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Subject: The Rogue Mouser - A Solitaire Variant rss

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Kevin Worth
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A big acknowledgement nod to Edward Calabig as I co-opted his solitaire framework as the basis for this one.
Also to Sky Zero for the Uriel's robe variant which I enjoy.

I wanted something a little more like a real game, so this is what I've come up with. I feel I've succeeded, so much so that at the risk of sounding a bit big headed...

I must add this warning that beating The Rogue Mouser requires efficient play. My game improved immensely and I now have to dial it back or provide handicaps when I play with my kids. Whereas before we had close games.

On with the rules...

Play to your preferred VP level, same as a normal game, first to it wins.

The Rogue Mouser will roll 2 ( or possibly more ) 10 sided dice each turn for actions, preferably distinguishable so that one can be designated as the first action. The Mouser will also have a Hand of cards and some In Play cards that will provide assistance during the turn. Both the Hand and the In Play start empty.

Gems (or other markers) will be placed on quest cards to indicate the Mouser's progress.

Mouser Turn Sequence
1. Refill board and Remove the Mouser from the board.
2. Gain a gem.
3. Play one double symbol creature from Hand to In Play.
4. Free Actions : Any double symbol in Hand that matches a double symbol already In Play is considered single symbol for the rest of the turn. Play all Peaceful Dragons in Hand against the adventurer. Play all single symbol Keys to draw one card (and play +S for an extra) each from Beast Bazaar.
5. Public Quests: Play a single symbol Flying Carpet to complete a full quest, place Mouser in region. Add a gem to a randomly determined public quest. Add a second gem if a matching double symbol creature is In Play. If the quest was already full then complete the quest instead and place the Mouser. Play a single symbol Flying Carpet to complete a full quest, place Mouser in region.
6. Roll 2d10.
1-7: Subdue creature in that board position. If the Mouser subdues 2 adjacent creatures then reroll 2d10. Ignore any result except for more adjacent creatures on the board. Creatures with a gem are discarded and gems are claimed. Creatures with free action symbols are placed in Mouser's Hand. If Mouser won't move again this turn then spend three gems to place Mouser in adventurers region.
8: Play a Flying Carpet to complete a full personal quest, place Mouser in region. Add gem to personal quest. Add a second gem if matching double symbol creature is In Play. If Mouser had no quests then draw one. If quest is full then complete the quest instead. Move Mouser to that region. Play a Flying Carpet to complete a full quest, place Mouser in region. Spend three gems or single symbol +S to repeat action.
9: Visit Beast Bazaar. Draw one card from the Beast Bazaar and add it to the Mouser's hand. Play single symbol +S to draw and keep additional cards. Spend three gems to repeat action.
10: Rogue's Purse. Steal one gem from the adventurer. Play single symbol +S to steal an additional gem. Spend three gems to place stolen gems on personal quest, do not spend if quest is full.

7. If the Mouser is in the adventurer's region then give a Peaceful Dragon to the adventurer.

First Mouser personal quest counts as -1, subsequent quests have no penalty.

When the adventurer complete a public Quest then Gems may be transferred to the new Quest or the other public Quest if there are matching symbols.

If the adventurer is able to give a Peaceful Dragon then remove a card from In Play or from Hand.

Mischievous Raven steals from both, always from the Mouser, and only if the adventurer has over 4 gems

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I applaud the efforts to create a good solitaire variant for Fantastiqa. Is it just me, or is this one quite complicated? I'd love to give it a shot, and I've tried wrapping my head around it several times now, but I still can't figure everything out properly.

For example, how exactly do quests work? And how do you avoid the Mouser completing them too quickly, as seems to be the case with Edward Calabig's variant as discussed here? Are the +S cards to be used as soon as possible, and is the spending of gems for repeated actions mandatory whenever funds allow? What happens to cards from the Mouser's hand that are played? What's the significance of a double symbol in Hand causing a double symbol In Play to be considered a single symbol? How quickly will the Mouser get double symbol creatures in hand in the first place? When using flying carpets to complete quests, is there any difference between tokens or cards?

Help, I'm confused!
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