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Here's my second crack at a script. The first one was too complicated for its own good, so I tried to keep it a bit simpler for this one.

Set: Basic Tragedy
Loops: 3-4
Days: 6

Day 3 - Spreading
Day 4 - Missing Person
Day 6 - Murder

Special Rules:
The mastermind may not use the Forbid Goodwill card.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Script Name: The Song of the Siren

After unknowingly offending a jealous goddess while on tour, the Pop Idol returns to her hometown under a terrible curse. The very sound of her voice, even recorded, now causes some of her fans to develop a crazed obsession with her. The worst of these, led by the charismatic Mystery Boy, plan to lure her to a concert where they will sacrifice her so that she can never be corrupted. A heroic Doctor tries to trace the rising tide of madness to its source, but with the Journalist’s investigative reports already stoking paranoia among the fans, the Doctor’s efforts might just end up forcing the cult’s hand. Only the patron Godly Being of the local shrine has a real chance of unraveling the curse, but that’s only if they can avoid being overpowered by it themselves…

Plot: Sign With Me
Subplot 1: Paranoia Virus
Subplot 2: Unknown Factor X

Doctor - Factor
Nurse - Person
Police Officer - Person
Godly Being - Person (appears on loop 3)
Pop Idol - Key Person
Journalist - Conspiracy Theorist
Boy Student - Person
Class Rep - Person
Mystery Boy - Cultist

Day 3 - Spreading (Pop Idol)
Day 4 - Missing Person (Boy Student)
Day 6 - Murder (Class Rep)

Victory conditions for the mastermind:
Killing the Pop Idol (Serial Killer, Murder incident)
Killing the Doctor when the City has 2 intrigue (Serial Killer, Murder incident)
At least 2 intrigue on the Pop Idol

Hints for the mastermind:
- The only role you can easily hide for final guess is the Conspiracy Theorist, but the Doctor makes a great alternative paranoia source. You can either put goodwill on him (Spreading) or put intrigue on the School (the Cultist's ability or the Missing Person incident).
- If you get away with fulfilling both conditions, the Doctor can place 2 paranoia at once.
- Try to be consistent about which Persons you turn into serial killers so that you don't excessively narrow down role suspects.
- Watch out for surprise paranoia added by the Journalist, or you might end up with an inconveniently dead Doctor or Mystery Boy.
- It'll be much harder to kill the Pop Idol once she has 3 goodwill, so try to trigger Spreading to pull some of it off her, even if you don't need it for the Doctor.

Some playtesting notes:
I playtested an earlier version of this which was basically identical except that it didn't have the Godly Being. The protagonists managed to scrape out a win on loop 3, but the threat of intrigue on the Pop Idol made it really difficult for the protagonists to put goodwill on her or Forbid Intrigue anywhere else. We figured that would be a problem if the mastermind were playing optimally, so I subbed the Godly Being in to give the protagonists some slack in controlling the intrigue and removed Forbid Goodwill with a special rule.

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