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Subject: [Session] RoboRally 2006_12_27 (Three Player Easy) rss

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Ben Meyaard
United States
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Introduction: (i.e. who/what/when/where/why)

Who: Ben, Derek, Chris (twonky, twitch, spinbot)
What: Robo Rally (Avalon Hill, 2005, Richard Garfield)
When: 2006_12_27
Where/Why: Derek called after dinner with an “are you doing anything tonight?” so out came the new Christmas present.

For those who are unfamiliar with this game, reading this (review) may help you to better understand some of the game play and terms used in the session report.

This being our first time playing, we chose a simple one-board setup from the beginner list. Also, we decided to leave out the option cards as an “advanced” option to add in later games.

… the session…
It was getting late in the day on the shop floor, and things were starting to wind down for the year. Expectations were to bide time until the end of the day and then go home to the family no worse for wear. However, this was not to be… The order came in for a three-flag job, and three bots took the call.

Immediately the tone of the entire factory floor jumped into high gear. Conveyor belts were chunking, gears turning, and the sizzle of laser beams could be heard above the din. Twitch shot across the starting grid, and moved off down the nearest conveyor belt. Spinbot lurched forward, but unfortunately this moved him straight into twonky’s sights. The first laser shot of the game came early, and spinbot jolted when the red beam hit him.

A clear path down the center conveyor belt presented itself as a good option, and spinbot headed that way. Twonky followed, and a mere round (five registers) later spinbot’s first register was locked in an eternal “backup”! Twitch flew across the board, utilizing the conveyors to speed him toward the first flag. Along about the 4th register, error messages began to appear screaming “Abort! Abort! Turn! Anything! …” Unfortunately, a miscalculation and an assumption about factory walls found at the end of conveyors lead to twitch’s first destruction. (There was no wall at the edge of the conveyor, and twitch did not realize what this meant during planning.)

Twitch respawned, and began again the trek across the board using conveyors to speed him along. Spinbot reached the first flag, updated his registry (respawn point), and spun around in a small victory dance that as a final point escalated to his patented “backup”. Twonky continued to follow spinbot but was unable to finish a round on the flag as the dance kept interfering with his attempts.

By this time, spinbot was down to two free registers, and was attempting each turn to “happy dance” himself into a pit or off the board. Twitch had responded to his setbacks with amazing efficiency and zoomed back to the first flag. Twonky was starting to feel the effects of his run-ins with spinbot and was waddling slowly towards the second flag.

Twitch hit the second flag, spun himself towards the third and final, and jumped onto the super-conveyor. Unfortunately, once again he miscalculated and found himself one space off the edge. Due to damage sustained Twonky had only 5 cards dealt, and looked miserably at one right turn and a full array of high-power move cards. He attempted to place them into his registries and found that no matter the order chosen, the pit was calling his name. Both twitch and twonky respawned on flag#2, which forced twitch onto the conveyor pointing towards the goal.

Learning from his experience with the high-power conveyor, twitch powered through four registers to make it one space from the final goal. Twonky was only able to get halfway over the conveyor, and attempted to position himself for a push or shot at twitch. Spinbot was finally able to dance himself off the board, and respawned too late at flag#2. Twitch took his final register to move onto the flag and win the game.

Winner: Derek (twitch)
Time: 45 minutes
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