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Subject: Painting Tips: Basic Necessities rss

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Phillip Knapp
United States
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Because of a BGG member's interest in my models and the techniques I used to paint them, I thought I'd take the time to do a four part forum series where I could go into moderate detail on what went into painting my models. I in no way see myself as an expert or professional, but I do take pride in my work and put a lot of effort into my models. That being said, I hope this can be helpful or inspirational to anyone willing to put forward the effort.

Now for the more seasoned model builders this first post may be a bit boring, but I imagine there are a good deal of people who bought this game purely because of the AVP license. Many of these people may have never built or painted miniatures, so I decided to have a quick review of my supplies and basic techniques .

Generally speaking, these models are pretty small, and you only have so many options when painting models this size. For the most part I've been using these two brushes for all of my models. The wider and flat brush I've been using for larger areas and dry-brushing (more on that in later posts) and I use the fine tip for detailing and painting small areas.

I don't think you have to worry about types of brush hairs but I've actually really enjoyed these Taklon brushes

You'll want to "prime" all your models once they are built. It is a layer of paint you use as a more receptive "medium" for your other paints.

Typically I like to use a matte black spray paint because it creates a good dark neutral base to start painting.

I use acrylic paints for pretty much everything I do. It's cheap, very effective, and no less "better" than what a model store might try to peddle you for four times the price and less than a quarter the volume. You can find acrylics at any craft store or super store really, but you'll have a better selection at the craft store. Avoid glossy acrylics unless you're going for the "shiny" look, otherwise stick with matte or satin acrylics.

What colors you pick are really up to you and what you want for your models. When figuring this out though, you want to make sure you get dark colors for the base colors of your model and then lighter complimentary colors for different layers of highlights. Typically this could just mean getting a dark and light brown or maybe black with a light blue highlight. How and what colors I used to paint each of the factions in AVP:THB will come as the next three posts I want to do.

What are bases and highlights? In layman: you're painting in layers starting from darker colors to lighter and from lower to raised edges respectively.

There are a couple things I always like to keep on hand when I'm painting anything.

Paint palettes help keep your paints separated and offer little mixing pots if you want to create a color or lighten and darken colors. I really enjoy this little plastic one I found with the separate sections but if you'd rather, tin foil works well too and wont absorb the paint like paper towel.

Speaking of, always have a cup of water and paper towel (or rag) nearby to clean and dry your brushes. Make a good habit of frequently doing this even when you've been on one color for a while so that the paint doesn't get caked in the brush.

You really don't need anything more to get painting your miniatures and with a little patience and a steady hand, you can create an impressive AVP army. I really enjoy this hobby and if I can help at least one person I'll be content. My next post will be on my marine models and the more specific techniques I used to paint them. If you have any questions or want any kind of clarification please feel to message me or leave a comment.

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Erathor Erathor
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Yes, painting tutorial with paint scheme and technique will be very helpful!

Thank you, Phillip!
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