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Subject: A hero's guide to weaponry rss

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Hail Strangers!

The next S&S GAMEPLAY - EPISODE (next Saturday) will be focused on the Combat System, to better understand how it works, we must first touch Weapons and Armors! Starting from now, we will alternate characters and items in the daily updates.

Weapons are one of the main item resources to prevail in battle! A hero can equip up to 2 weapons by placing them on the weapon slots of the hero sheet, based on the red icons:

• Strong Hand Weapon. Can only be equipped as a primary weapon using the primary weapon slot.
• Two Hands Weapon. Can only be equipped as a primary weapon using the primary weapon slot. While equipped, it prohibits equipping any other weapon in the secondary weapon slot.
• Weak Hand Weapon. Can only be equipped as a secondary weapon using the secondary weapon slot.
• Hand Weapon. This weapon can be equipped as a primary or secondary weapon, at the hero’s choice, using the matching slot.

Note: Weapon damage type must be compared against enemy weaknesses and resistances, while the category is sometime used to trigger effects and powers.

There are basically 3 kinds of Weapons:

1) Standard Weapons, available in the Emporium
2) Forged Weapons, standard weapon enhanced for the current quest using the Enchanting Anvil.
3) Magic Weapons, powerful artifacts that can be found as treasures during quests.

and then... The most powerful weapons of the kingdom are called Soul Weapons and are part of the legendary tales known to most commoners. A hero wielding one of these is destined to become a legend, but he also risks being consumed by it!

Any soul weapon card can be used and equipped as a normal weapon using its front side. In addition, the owner, during his hero turn, can decide to spend the required amount of soul points indicated inside the gem icon to flip the card to the back side. The soul weapon remains in its enhanced version until the next time phase.

The lesson must ends immediately! The Orc Warriors are near... they will attack this Facebook Page tomorrow... Be prepared!

*PROTOTYPE material, does not represent the final quality of the product.

PENCILS: Alessio Cammardella
COLORS: Marco Matrone
GRAPHICS: Matrioskart Studio
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