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Turn 1 - Blessing of Ascension

Arueshalae (from now on just A), starting hand: Frog, Cure, Scale of Sacred Weapondry, Chuffy Lickwound, Blessing of Ascension, Archer's bracers

Cohort: Horgus Gwerm

Comment: Suck to have an opening hand without any weapons.

Location The Cell. Exploration 1: Weapon: Sawtooth Sabre +2.

Check: Melee 11.

Recharge Horgus = D4 + 3
Discard Ascension = +1 die (D6)

Rolls: (2D6 + 1) + (D4 + 3). Gets 4 on the D4, and 2 and 5 on the 2D6. Sum 15. Success. Adds the weapon to A's hand.

Action: Give A's Gift to Ekkie (from now on just E), Strength marked.

Discard Frog to explore again: Henchman Alrys Harnaste.

Reveal, then discard Sawtooth Sabre +2 = d6 + 2 + D8 + 3. Yes, this is a Magic weapon.
E: Discards Blessing of Baphomet = +1 die
Recharge Scale of Sacred Weaponry = +2

Rolls: (2D6 + 1) + (D6 + 2 + D8 + 3) + 2 + 3(Mythic). 3 on the D8 and 3 and 3 and 6 on the D6. Sum 26.

Success, means banish this henchman.

Closes the Cell by burying Chuffy. Move to Family Tomb. Draws 4 cards (Shortbow, Aklys, Baphomet, Shax)

Turn 2 - Blessing of Pulura.

E hand: Holy Water Grenade, Demon Hunter' Handbook, Warhorse, Radiance, Banner of Valor. Cohort Aron Kir.

Location Forsaken Cloister. Explore 1: Spell Frigid Blast.

Chose check Intelligence 4. Rolls d6 + 1. get 3 on the die. Sum 4. Success, adds card to hand.

Discard Warhorse to explore: Henchman Wight. Before act 1 damage. Buries Frigid Blast.

Check combat 10. Reveal Radiance = D8.

Rolls: (D4 A's gift) + (D8) + (D8 + 2 + 2) +(My3). Gets 2 on D4, 4 and 5 on 2D8. Sum a lot more than 10.

Banish Wight. To close fight Shadow Demon. Combat 20.

Reveal Radiance = D8. Recharge Aron = D6 + 3.

Rolls: (D4) + (D8) + (D6 + 3) + (D8 + 2 + 2) + (My3). Gets 2 on D4, 1 on D6, 3 and 6 on 2D8.

Sum 22, banish Shadow Demon, Close Forsaken cloister. Draws 2 cards (Wolf, Sacred Prism)

Turn 3 - Blessing of Ascension

Explore 1: Celestial Armor. Don't play cards, equals automatic fail, banishes the armor card.

Ends turn. Don't draw new cards.

Turn 4 - Blessing of Pulura

E at closed location Forsaken Cloister. Moves to Wounded Lands.

Explore 1: Ally Thyracine. Check Wisdom 10. Don't play cards , equals fail, discards the ally card.

Discards Wolf to explore again: Villain Skulgrym.

First A tries to temporarily close Family Tomb, means fight Henchman Wight.

Before act, 1 damage, buries Cure. Then combat 10.

Reveal and recharge Aklys = 2D4. Archer's Bracers = +2.

Rolls: 2d4 + 2 + (D8 + 2 + 2) + (My3). 3 and 3 on 2D4. 8 on D8. Sum 25 means location temporarily closed.

E combat 1: Combat 20 + 4.

Radiance = D8
Recharge Demon Hunter's Handbook = D4 +3
A plays Blessing of Shax = 2 dice
1 mythic charge changes 1 D8 to a D20.

Rolls: (D4) + (D4 + 3) + (D20) + (3D8 + 2 + 2) + (My3).

Gets 1 and 3 on 2D4. 2 and 3 and 3 on 3D8. 8 on D20. Sum 30, success.

E combat 2: Combat 22 +4

Reveal and discard Radiance = D8 + D6 + 3
A plays Blessing of Baphomet = 1 die
A discards Shortbow = D4
1 mythic charge

Rolls: (D4 gift) + (D4 shortbow) + (D20 + D6 + 3) + (2D8 + 2 + 2) + (My2)

Gets 2 and 3 on 2D4. 4 on D6. 1 and 1 on 2D8. 11 on d20. Sum 31, success.

Villain cornered and defeated.

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Tor Fromhell
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Deck 3 Scenario Crusader's legacy - Party Arueshalae and Ekkie

From the chronicles of Jonah the Scribe:

Having defeated januunicka Arueshalae went back to the Tower of the Fourth Sphere. She was looking for the equipment she had left there a long time ago.

