding the villain there, and a chance to meet Arueshalae.

"Ekkie goes where Ekkie goes.
Who decide, who knows.
Go to battle, meet with friend.
May be the same in the end."

Irabeth just shook her head. "you are better friend than you are a poet, my friend."

Ekkie said:

"A poet I am not, just a goblin, wise and small.
You have seen much, but you have not seen all.
Arueshalae is my friend.
She will be there in the end.
For you, for me, for us all.
In battle, stronger than us all.
Fight with weapons, fight with hands, fight with wings, fight with teeth.
Her enemies in the end, death will meet."

At the Citadel they started searching for Arueshalae. Shortly afterwards they were surprised by a Carrion Golem. It attacked strongly, missing Ekkie but hitting her backpack, which caused her Sacred Prism to fall to the floor where it shattered into a million pieces. The Golem, distracted by the falling crystal, was struck down by Ekkie's mace.

In another part of the Citadel, Arueshalae and her team was surprised by a sudden attack by the villain Januunicka. Not far away Ekkie heard Chuffy scream in surprise, and Ekkie prayed a silent prayer of Iomedae to help her friend.

Arueshalae had no ready prayer and instead fired a Mythic charge and two arrows at the villain. She hit, but not well enough. Januunicka hit Arueshalae with a mighty blow that grazed her right wing all the way down, only to stop when it hit her backpack instead of her neck. Quickly she spun around, biting the villains arm, tearing loose a chunk of flesh, swallowing it. Januunicka responded with a loud roar, and she managed to kick Arueshalae so hard she toppled over hitting her head on the floor. Now Arueshalae's mind was all rage, no intelligent thoughts at all. She spread her wings and leaped into the air, flying toward her prey. In the corners of her eyes she saw Chuffy sprint away, but he didn't matter. All that mattered was death. Januunicka's death. If it was also her own death, so be it.

Januunicka fled the scene, gone in an instant by some foul magic. Arueshalae screamed, circling, flying low, soon landed, her wings still unfolded, her tail trashing the place. A Giant Fly came close. She threw her shortbow at it with her tail, tearing off one of it's wings. The fly limped away to safety.

It took a long time for her to calm down, to regain sanity. She called for Chuffy, who emerged from a corner. She tried to wipe Januunicka's blood from her face, neck and breasts with her hands.

"Yes, mistress", he said, expecting her worst.

"Cure", she said. "I need to cast a Cure spell now, while I still can. It will help you to find my stuff." When it was cast, the spell was completely gone from her mind.

Chuffy sprinted away, as fast as his short legs could carry him.

She examined her backpack. The Leather Armor was cut in several places. It needed mending before it could be used.

(To be continued)
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Tor Fromhell
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Scenario The Demon's Redoubt – Party Arueshalae and Ekkie

Part 3.

From the chronicles of Jonah the Scribe:

At the Citadel Irabeth looked around a corner, signaling for Ekkie to come forward.

"A strange beast, I haven't seen anything like this before."

Ekkie peeked around the corner, then stepped back.

"A Derakni, foul, but strong.
Do foul deeds all day long.
Henchmen of Januunicka, these demons are.
Locusts, with a poisonous sting.
Their mental power reach wide and far.
Ekkie will swiftly kill this thing."

Ekkie knew that Deraknis were immune to several types of attack. Luckily they had no defense against Magic, and her Cold Iron Mace +1 was very magic, it's blue crystal's faint glow told everyone that much. What worried her was that a Derakni had a fearsome mental attack.

Stealth must be the solution. She signaled for Irabeth to stand still.

Slowly she moved around the corner, slowly advanced toward the Derakni. It was looking in another direction, chewing on something, holding a large piece of bloody meat in its right hand. A few feet from the demon, with her mace ready to strike, she must have stepped on something unseen, because there was a small sound. The Derakni dropped what it held in its hand and spun around, saw Ekkie, and launched its fearful mental wave. Ekkie was struck to the ground, landing on her back, she heard something crack.

At another part of the Citadel Arueshalae was hit by this mental wave. She was forced backwards into a wall, were her backpack was crushed.

