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Subject: Thoughts/Reaction after 2 3-player games rss

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Phil DeKoning
United States
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Over the last few days, I've managed to get in two games of MK, both of which were three player. In the first case, one person had played the base game but not Harbor or Millionaire's Row, and the other hadn't played either, but he's devastating at more complicated games, so I wasn't worried about him. In the second, I had a similar situation, with one person who'd played with Harbor and another who'd never played before.

(Instead of throwing him into the deep end, we got out our FLGS's copy, which is just the base game, and played through that, which he won.)

First full game, I lost a close one (Only needed my Airport) to the new player who made a heck of a comeback by demonstrating an insane knack of rolling doubles after building his Amusement Park. (I mean, seriously, five extra turns. Come on!) Early on, he bought a Demolition Company who specialized in filling in his (redug) Harbor about seven times before using a Moving Company to send it over to me, where, on the very next turn, through force of habit (I guess) they filled in MY Harbor as well.

I mean, I rolled a 4 on two dice. No problem since I've got my Radio Tower! I can reroll! I reroll! Another 4! At the time, I had two Tuna Boats under renovation, so I guess, as they're sitting on the shore, up on cinder blocks, somebody fills in the harbor? surprise

The other player later sent some folks out from her Business Center to tow them both away both before I managed to get them back in service, reclaiming the land they sat on into a couple of corn fields.

The second game, I won a close one where the new guy had one landmark left to build and the experienced player had two, not counting her Airport.

Impressions? Well, neither time did the game seem to lock the way some people have worried, though I can see it as a possibility.

Both times, I managed to get a Tech Startup, and, like most software companies, I poured in investment capital and got almost nothing out of them. I'd ask where the new product was and they'd whine about the espresso machine being broken or something. (The second game, I managed to get the thing up to 12 coins. It paid off once, on about 3. *SIGH*)

Getting a renovation marker off of a building is a lot harder then I imagined it would be. Obviously you need to roll the number, but, if that little bulldozer counter is sitting on a card, my dice seem to want to avoid it.

Park is not as scary as I thought it would be. When my two Tuna Boats were proudly sailing the cardboard seas, the player who had the Park twice added to a 10+ roll with her harbor to trigger my tuna boats, knowing she'd get some benefit out of it. It is still a pain, but it could be a lot worse.

And it's kind of interesting to be buying/trading for Corn Fields when you've got too many Landmarks for them to pay off, just to add to Fruit & Vegetable Markets. People do like their fresh corn!

Overall, with the extra buildings that Millionaire's Row adds to Harbor's market mechanics, if there's a card out there that you really want, you better buy it. The deck is big enough and the cards can be spread out enough that you might not see it again the rest of the game.


We did run into the timing problem on blue/green cards, primarily with Demolition Companies and Corn Fields, though we'd house ruled that beforehand. Our rule is that, if it matters for each color group (Red, Blue/Green, Purple), the player who rolled the dice decides the order the buildings trigger. Thus, someone with two constructed landmarks can wreck one (Usually the Harbor), then trigger the Corn Field, which now pays off.

The other issue we ran into was with Airports and City Halls. I'm pretty sure we handled it correctly, but it seems a little odd. A person with zero coins gets a coin from the bank with City Hall, then, being unable or choosing not to buy anything in the market, gets 10 coins from her Airport. It fits the rules of the individual cards, but it seems a little strange.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the game with this expansion. Still haven't seen a Drinks Factory come out, and I really would like my stupid Tech Startup to actually pay me more than I put into it, but that's something for the future.
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