She found it where she expected it to be, unhidden, like when she left this place.

There was no doubt about her trusted Starbow. Throbbing with the Magic of Desna. She had to keep that, and the arrows that went with it.

Excamining the Spherewalker Staff and the Swallowtail Bracers, she finally decided to leave them behind.

She had started a new life, and she was now more of a fighter trusting her own strength and dexterity than she used to. There was also a limit to what she was able to carry into battle.

Lacking the human ability to cry tears, she walked away, never looking back at the items that had been with her for so long.

After meeting with Ekkie and the rest of her party, they made careful plans about what to do next.

Arueshalae had made a promise to the heroes that helped set her free that she would help set Queen Galfrey's plans in motion, and aid as best she could.

That meant stopping the conjurer Xanthir Vang.

They decided to move to the closest human village. There they would wait at an inn. They sent out a messenger that would inform the Queen about their whereabouts.

It was an uneventful journey.

There were several inns in the village, they settled for the Golden Goose.

Arueshalae walked inn first, the rest of her party waiting by the entrance.

She had dressed quite modest, she tought, a dress, of not see-thru fabric, her large wings made any attempt of disguising her demon form futile.

As she entered the place every pair of eyes in the inn followed her.

The men looked at her with interest, most women with fright or disgust. Some women grabbed her man and left quickly.

She had no weapons in hand, to appear to come in peace, that was the theory. Her sharp horns, her long and very flexible tail, her folded wings with their very sharp pointy ends, her glowing eyes, and her very sharp theet and fangs, made it clear that she was far from defenceless.

The innkeeper looked like an old veteran.

"I need a room." She looked the innkeeper in his eyes.

The innkeeper had probabaly seen most, and without much hesitation named his price.

Arueshalae had no intention of paying that much.

Slowly exstending her large wings, she extended one finger. Her claw, ususally hidden underneath blunt human nails, was exstended, long and very sharp.

Slowly she scratched the wooden bardesk, more that a centimeter deep, while her fully extended wings made it visibly darker where the inn keeper was standing. She said. "I will pay you half. And we need four rooms."

She turned slightly, pointing at the bar room. "Or we could sit there. I think you won't have many paying guests left after a while, other than us."

She got what she wanted, and they got settled into the rooms.

Three days later they had visitors, arriving late in the evening.

Queen Galfrey had sent a human rugue called Aron Kir, young, but a veteran fighter. Arueshalae quickly had him charmed, and she decided that he could stay in her room.

The other one was also human, and older aristocratic man, named Horgus Gwerm. Arueshalae decided he could stay with Ekkie and Chuffy.

The next morning, after breakfast, battleplans where made. The Queen order's where to go to the ghost town Sesker's Gully and deal with the trouble in that place.

Trouble meaning the demon Skulgrym , the ghost of fallen crusader Alrys Harnaste, and probably other demons.

Four days later the arrived at their destination. Most of the town was in ruin, only a few building left standing, in different stages of disrepair.

As usual they split the party.

Arueshalae left first. She took some light equipment, valueing speed over power. With her was Chuffy and Horgus. She could not take Aron, close to her he was too distracted, making him an easy target.

Her first goal was the prison building, they needed to to search the Cells.

The building was cold and damp, and partly in ruin. The only sounds were water dripping from the floors and walls.

Searching the ground floor, finding nothing, she decided to move up to the first floor. There was a guard room, and searching it she found a pile of weapons. Most were rusty iron swords.

She made a prayer of Ascension, frustratet she kicked the heap of rusty swords. A clear sound was heard. She carefully checked every sword once more, until she found one where the rust had slipped off because of her kick.

She worked it over. hitting it repeatedly with the hilt of a another sword, until all the rust was peeled off. It was a sword with a feint magic glow, still useful.

Horgus turned out to be useless, she sent him out, to wait at their designated rendesvous point.

She sent her trained frog off. It had found stuff before, including traps.

The frog came back, chased by a walking set of armor.

Arueshalae hated the undead.

She tossed the magic sword at it. The sword clancked against the armor, making it crumble and fall to the floor. The ghost was now partly visible. The ghostly undead's red eyes gleemed at her, the incorpereal being slowly moving across the floor, slipping away through a broken window.

Running after it, peeking out through the broken window, she saw the undead moving toward his Family Tomb.

Arueshalae decided there was no more reasons to search the cells. She left Chuffy guarding the entrance, and chased after the ghost, drawing a shortbow from her backpack while running fast, prepairing several prayers just in case.

Ekkie's team was Aron, clearminded while distant from Arueshalae, and her trusted Warhorse.

