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Subject: CYOA-Dragon slayer. Conclusion. rss

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Vaughan Edge
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DAY 10 Hide Hide Alert mDW3

You cautiously enter the lair clutching your Great sword with both hands.
Ant & Deck rush off in the direction of the maidens screams.
You face off against the tremendous Dragon. It snaps at you catching you with its maw, splintering your armour with its dagger like teeth and wounding you ( Dragons head attack strikes first). As it rears to swipe with its claws you plunge your greatsword into its underbelly killing it. You are thankful you had the presence of mind to ready your weapon, a moment later and you could of been toast.
Turns out the maiden is a serving girl at the Inn! You will need to find the lair and some treasure and get her back to the Inn.


Search for the heart of the lair?

Take the Maiden home?

DAY 11. Search Search Search Search

It's a no brainer. You spend the day exploring the battlememnts and catacombs for the heart of the Dragons' lair which you duly find.
Part of the castle is so wildly overgrown that grass and flowers have sprung up in the remains of an abandoned courtyard creating a pleasant meadow (enchanted meadow).
As the sun sets the smell of sulphur hits your nostrils. The spilling of the Dragons blood has summoned something nasty at the stone circle!


Search the lair?

Leave with the maiden as the Demon has appeared nearby?

Rest to recover from the combat with the Dragon? You are feeling vulnerable now your armour is trashed!

DAY 12 Rest Rest Hide Hide Search Search

You need to take it easy, so spend some of the day recovering strength and the maiden uses her healing skills on that wound the Dragon inflicted.
Once you feel better you search the lair but all you find is a map of the lost castle and the very thing that probably attracted the Dragon to this spot. Dragon Essence, a purple goo giving off magical vapours. Irresistible to Dragons.
You decide to leave it well alone. Now that this Dragon is dispatched it will only attract more, and you would be foolish to take it with you.


Search the lair some more?

Use the map to help you locate the burial grounds?
the stone circle?
or the statue?

Tackle the evil in the area of the circle

Escape with the maiden while the going is good, using the cover of the Deep Woods to stay hidden?

Day 13 m DW6 mDW1 mR3 Hide

You take the path back up out of the ruins and back into the ruined capital of the realm. You manage to hide in the remains of an old temple and wait out the night.
The night is alive with the sounds of the denizens!


Get the maiden home?

Day 14&15 mR5 mR1 mR2 Hide/ mM4 mM4 mM2 mM2

You wish to complete your quest. The end is almost in sight. You find safe passage through the lost city and the mountains. At the end of a tiring day on the mountain you need to consider your priorities.
You will soon deliver the maiden safely home.


Linger on the mountain to see if you can spy the Chapel. The final step of your quest is a debriefing with the order here?

Rush the Maiden home and party at the Inn with her, Ant & Deck?

DAY 16

You decide to spend some of the day on the mountain spying the surrounding terrain. The only place the Chapel is likely to be is in the Bad Valley, Awful Valley or Dark Valley. Some choice!
All but the Bad Valley are too far away to see from the mountain. The cloud cover is terrible and only worsens with the evening, giving you no clues as to what may lie within the Bad Valley.
You descend into the Evil Valley and take the Maiden home.
Ant And Deck regale their comrades with tales of derring- do.
They remain at the Inn as their contract with you has expired.

DAYS 17 & 18.



The two final days bring this tale to a sorry end. After safe passage through the Mountains I was faced with a choice of searching for the Chapel in the Curst Valley or Bad Valley. There are several things I could have done to prevent my demise here. Such as rehire the Rogues with my reward for the rescue, repair my armour, survey the terrain to get a view of the Bad Valley again.
Instead I rushed into the Curst Valley littered with bones. An ancient battle ground filled with angry spirits. There was no escaping the ghosts and as I killed one of them the other ran me through with its spectral blade!
Ironically the Chapel was within the Bad Valley all along. Just a different turn and the tale would have been a happy one.

I need to consider this game as easy mode as been playing this multiplayer recently and have got into a habit of rolling one die for the appearance chart, hence the "safe passage" through some spots. I may not have even made it this far. Realise I did the same for my First Win session report! Oh no! Suppose that nullifies it.

Overall I enjoyed this session report and will definitely try more quests.
It did seem to detract a little from the idea of killing monsters and finding loot but definitely gives you a firm objective to achieve. My main idea was to complete the quest ASAP. I didn't take any of the additional items or gold on offer as I wanted to up the challenge (so that offsets my single roll on the appearance chart slightly)
So thank you Jay Richardson for the obvious hard work that has gone into creating BoQ's. Great fun : )

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