Jean Sexton
United States
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"Are we Klingons, or are we spineless worms? We may die, but death in battle brings glory to us all."

Read all about the betrayal at Oxvind V where the crew of a Federation battlecruiser fight for their lives in a Klingon trap in Romulan space.

Enjoy new play aids: the particle cannon energy record form for Star Fleet Battles and Klingon and Lyran record keeping forms for Federation & Empire.

Star Fleet Battles players will find new ships (Klingon G2C police leader, Klingon F5W war destroyer, Kzinti war destroyer carrier, and Kzinti fast carrier resupply frigate), Ask Kommodore Ketrick, Ask Uncle Ardak, information about tractor beam auctions, scenarios, a Seltorian seminar, Victory at GenCon 1993 by Alex Pundy, SFB Rules cross index, and Term Papers.

Federation & Empire players will find Federation & Enquire, Tactical Notes, Alliance strategies, rules notes, and The Tholian Web, a new scenario.

As is usual, there is information about the company, Star Fleet Awards, Q&A, humor, background information, and information on Prime Directive and Star Fleet Warlord.

This was scanned from the best available copy.

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