Ekkie rolled around, striking at the demon with her mace, hitting one of its front legs. The demon made a hissing sound, striking at Ekkie with the poisonous stinger at the end of its tail, hitting the floor between Ekkie's legs. Ekkie responded by cutting off it's tail with a swift counterattack. The demon's wing started flapping rapidly, preparing an escape. As the demon started it's flight Ekkie managed to jump onto it's back. The demon tried to pluck her off with it's powerful hind legs, but Ekkie ignored that and with a mighty strike cut through both wings on one side causing the demon to crash into the floor. There was a cracking sound as it hit the floor, it's neck at an unnatural angle. Ekkie, small and soft, rolled a few times, unhurt. To make sure that it stayed dead Ekkie cut off its head.

Irabeth came toward Ekkie, studying the dead beast. "Now that this henchman is dead, may we close this location?"

Ekkie said:

"Close a location, may require a test
The right stuff to do that, you will need.
An item, a spell, an ally, who knows what is best.
You don't know until you do the deed.
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
That is the goblin way.
How to close this keep.
I can't say."

"I take that as a no", said Irabeth. "But will you please try?"

Irabeth watched as the little goblin performed a strange ritual, including feats of strength. After this long sequence was finished, Ekkie said:

"Ekkie did what was needed, and then some.
To close while villain inside, cannot be done.
Must meet Arueshalae, make plan for attack.
Then we will come back."

Ekkie examined her possessions. What had been broken in the fall was her Eagle Knight Dress Uniform. She put it aside, to be mended at a later time.

In another part of the Citadel Arueshalae discovered that her Imperial Army Greathelm was crushed and of no further use.

Ekkie prepared to move further into the Citadel. She pulled her Demon hunter's Handbook from her backpack, flipping through it, and then handing it to Irabeth.

"Much about demon's, there is to learn.
Read this book, is one way.
But we have no time to burn.
Cannot linger, cannot stay."

Arueshalae was making steady progress through the Citadel. A zombie was quickly disposed of with a single arrow.

Onsiel, the recruit, was sent off to search another corridor. He returned with quickly carrying something long and thin. He put it on the ground in front of Arueshalae. "What is this, my love?"

Arueshalae bent down and touched the object. She felt a heat source inside it, magic of some sort. "Stand back. I will try to unleash its true form."

Muttering a prayer, a Blessing of Deskari, she lifted the object and then smashed as hard as she could against the floor. Debris shattered, and humming sound was heard, briefly. She held the now shiny object.

"Good work, Onsiel. You found a Magic weapon. A goblin sized Glaive +1. I will give this to Ekkie when we meet her. She will be very pleased."

Ekkie and Irabeth went back to the Cell. Peeking inside she saw a Derakni.

This time she ran toward the demon, and it responded with its mental wave. If it was the prayer to Baphomet, or pure luck, she would never know, but she was unaffected, as was Arueshalae at the Citadel.

This fight was much shorter. Her mace hit the Derakni in the neck, the monster turned to flee, but another blow by the mace made the monster fell flat to the ground, dead.

Afterwards, when Irabeth had caught up with her, Ekkie said:

"To close this location, we must be three.
An ally, you and me.
We are only two.
Struggle on is all we can do."

Irabeth said: "To be better prepared for the next fight, we need more weapons so I may use my power to draw the weapon's strength from it, to aid you as best I can."

They decided that a Longsword and the Radiance sword would do the trick.

Arueshalae had also moved to the Cell. On meeting Ekkie, the two own them made a long hug, after Arueshalae had bent down to Ekkie's hight (though hight might not be the best choice of a word).

Afterward's she handed the Glaive +1 to Ekkie. "Use it well, cut off some heads for me."

"Use it well, Ekkie will.
Chop, chop, chop.
This Glaive has magic still.
May that never stop."

Irabeth looked coldly at Arueshalae. "Got some new color I see. Mostly red. Covers some, not all."

Arueshalae ignored the comment, and said to Ekkie: "I see you've killed another Derakni. We should close this location. What do we need?"

Irabeth answered, which clearly annoyed Arueshalae. "Ekkie said we need an ally."

"I will find one. My powers of persuasion is quite good, orc."

With Arueshalae leading the way they went on a hunt for an ally. After a while they spotted a Wolf.

"Wolves are shy, and easily spooked, and my succubus abilities won't work on it. If we both bless it, we might succeed."

Arueshalae muttered a prayer to Deskari, and Ekkie one to Sarenrae. Arueshalae went slowly toward the animal until she was close to it. The Wolf walked toward her, sniffed her groin area, and then licked her hand. It was a success and they now had what they needed.

