Irkon Nokri
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1) AUX markers:

a) Scenario 4 Special Rules '(+) During the campaign, the Supply Depot will only be available to NATO if built during 'Sons Of Hades'

The Supply Depot won't be available, even as AUX?

b) Are there other AUX's restrictions in this scenario? Can all playable factions buy Nuclear OBA? Can NATO buy the Ares machine, even if its startup sequence will be finished only later?

c) On turn 1, can auxiliary units of the NATO setup in hex O2 (hex of arrival of the 2nd Rangers) or only in Haldensleben?

2) Event 7 (Bio-strike): I suppose that the newly appeared Zealots are added to the White Hand's troops? We don't put 2 Black Hand AMs in the cup during the Cleanup phase, right?

3) In this scenario, can NATO and the Reich (also the White Hand and the Reich) both achieve a victory (2 VPs)? Or is it a race for the victory?


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