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Subject: 2 Player Variant rss

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In this variant there are 2 additional dummy players that block spaces and build temples. 2 Player rules are valid with following additions:


• Shuffle both the weapon and wizardry tiles separately and build 2 facedown stacks.

• All 16 population tiles are placed in the 9 worlds, like in a 4 player game.

• Set aside 2 decks of cards for the dummies (without the 3 god cards that haven´t risen in the first round. These will be added in round 2, 3 and 4).

• The human players get the player order tiles 1 and 2, the dummies get the tiles 3 and 4.

• Create a separate area for each dummy where you put the player order tile, one deck of cards and the corresponding discs.

• The second player takes one recruit of his choice.

• The dummies don´t collect seals, stones or recruits and also don´t score points.


Phase 1:

• Shuffle both dummies decks.

Phase 2:

• The players and the dummies play cards alternately in turn order.

• The first dummy plays as many cards as the first human player, the second dummy as many as the second human player.

• On a dummy turn reveal the topmost card and place one disc:

o First request slot if there is no disc yet.

o Temple slot if the first request slot is occupied.

o Second request slot if both other slots are occupied.

o If all slots are occupied, the dummy places no disc.

Phase 3:

• The players and the dummies activate their discs alternately in turn order.

• The dummies activate their discs in that order, in which they revealed their cards in phase 2.

• When activating the request action, the dummy simply removes a seal if able.

• When activating the temple action, the dummy removes a seal if able, builds a temple and sends the god to battle:

o Put one requested recruit on the god (if you have the choice either put an orange or a white one, never a giant).

o Put the dummies disc on the topmost support slot.

o Discard the lowest scoring temple tile from the board to a stack shared by both dummies. The next discarded temple tile has to be the next higher scoring one (First temple build by a dummy is a 3, second a 4, 5, 7, 3, 4, …).

o The god tile replaces a population tile with the same value. If not able, the next higher one. If there is a choice, put it in the higher numbered world. Remember light gods can only replace light population tiles. Immediately place one weapon or wizardry tile facedown under the just placed god: a weapon tile under gods with the value 2 or 4, wizardry tiles under gods with the value 1 or 3.

o The card of the god is removed from the dummy deck and placed in the box.


• Odins first request action can only swap first and second player. A human player can never receive the player order tile 3 or 4.

• On Ragnarök, gods supported by dummies don´t receive any recruits from Valhalla. Only the players may distribute them.

• After a human player takes one weapon or wizardry tile, shuffle the appropriate stack.

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"Music That Glows In The Dark"
Is this needed for the game, does it not play well with two as is?
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For me the 2 player game is good as it is. I came up with this variant after creating a solo variant with a dummy player. If you feel the 2 player end game could be a little more exciting, try this....
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