She said: "Since you didn't close this location when the Derakni was killed, the moment has passed. We need to empty the location before we close it. We must split up to cover more ground. I will go that way."

She snatched the Demon Hunter's Handbook from Irabeth's hand, and off she went, without waiting for another snide remark from Irabeth. While she walked away she prepared another prayer to Deskari, since the last one had been so successful.

(To be continued)

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Tor Fromhell
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Scenario The Demon’s Redoubt – Party Arueshalae and Ekkie

Part 4, the end.

From the chronicles of Jonah the Scribe:

At the Cell Ekkie and Irabeth worked together to clear the location.

A Giant Fly was defeated, but while Ekkie turned to continue down the corridor, the fly lifted off and flew out of the location.

After a prayer to Sarenrae a prayer of Ascension popped into her mind.

They met a Caravan Guard. He agreed to leave the location.

After lot of searching they decided that the location was now empty.

They met up with Arueshalae, and performed the ritual to close the location. It was a success. They sent the Wolf away, having no further use for it.

Ekkie and Irabeth walked to the Tower of the Fourth Sphere, where Arueshalae had once imprisoned herself.

About halfway there Irabeth asked: "Have you been to this tower before, Ekkie?"

"Ekkie prisoner here, left to die.
Ekkie almost dead, nobody cared why.
Arueshalae came later, gave Ekkie her own food.
Arueshalae only one to treat Ekkie good.
Arueshalae was rescued, insisted on taking Ekkie with.
Good deed, that is what Arueshalae did.
Ekkie know Arueshalae is demon, but with a soul.
Now Arueshalae and Ekkie has common goal."

"By Desna's sore feet, I didn't know. I will try to treat her better."

Before they entered the tower they checked their equipment. Ekkie was pleased to discover that the Sacred Prism had mended itself, the million pieces carefully collected and put in a bag was once again a solid item ready to be used. They also collected the Warhorse they had tied to a tree at the beginning of this adventure.

Since they had met a Grimslake henchman at each previous location, they were not surprised to see one just inside the entrance to the tower.

They did as planned. Irabeth drew the magic power from the Radiance sword, and Ekkie attacked the foul beast with the Glaive.

The Grimslake made its grab attack, and that hit Ekkie hard. Many blows were exchanged, the battle went back and forth, but in the end the beast was defeated.

The moved forward. The tower was dark and damp, dripping sounds echoed from several walls.

Suddenly the Warhorse fell sideways. Turning, Ekkie saw a Carrion Golem that had opened up the side of the warhorse. Speeding over, Ekkie struck it down with a blow to the creature's head.

Some minutes later the Demon Hunter joined them. He had been sent by Arueshalae.

She came as well, and started her own search of the place. In the basement she found a Warhorse, but it was old and starved. She cut its chains and let it loose outside the tower.

To prepare for the coming battle she readied the Scale of Sacred Weaponry, in case there would be need for it.

Near the top of the tower Ekkie and her team ran into a Derakni.

This Derakni was older and more cunning the others. It saw them, and launched its mental attack. Far below Arueshalae smashed into a wall. The Cold Iron Mace +1 Irabeth was preparing was broken when Irabeth toppled over at hit an outcropping in the nearby wall. Ekkie herself fared better, but the Demon Hunter was thrown so hard against a wall that his head cracked open, and he was dead before he hit the ground.
Ekkie ran at full speed toward the demon, raising her magic weapon, and with all the power she could muster, she struck, the weapon splitting the demon's head in two, continuing to cut through its neck, until she had to let the weapon go as it was torn from her hands when the demon fell dead, sideways, the weapon stuck in its body.

Afterwards, Irabeth helped pull the weapon free, Ekkie ws to exhausted to do it herself.

After this ordeal they closed the Tower without any hassle.

The final battle lay ahead. They made plans, and readied their equipment and other assets. A Holy Water grenade, just in case. The weapon Soulsheer, seeding with corrupted magic that Ekkie always hesitated to use. The Frilled Lizard in the event that they needed to send a swift message. The Vulture came on its own, always drawn toward death and decay.

They met up with Arueshalae outside the Citadel.