They where advancing on the Forsaken Cloister. No good was to be found in such a place.

Ekkie had planned well. She had her Demon Hunter's Handbook ready, a Holy Water Grenade, her magic sword Radiance. Outside the entrance to the cloister she planted the Banner of Valor, to aid any fight inside the building.

They entered. It was silent inside. Not good, really.

They started to search the place, splitting, going in different directions. After a while Aron came back, with something.

It was a spell, of a kind she could not cast, lacking the necessary skill. Aron was so eager, that she smiled, and thanked him anyway, and puth the scroll in her backpack.

Having finished searching the ground floor, she had to leave the Warhorse, in order to climb the partly crumbled staircase.

At the top of the stairs she was suddenly attacked by a Wight from behind. Her smallish size made the undead aim difficult, and most of the blow hit her backpack.

Ekkie made a fast jabb with her sword, hit the Wight, and it crumbled into a pile of dust.

They continued the search, and it became clear that only one obstacle remained, a vile Shadow Demon.

Ekkie knew that these demon's only weakness was magic, and she had a magic sword.

As she made her attack, Aron came from the side, probaly unaware of the real danger.

The demon struck Aron down. Ekkie used her speed and hit the demon several times, until it suddenly toppled over, shrunk and disappeared.

Ekkie checked Aron's condition. He would be out for a while, but had not suffered fatal wounds. She dragged him down the stairs, and got him tied to the Warhorse. They left the now empty building, and closed the doors behind them, picking up the Banner of valor on the way.

Meanwhile Arueshalae had reached the family Tomb. Searching the place, she did not find Alrys.

She found a Celestial Armor. It would not fit her winged body, so she left it where she found it.

There were only one placer left for Ekkie to search. The dreaded place Wounded Lands.

The area was large, moving through it was difficult, poisonous fumes everywhere.

She came across a strange animal, according to how Arueshalae had discribed one, this must be a Thylacine. To her it seemed to wild to be trusted. After sniffing her, the animal walked away.

About an hour later a laughing demon came toward her. "Come to play, with skulgrym , you are. Tiny. Alone. No one but you. Little meat. Not a feast. cannot let you go."

Demon's are used to the fact that the mere sight of a demon frightens their victims so much that most fights are short, and won.

Ekkie, being with Arueshalae, was used to demons, their leathery pointy wings, and their arrogance.

Ekkie said:

"Cocksure demon is, but not wise.
Ekkie will see with her own eyes.
Ekkie's friend Arueshalae, teach Ekkie about dread.
Ekkie will not finish before you are dead."

Far off at the Family Tomb, Arueshalae sensed what was going on. She had to close this location, to prevent whatever Ekkie was facing to escape to this place.

She made her stand, shouting loud her intention.

A Wight attacked her. Swift it came, otherwise quite weak. The Cure spell she held in her mind gone, she used the weapon she had in her hand at the moment, an Aklys, a throwing club.

The club hit the Aklys, Arueshalae let go of the cord, deciding that leaving the aklys stuck in the Wight's body was better that tearing it loose.

No more challenges were made. and Arueshalae stood guarding the temporarily closed location.

Ekkie was calm, facing the demon, she knew it would be a tough fight.

For the first rounds of combat she used the Radiance sword, she drew power from the Demon Hunter's Handbook, and she readied a Mythic charge. Far away Arueshalae made a prayer to Shax to help her friend.

After changing several blows, the demon hitting her hard many times, the demon withdrew.

"Mighty blows, from the short creature. Prepare to meet thy doom!"

Arueshalae had made a prayer to Baphomet, offering the power of her Shortbow as well. Ekkie had time to prepare another Mythic charge.

The demon made another swift attack, Ekkie parrying it with her sword as the mythic charge went off. The blow was so powerful that her sword was stuck int the demon's body.

The demon took its wings. AS it lifted into the air, her sword fell to the ground.

"You won this fight. But Skylgrym will be back." Uttering these final words, the Demon flew away.

They all met at the rendesvous point. Arueshalae let go of her hold on Aron.

Aron and Horgus left to to inform Queen Galfrey. Arueshalae, Ekkie and their party set off on another adventure.

The end.

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Jeff Jones
United States
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Excellent stuff. The first report shows how efficient this duo can be (or maybe a bit lucky). The second shows the cool story you weave from the cards they faced.
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Tor Fromhell
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Yes, it was pure luck that the villain and henchmen where among the top two Cards in these three locations.

But Arueshalae's luck don't last.

During the Fallen Fane scenario, she faces a Toad Demon, the strongest regular monster, on the first exploration on turn 1.
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