William Sabo
United States
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I played Crazier Eights (2nd ed) probably close to 100 times. With various people, 2 – 4 players. I personally prefer 3 player games for Crazier Eights.

Crazier Eights is a quick rather fast-paced card game where your goal is to play all the cards in your hand before anyone else. If you are not familiar with the original Crazy Eights, think Uno with a twist. One of the coolest twists is the addition of Assets. In Crazier Eights, you play Assets in front of you and have a certain effect each turn. Some of these effects are more subtle than others like manipulating the Draw deck, while others are just game altering like King Arthur which allows you to simply win the game once you have 4 or more cards at the beginning of your turn. Combine this with Lancelot which prevents your Assets from being destroyed 3 times and you have pretty much an auto-win combo, which I was not a fan of. There are a couple combos of this type that happened more often that I’d like to admit.

Now on to the art. The art really gives this game the feel of old books and museum arts. A very Renaissance feel. At first glance I was amazed at the art on these cards. Then one of the people I was playing with noticed one of their favorite artists Matthias Grunewald on the card Malevolent Minions. I am not an art major but after being opened up to the art being famous paintings by lesser known artists, I started to look closer at the art and artists. While there are no Van Gogh, Picasso or DaVinci paintings, there are William Blake (Armageddon) paintings as well as Edwin Henry Landseer (Titania). After a short search, I learned that many of these paintings are Public Domain which was new pleasant news to me.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. It’s a quick game that is quickly taught and easily portable. I was able to take it to work and play it with a few guys at work on lunch. Also, if you are an Art major or just enjoy Renaissance paintings, this game is certainly pleasing to the eye as well as strategic. The variety of cards allows plenty of replay-ability without repetition aside from the game ending combos I mentioned above. I did find these combos harder to pull off with more players, however.

I'd give it a 9/10. Back it, play it, share it!!

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James Gray
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Re: Crazier Eights Review - Quick, Portable, Fun and some Interesting art
This is for the Second Edition. Thanks for the review.
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