"You will have to do this", Arueshalae said. "I have so much anger inside me, that I will lose my temper, my sanity, and beside that, Januunicka is the one who left you to die in that tower, Ekkie. You have as much reason and need of revenge as I. Go ahead, and make us both proud."

Irabeth stepped forward. "I will join Ekkie, to aid as best I can. Stay here, Arueshalae, make powerful prayers. May Desna bless you."

Ekkie and Irabeth went into the Citadel.

Inside they were attacked by that annoying Giant Fly. Ekkie cut it in half with Soulshear, once again startled by the shrieking sound the polearm made when it hit the target.

Outside Arueshalae waited. A long wait, was it long? She was not sure. Was it all the tension that made here lose track of time? Anyway, she decided she had waited a long time. Unable to calm herself she sent the Frilled Lizard ahead, after telling it to return with new, any news.

The Lizard went into the Citadel.

Inside the search went on. They had to move slowly and be careful.

An hour went by, maybe two. Turning a corner they came upon the villain. The lizard lay dead before her.

Januunicka heard them, somehow. Turning, she looked them over. "Who are you?" She said. Then: "An orc and a goblin, a strange pair. I sense magic. No spells works on me." The hag laughed, Irabeth would later describe it as an evil laughter.

Ekkie said:

"Ekkie come to say goodbye.
Last thing for you.
Time to die.
That you will do."

"A goblin poet. Come to think of it. Didn't I once imprison a goblin poet in the tower? Yes. I did. Dead now, I presume. All goblins look the same to me. A relative? Daughter perhaps?"

While Januunicka was having this conversation with herself, Irabeth slowly readied the Glaive +1, to harvest its magic, channeling it toward Ekkie's coming attack. Ekkie was preparing to release a powerful mythic charge.

Ekkie was ready. She shouted: "For Ekkie, For Arueshalae." She ran toward Januunicka faster that she had ever run before, aided by the Glaives power, the Mythic power, and the foul corrupted magic within the Soulshear, she collected it all into one fearsome strike.

She hit Januunicka in the chest, her weapon made an even louder shrieking sound as it tore through the villains body. The sound stopped. Everything stopped. Januunicka lay dead on the floor.

Irabeth walked up to her. They heard running feet approaching, and soon Arueshalae was there as well.

They all stood looking at the dead body. Then the body started to shrink, getting smaller and smaller, until there was nothing left but a small mist that soon whisked away.

Irabeth said: "What just happened? Is she dead or not?"

Arueshalae said: "I do not know. She is probably dead. Kept alive for long by magic, maybe the body is gone because the magic was the only thing holding it together. We will never know. Anyway. A victory. Let us all celebrate. You do that, I have some stuff I left in the tower a long time ago. The equipment I had when I entered the tower is still there. I could not take it with me when I left, because that would have told Januunicka and her gang that I wasn't there."

The end.
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Jeff Jones
United States
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Awesome! Okay, now all you have to do is tell us the rest of the stories jk.

But really, maybe you would like to write an adventure guide, you seem to find great stories in the cards.
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Tor Fromhell
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Hi Jeff.

I have no knowledge of the RPG Version of this adventure path, and I am not interested in writing, or reading, an adventure guide.

I play the card game, and stuff that makes sense sitting around a table, like discarding a weapon at one location to aid a character at at another location, is just absurdly stupid translated into a real world situation.

Also, since I don't know the rpg, my take on Arueshalae and Ekkie, have no connection to anything going on in the rpg. My take on these characters is probably way off compared to how they (probably) behave in that context.

I base my Arueshalae on the traits female, demon, outsider, succubus, spy. Then i let that guide what the character does. She is not human, don't have human values or moral. That's all. The rest is just my imagination.

It's a lot of work writing this. Each turn I write down what blessing was played from the blessing dec. Who'se turn it is, what cards did that character have in her hand at the start of the turn. Then what happens, which cards, what tests, the dice rolled, the result of the individuel die, ond so on, and then finally what cards drawn at the end of the turn.

I would Guess it takes about three times the normal time to play a scenaro.

I going to do it again. Writing the story is kind of fun, but I'm not sure that I would bother publishing the next one on Geek, because of the very low interest in session reports.
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Jeff Jones
United States
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I totally get that it takes a lot of time to write up what you did. I only said adventure guide because you made the scenario come alive so much and I just wanted more. meeple

Well, if you write more reports, I would certainly read them anyways.
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